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Suziuzi Says:

I got pain-o-soma rx'd from India. Took a week to get. They don't work although they did make me very tired. I took my first dose..nothing. Then took a second dose ... nothing except making me tired. What a rip off. It's a racket. I am sure they don't get any return customers. They did say they have Watson Somas but are more expensive & only payment method is Western Union which is a hassle & also costly.

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EDDY Says:

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I only ordered Soma when they were legal to do so and found a Pharmacist in Key West Florida who dispensed bottles of 100 for $50. I did try India once and would never do so again. First HAB sent the pills in a non-discreet box with a slip that said Soma on the outside for Customs, no thanks!

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VerFree Says:

Unfortunately, when you receive medication from a foreign source, there is really no way to be sure of its safety, or potency, since foreign medications are not approved by the FDA. There is even a chance that you didn't receive Soma/Carisoprodol, at all.

There was even an instance on here a few years ago when many people all received the same exact tablet, though they had all ordered different medications.

How are you doing, now? Has it worked any better for you?

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