H 114 White Oblong Pill For Opiate Withdrawal

Wondering Girl Says:

In what way does this H 114 pill help with opiate withdrawal?

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Verwon Says:

This tablet contains 500mgs of Methocarbamol, it is a muscle relaxant that's used to treat painful muscle spasms.

And it may help, in some cases with withdrawal, since pain and spasms can be a rebound effect of the withdrawal process.

Learn more Methocarbamol details here.

It may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and sedation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Wondering Girl Says:

Thank you. I'm trying to get off of norco and percoset. I've been using them for about 6 years or more everyday. The pain seems real, and the withdrawl seems unbareable. With as big of a family as I have, (6 small children), I find it difficult to let the pills go. I'm at a loss and affraid of talking to my doctor. I hate the thought of ME being a druggy........

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asia Says:

As a lortab taker for 6 yrs the methocarbamol works great for withdraws. Granted you are gonna feel some but it works very well for detoxing.

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kim Says:

look up Suboxone. saved my life

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matt Says:

I second that!

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mama bear Says:

How does methocarbamol help with withdrawal?

{edited for privacy}

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Jenn Says:

Get suboxone strips. Miracle worker. Probably only need two (2) total, and you'd be done!!

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Darlin Says:

Kratom helps withdrawal. Not that stuff

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Mike Every Says:

Listen please? If you at some point needed relief from pain and your doctor prescribed medication for you – have no fear, and no more worry about talking with him/her - especially if it's beginning to affect the lives of those around you.

Quite often women more often than men, find themselves taking pain medication after some accident or dental appointment & discover it's giving them the "extra boost" or "energy" to deal with their families, while working, washing clothes, cooking, bathing kids, rushing to bed craving to see "American Ido" they had hoped to see - then get up & do it all over again day after day. If your doctor can't or won't keep your information confidential it's time to go to one who specializes in the matter of helping you stop - with as little discomfort as possible.

Today there are some excellent drugs that can help you with the withdrawal while yet addressing the underlying pain – be it real or in your mind.

A drug called Suboxone (sp) will cause the withdrawal from the pain meds much easier & often the withdrawal will be only for a short time, while it also helps with the pain, extra energy while you adjust to a drug free life.

My most sincere advice is, DO NOT ever allow a drug to control you - you control it! Frequently that requires time in building spiritual strength. Doctors have yet to understand why spiritually strong people do so much better than others - but they do acknowledge the fact that it's true. Sometimes it takes will power, supported by spiritual strength but you will slowly take less and less Suboxone each week until finally one day you will be free.

If you find the pain returning, but it only seems to start after you wake - it is frequently in your mind, but not always. If you think it is, I recommend you find a well established hypnotist with a solid reputation & give him or her a chance at regression therapy to find what could be triggering the pain.

I hope I helped in some small way.

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Marc Says:

Try kratom, it's a plant that treats pain and is used to get clean off opiates.

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Rebekah Says:

Ok this is what you need and it works.
2 Suboxone strips 8mg
1 5 mg Oxy or Hydro
5 days
Wait 24 hours after the last pill
Take 1/4 of the first strip put under tongue(you'll feel normal finally)
Wait as long as you can and then take another 1/4 until all done
This process should take around 4 days
On the 5th day take 1/2 of a pill then wait 24 hours for the other half
You shouldn't have to take the pill. It's just for your final farewell... To feel in control of the drug. You'll feel your strength come back because you controlled the amount and realize you don't need it!!!
You'll remember how it feels to be alive again.
Being numb is not as great as you first thought... It can and will ruin your life, your plans, your enjoyment.
You have the power now pray.... Every day
Welcome back.... Now help someone else.

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DesperateMama Says:

I'm tryin to kick many years of pk abuse..started small,loved the rush of energy it gave me in the beginning. I have tried getting off before& failed. I'm SICK of it,want to be ME(normal)again...HELP

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DesperateMama Says:

Rebekhah...I've read "recipe" I DO PRAY &need to trust in its power for extra help. I have tried subs before but seemed to chase a high in those also(which is dumb&it messes up your tongue,YUCK) Any other advice u can pass on to make it easier?...especially the horrible tummy aches & cold/hot skin crawling chills!!!

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Darcie Says:

Suboxone also helped me..... I was on Max dose for 1st month.... it made mad @ first as I couldn't sleep, smokes like a chimney but didn't have the feeling of taking 100mg of morphine.... I was mad as he'll 1st but after a week it was like night and day for my withdrawals... I have a dear friend SO SEVERELY addicted to opiates we worry every day.... Another friend of all ours said "look if you honest to God want to stop I will pay (out of pocket) for your INPATIENT treatment and the Suboxone"..... he agreed oh yeah, OMG, that's amazing.... unfortunately he hasn't had the time since we've heard from him 2x in about 3wks....?? it breaks my heart but I also know from experience nobody is gonna make coax him.... so at 23 he'll probably..... dam I can't even say it!!!!! Sorry so long folks, I feel real strong about the issue!!!! Thanks for listening!!!

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cdub Says:

Suboxone is just like any other drug it's addictive I recommend just cold turkey after 4 days youll be fine I know I've been an addict for 20 yrs an only way that helped was to just quit! An if I can do it ANYONE CAN

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EternalDark Says:

Withdrawal from suboxone is way worse than any pain pill.

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Sincerely desperate Says:

I'm trying to get off of
Opiates taking pk was taking methadone unable to get/ find anymore so now I'm at a loss I've never been to a Dr. For any of this so now I'm getting sick from not having or I'll find a lil I'm fine for a minute then back to the same getting sick, ect, ect....I'm tired need help,just loss my mom, got kids can't go thru physical withdrawal I be floored!! Please please someone help......ASAP

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nannag Says:

is this better than flexaril? I find flexaril depresses me... and idky! also keeps me feeling extremely fatigued ALL DAY!

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RA Says:

U can do it...I was taking 10 a day then switched to illicit drugs...I quit cold turkey...it's way worse than any freaking pill..I always thought I was in hell coming down from a pill but how wrong I was.

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Gin Says:

I have 2 scripts for suboxone never tried it I'm scared cause u have to be off the pain pills for least 2 days to start the withdrawal systems

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