Help Need Pain Management Doctor Southeast Mi - Southgate Taylor Southfield Wanye County Michigan

George Says:

I just move here from phoenix where I was on Percocet 10mg, MS Contin(morphine sulfate 100mg), or synthetic opaite will work too bupanorphine, Tiban i think is on. and Soma. I don't have inscurance and I am looking for a Dr. or PM clinic that will write opiod medications. Anywhere in the Detroit Metro area would be nice. And since no Insurance I need it to be a cheap as possible. Also, I need to know ahead of time that the Dr will prescribe Percocet Oxycodone MS Dilaudid. I have been taking over 300 10mg Norco's a month for the pain and I know it is affecting my liver. Please if anyone can help me. And sorry about the spelling errors.

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David Says:

Hi George,

Listed below are a couple websites specific to locating pain management doctors in a given area. All you have to do is input your city or zip code for narrowed results: {link removed because site no longer exists}

You can give this other site a try too if you come up with different results for some reason or another:

Most of the results you will find also list a phone number for that specific doctor; I'd suggest calling up a number of them to see if they can prescribe the type of medication you are seeking to manage your pain. You may also want to ask what the cost of seeing this doctor is, without insurance. This type of information can generally be provided by the receptionist (the one who answers the phone at the doctor's office).

Please post back if you have any other questions or concerns regarding this.

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michelle thornton Says:

i am on 100mg morpine 4 times day 30 mg ir morphine 180 tabs a month an xanx bars 120 tabs month soma 350 90 tabs a month adderal 30 60 tabs a month need a dr in southeast kansas to write my perscriptions im on kansas medacad i am disabled

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dwayne Says:

hi i am in phoenix / mesa and i need a good doctor can you please refer me to the doctor that you had when you lived here? thank yoy.

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Tam Says:

May I ask why you are on so many different pain meds at a time? You might not be so lucky to find a doctor to give you all those pills at one time... The doctors are cutting down on pain meds and your not supposed to mix all those meds... I was just wondering.

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In pain all the time Says:

I am also looking for a doctor to manage my pain. I have 4 bulging discs, carpall tunnell in both hands, neuropathy, lordodsis of the neck, scoliosis, diabetes, hypertension, severe anxiety, fibromyalgia, bone spurs in my back, shoulder, heels and feet, both knees need surgery and I was sexually abused from the age of 5 to 7. I have tried physical therapy for 2 years in a row and my PT specialist told me he wasn't helping me so there was no reason to continue, I tried a pain management clinic and after steroid shots done under ultrasound my sugars sky rocketed to almost 400! I am UNINSURED also. I am fighting for social security disability since 2008 (which was just remanded by a Civil court judge) so I am also broke and thank God for my wonderful husband who not only supports me financially, but emotionally and phsycially too. My primary care doctor who I have been seeing for over 2 years just told me that she does not feel comfortable giving me pain medication or treating me anymore and that she is giving me one more refill but that is it. I have to find another doctor quickly. I am on Oxycodone 30 mgs 3x a day and viccodin ES, 4 times a day. Please take into consideration that I weight 320 pounds. So when I take medication it does not affect me the same way as someone who is 150 pounds. (Yeah- I know I am a big fat morbid obese person who needs to lose weight so no crappy comments please!) Honestly food and my family are the only joy I have in my life. I too know that this medication is hurting my liver and my kidneys and in fact my liver enzyemes are high and my kidney is not functioning correctly. My mother who had uncontrollable hypertension died of kidney failure at 68 years old so I know how serious that is. Anyone with help who can list a doctor that they KNOW and go to that for SURE will prescribe opioid pain medication and not treat me like a junkie. Please list them. I need help and I cannot live without the pain medication! I would consider leaving this world if I cannot find a doctor to help me. I feel let down by the medical profession. I know I have some mental problems too. The anxiety makes it so that I do not leave my home except maybe for once a week. Please know that I have MRI's, x-rays and EMG's to prove a lot of my medical conditions also. Thank you for any help. I live in Michigan in the Oakland County area or even Macomb county doctors would be great.

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Wizard Says:

Good luck. Any doctor is going to want to examine you, have tests done, x-rays, MRI, etc. And then prescibe what he feels will help. If you walk in his office and tell him, or her, that you want Oxy, MS Contin, Narco, etc. They will show you the door. You are "doctor shopping" exactly what the FDA and DEA are clamping down on. So I say again, good luck.

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In pain all the time Says:

You are right. If I walked in and asked for a certain pain med, they would be suspicious. I don't mind being examined or them ordering or looking at my MRI's (3 of them), Two EMG's, and about 10 differerent X-rays. I don't mind them consulting with my neurologist or rheumatologist. I just want to be able to have some quality to my life and be able to get out of bed. Update* I did just go to a doctor who was recommended to me by a friend. He seems caring and sympathetic though the first visit was $150.00 and additional appointments are $100. That is hard when you have no insurance and we are living on only my husband's income of 30K a year with three kids. For now..he is changing some of my meds to get me on a better regimen. The pharmacist I go to thought the change was good too. Honestly I just want to be able to walk, interact with my family, cook them dinner and have some sort of good life without being in pain so bad all the time. But, I also do not want to sleep all the time either. I send best wishes to everyone who is in pain to be able to live some sort of decent life without being in pain all the time. I am so so tired of being in pain. Additionally, if you look at me you would not know that I was in pain so it is hard for people (even my hubby) to understand how much I hurt.

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Helpmefindrelief Says:

Hi. I am looking for a pain doctor in Michigan also. I live in grand haven but I am willing to travel. I have RA, lupus, fibromyalgia and I am in constant pain. I recently moved here from kentucky. I have been on morphine er 100 mg 3x per day with dilulaid for break thru pain. I am currently off all my pain meds and I just can't continue living this way. If I can't find some help soon I will have to find a way to check out.

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gina Says:

Please help... I have been in two very bad accidents and have had a very hard recovery. I had a Dr that was perscribing me somas and norcos which were helping me very much. I made sure I took them as prescribed. I recently lost my job, lost my insurance and therefore lost my Dr. My funds are very limited and I'm in very bad pain.II'm from modesto California. Can you please help me?

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Cjc Says:

That's a little excessive and my whole spine is practically fused. What happens if you don't have the meds for a day.

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Geezus Says:

what part of ky are you from? email me {edited for privacy}. hit me up i go to ky all the time

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gross negligence Says:

Unfortunately, what you are suffering is withdrawal. Withdrawal from opioids is painful. That is why opioids do not work in the long term. In addition, you have developed hyperalgesia ( is an increased sensitivity to pain) - a known side effect of opioids. Your best option is to withdrawal from all the opioids, get to ground zero of your "actual" pain. And then start with a "legitimate" pain doctor - a very rare breed of the medical profession.

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Susie Says:

Move to EUROPE!!! Move! I am. The FDA N DEA CAN KISS MY CRIPPLED ASS!! What will the future say about how they are treating us now??? Pretty bad! It's 2014, no one should live with pain!! Abusers will abuse, that's the nature, but it's not a logical reason for ppl to suffer!!!

Get out while you can! The Netherlands, Germany, France...ect believe in chronic pain, it's serious. Don't stay here and die! Pick up n go! Sell what you have and get out before it gets worse!! It will get worse!!

America has taken so many if our rights, why let them take your life too??? Don't! I know it's easier said than done but please try! As long as you haven't had a felony record in past 4 yrs the immigration laws are pretty easy! Don't take this crap!!! I'll never stand for my country again!!!

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Looking for a doc in mich Says:

Hi, "in pain all the time", you said in your update that you found a good doctor they a friend, would u mind sharing the doctors info. I have been having back and neck pain for a few years and it's hard for me to get any medications or even treatments because I haven't had a regular doctor. Since I'm a new patient and still relatively young (33), doctors are conservative with medication and treatment. I have had several ER visits for really bad days and a few doctors appointments where we've tried OMT and lidocaine injections but it's very temporary relief. They will only give me Tylenol 3 which don't help much and I spend a lot of time laying and icing or heating my neck and back. If anyone knows a good doctor that will help me both with pain meds and alternative treatments, I would be very appreciative. I'm in southeast michigan Macomb county.

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sophia Says:

To in pain all the time: what was the drs name you went to see im looking for a good dr that cares for peope who are in REAL PAIN i cant deal with it anymore 5 yes without pains meds is enough for me. Thank You

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Concerned citizen Says:

to refute that last reply, Dr. shopping is not what this lady is doing, and those who don't know the correct terminology for things should keep their mouth shut and stop calling people names. Dr. shopping is when someone goes to many many different doctors at the same time getting prescriptions for the same drug so they can have an unlimited supply of drugs. That is not what this lady is trying to do, she is simply trying to find a doctor that will treat her, one doctor. So before hypocrites like you start calling names and accusing people of doing illegal things you should find out what those terms mean first. It is people like you and your ignorance that cause people that are in pain and anxiety not to get the treatment they need.

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woodsdaniel100 Says:

I have the perfect Dr for ya

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tiredofbs Says:

If you stop your meds quickly you will get sick. My doctor went on vacation and I've been out of meds for a week.. The pains so severe I almost ended my life. My mother gave me part of her script which is a fourth of what I take normally just to take the throwing up away.. So sorry for your pain, I know how hard it is and how people judge you because that can't see it or feel it.. Good luck.. Also I don't know any doctor that would see an uninsured patient.. Sorry

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Tiffany Says:

OK so who is the Dr?

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Tiffany Says:

Would you mind telling me who the Dr is that you found? I have a total of 9 herniated or bulging disks in my back and neck plus severe arthritis and fibromyalgia. My Dr had me on 8mg Dilaudid 3 times a day and 6 Norco a day. Then he quit with NO NOTICE. I'm just screwed and paying Dr's cash that won't give me anything. It's horrible. Your help would be appreciated.

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