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Is Tramadol HCL manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals legitimate? I have a round white tablet with no imprint other than a slash mark across it on one side...?

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Based on my own investigations HAB Pharmaceuticals does appear to be a legitimate drug manufacturer. You can email HAB Pharmaceuticals directly at [email protected], to find out if it's truly something they make.

On the other hand, the validity of the pill itself will probably depend on where/how you came about receiving it (i.e. having your Rx filled at a licensed pharmacy v.s. being purchased on the web).

If the latter of the two, then there's no honest way of knowing what you have unless you get it analyzed by a lab. Counterfeits these days can look just like the real thing, so retrieving some harder evidence from a drug panel or lab might be worth it in certain cases.

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I received 100 mg Tramadol tablets from Hab Pharma and they appear to be FAKE. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for over 20-years. I have had multiple medical procedures including a major back surgery. I take Tramadol on a daily basis to temporarily relieve my pain and the medication itself has done well.

However, when I received the Hab Pharma 100 mg Tramadol tablets I did not have any pain relieve at all. I felt a little fuzzy in the head, it was unpleasant and a little drowsy, but there was no paid relief. I went back and forth between my original supply of Tramadol and then the Hab Pharma tablets. Every-time I took the Hab Pharma Tramadol there was no pain relief. Be warned, these are fake!!

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Drugs from India are the only ones well, China doesn’t make me feel any better but the entire deal makes me sick as they are not meeting standards, and I believe that’s on purpose. My fear is truly the word call genocide!

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