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Mary Lou Says:

I have been on Eliquis since November 2015 for aa A Fib attack. I am experiencing extreme hair loss, with some areas that are bald and others that are quickly thinning and at this rate will also be bald. I am a female and used to have enough hair for 3 people. I also have the leg weakness and stiffness issue. I am more freaked by the balding than anything else.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mary Lou! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem you're having.

It isn't a listed side effect reported by the FDA, but it has been reported by other users, primarily females. You may also experience nausea, dizziness, headache, increased risk of bleeding and easy bruising.

Have you consulted your doctor? It might be better for you to try a different medication.

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Mary Lou Says:

The other side effects are not a problem. It is just the hair loss and the weakness etc. w/my legs, and that is a listed symptom.

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Susan Says:

I am also experiencing severe hair loss. I've been on eliquis since 5/20/16 for a pulmonary embellism. The hair loss started right when I began taking eliquis. My doctors have checked for other reasons and seem to think it can't be from eliquis (one said that if it is, it will grow back when I stop taking it, but I'm scheduled to be on it through September. I will certainly need a wig before then.

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Janice Says:

I have had three injections of prolia and have also been on eloquis for 8 months and will have to continue for the rest of my life. My hair started coming out about a month ago and I have probably lost about one fourth of my hair. It is so thin now I think I will probably have to start wearing a wig. Could these two drugs be the cause of my hair loss and if do, what can I do?

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Susan Says:

My hair loss only stopped when my doctor switched me to another medication (Xarelto). Thankfully I am off all meds now, but it was upsetting to lose my hair the way I did. I did buy a wig and wear hats for 2.5 months. It was frustrating to have my doctor downplay the hair loss and insist that it was not a "known" side effect. I'm glad to say that my hair has come back the same as it was before. I hope that you find a solution for your hair loss too.

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Janet Says:

I just switched from xeralto to eliquis because of hair loss. Was hoping that it would be better on Eliquis but now not so sure.

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Pi Says:

No wonder I'm losing gobs of hair. I'm taking both Viibryd and Eloquis. It's really messing with my self-esteem.

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