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Krishna Says:

I'm 34 year old male suffering for hairloss & thinning. Want to start treatment with I've planned to start some non "DHTInhibitor" treatment for my Norwood 4/5 & thinning hairs with Minoxidil 5% (topical solution) & Ketoconazole-2 % based shampoo but got too confused on vitamins and supplements.

My Doctor has proscribed me Follihair. But I've found a cheaper pill Oxivim which constitutes all the composition which Follihair has got + essential vitamins & minerals.

Please see the composition below and advice.

Or/Else you guys can advice me on any other Cheaper/Better option which is available in India.

I can't ask these questions to my doctor for obvious reasons :-)

Thank you

Follihair Tablet:
L- Lysine- 20 mg
Niacinamide-50 mg
Calcium Pantothenate- 50mg
Selenium-50 mcg
Manganese- 5mg
Zinc- 25 mg
Copper- 2 mg
Iron- 8 mg
Biotin- 10 mg
Di- Methionine- 40mg
L- Cysteine- 5 mg

Oxivim Capsule:
Folic Acid- 1 mg
Calcium- 150 mcg
Vit D3 -200 iu
Zinc Sulphate-41 .4 mg
Niacinamide-50 mg
Calcium Pantothenate- 12.5 mg
Vit A-5000 iu
Vit C-100 mg
Vit E- 25 mg
Cyanocobalamin-10 mcg
Pyridoxine-3 mg
Riboflavin-10 mg
Thiamine-10 mg
Ferrous Sulphate-40 mg
Manganese-2 .5 mg
Sodium Selenate- 100 mcg
Elemental Copper-3 mg
Biotin-30 mg

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Kumar Says:

Oxivim is the best option that I have tried. Don't get confused with cheaper or costly capsules. Oxivim is best for anti-hair fall, DHT-blocker & anti-aging.


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executioner Says:

If you want to save your hair just get a box and put it in there as it comes out. And yes, I'm also follically challenged

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ash Says:

Where it is available...oxivim??

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peaceandpine Says:

Can you pls elaborate.

oxivim dows not have 3 important components for hair fall prevention---

l-lycine,, l-cysteine,, glycine.. it only hai biotin which i agree is the main component but it sufficient in the absence of the other three..

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rhea Says:

Hi, I am suffering a great deal from hair loss and I am not sure of the exact reason why... I have a dry scalp, medium-thick hair and they are turning thin now. What should I do to prevent this hair loss?

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Sj Says:

I would like some information on cheap and effective medicine to stop hair loss. I'm a 40 year old female who's been suffering from urticaria for 2 years. Please advise me on this as well.

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anthony Says:

Nakakatulong ba sa hair loss ang conzace. Ma reverse kaya nya after how long? Mabisa kaya sa mga lalaking may edad na 50 pataas?

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abrar Says:

I consulted a skin specialist (dermatologist) for a solution to my hair loss. He prescribed me "proxy plus" tablets to take and I would just like to know more about its possible side effects.

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Saikot Says:

My hair is falling out on the side of my head. How can I prevent it? Can anyone recommend an effective treatment option?

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