Hair Loss And Lexapro

Deanna Says:

Hello. I took lexapro 7 years ago for about a year. My question is that I noticed shortley to getting off of it, my hair started thining. I had very thick coarse blonde hair prior. More recently with my now thin head of hair I have noticed it does not seem to grow...

It's horrible!!!! I don't want to bash lexapro because I'm certain it gave me my life back and helped my anxiety more than I could hope for. But my hair??? HELP, anyone???

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Verwon Says:

Even if it was caused by the Lexapro, it isn't likely that it would persist for so long after you've stopped taking it. Most such side effects wear off as the medication leaves your body.

Learn more Lexapro details here.

There are, however, other things that can cause hair loss. Have you consulted your doctor about it?

It may be due to aging, hormones and quite a few other possibilities.

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Ronda Says:

I too, have experienced this, I lost almost all my hair, first it started thinning in the back, than eventually, it started coming out in clumps, that was in 2010, Went to the doctor and she said it was alopecia areata. I went back on the lexapro, started getting my hair back.Now I'm trying to get off the Lexapro again and I am thinning, getting bald spots, and It is happening all over again. Thinking about just going back on it. It's been about 2 months since I stopped taking it, I noticed thinning around the 3rd week of stopping, I thought it would pass. I'm not so sure. Good luck, I wish I new if it was really due to stopping Lexapro.

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Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

WRONG. Lexapro is so potent that it takes a long time before all the poison leaves the body. All the women that have posted on the interned having experienced hair loss due to Lexapro, stated that even after quitting cold turkey, it takes 4-5 months before the hair even STOPS falling and THEN begins regrowing. This is the reality of facts.

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Mae Says:

Anyone experienced hair loss from Lexapro?

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