Greenstone Xanax G7321 Not Working For Me, Feels Like Placebo

hiitbytruck Says:

I switched from CVS Mylan as they were not effective. I found a local pharmacy that dispenses Greenstone. The first time I had my script filled they were excellent. But now, they aren't even touching me. I don't understand it. Someone gave me a .5 alprazolam and that worked! I don't know who makes it. I feel crazy because everyone says Greenstone is best. I called the pharma company and told them. I am sending them in my pills for quality control. I only take as directed. So, I feel they should work. I even wanted to go to .5 and not .1 because I never want to become immune. Is it just me. Why would the .5 work so well on me andnot .1 of greenstone. I feel like I'm crazy or something. Which I probably am, but that has nothing to do with this situation. Post Script. I tapered off them last month for 2 weeks, I thought that would help, but did not at all.

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EDDY Says:

I get the G 3722's and they have always been fine. Mine would be the 2 mg bar. You could be building a tolerance or you might have just got a bad batch?

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Verwon Says:

Well, it may also be a good idea to double check what tablets you've received. There is nothing with the marking G7321.

Can you please double check and post back to clarify?

Thank you!

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steve Says:

I just got 2mg greenstone Alprazolam special ordered from CVS after reading there the number one preferred generic online and it does not do a thing for me . Alprazolam has never been effective like diazepam 10mg and the much stronger lorazepam 2mg which i feel in matter of minutes . I tried 1mg of greenstone last year with the same outcome nothing ! Is it possible not to get any anxiety relief from a powerful benzo 2mg Alprazolam and 10mg diazepam work a lot better for me ? I don't believe the bad batch theory coming fresh from a huge chain like CVS/Walgreens . By the way if not swallowed right away they are very bitter . Not like Diazepam that you can put under your tongue . So just wondering what other people think is it just me and this drug just does not do anything for me or are these Greenstones not as good as most people think they are . Just because they look like the name brand does not make them better then other generics .

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EDDY Says:

I was being kind with a 'bad batch'. Greenstone makes fine products, and yes Xanax is supposed to be bitter, perhaps the most bitter pill out there. Ativan does not handle anxiety like alprazolam and takes much longer to kick in. I flushed 1000 Ativan down the toilet in 2010 and then went into withdrawal and almost died after running out of Xanax. Valium sucks, popular in the 70's but in no way as effective as alprazolam.

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steve Says:

It must affect people in different ways because Xanax does nothing for me even at 2mg .

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EDDY Says:

That is scary because even though I was finally changed to the 2 mg bars after about 20 years of use, I found them too strong as taking the smallest amount of the medicine is best due to the nasty withdrawal problems. I have a lot of Greenstone bars, and even some green Greenstone bars (I could be wrong) and found them very potent. Most people who have this problem take more and more to compensate, and this can lead to problems.

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Buster Says:

Greenstone hands down is the best and found at Target and mom-and-pop pharmacies everyone else is carrying either Mylan which is the round tablet that sucks or back Tavis yellow at Walmart if you're lucky and they have it period I got very lucky and all my third attempt after Publix I went cuz there was a Target nearby and they carry greenstone and so much better than the dava generic brand

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AnnieOakliesPride Says:

As of May 2017 Greenstone has changed their formula now in the 1mg Alprazolam, which I've learned throughout a sweaty, hateful, sleepless, month with low appetite. Hopefully most won't suffer as I am due to my sensitive system. My heart with its leaky valve is up to 135bpm at rest, my house a mess, driving blind, but they are taking our meds to prevent fighting the abuse issue. I speak plain. Kill off the sick to fatten the lazy and protect the outlaws. Smdh. This is too detailed and the proof is in my life and upcoming death. Xanax has been a useful medication when taken properly. It has been abused do is now being overpricing so only the wealthy can afford it, the generics cut by 20% strength and itchy crampy fillers added which also alter the potency, so mine, my neurologist, surgeon and the game may soon be replaced by Jack Daniels. I'm not sure what to do yet. I'm not a drinker so should work well awhile.

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Dr Ryan Says:

This was definitely a bad batch. The only alprazolam that people are pressing are the 2mg bars 99.9% of the time. Plus you received these from a pharmacy, so they have to be from the manufacturer. Greenstone makes excellent alprazolam and is even owned by Phizer, the company that makes brand name xanax. Imo Actavis is honestly just as good, no matter what the mg is. Maybe try switching to them instead. Ive been getting Actavis Alprazolam for years without a single problem.

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Dj Says:

They're working. I have the 2-milligram green stones and sometimes the pharmacy switches to the green brand Dabba and those work better than the green stones for the one month I take them. It's all about your body and tolerance. It simply gets used to it. The bottom line is when you take those pills that you say don't work do you get sick? No. Therefore they do work. It's just that you're not getting the buzz that you did at first. I switch up generics all the time. Just stay away from Mylan.

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Dr Ryan Says:

Re: Dj (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Actually, pharmaceutical companies, regardless of which one it is, do indeed accidentally distribute bad batches to pharmacies more often than you think. It's not in his head whatsoever, this has happened to me before. Plus any generic company that makes alprazolam is legally allowed to put as low as .7mg in a 1mg pill and 1.5mg in a 2mg pill. This could also be the problem being experienced. If you have the money, always get brand name bc they will have the EXACT mg in all pills, regardless if it's. .25, .5, 1, 2, or 3mg xr.

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Jennifer Says:

They are making all of them placebo. Best ones are the 3mg green bars. 1mg blue or green or 2mg round ones. The white bars are going placebo in half of it. The .25s i dont know as i havent taken those in years. I wouldnt be able to "feel" them. You would def feel more off a .5 than a .25. A lot more tbh. .5 is a waste of time as they only work for a couple of weeks. I have been on benzos for over 10 years. If you arent already addicted, learn coping mechanisms. If you run out you seize. I've been there and you cannot just stop taking benzos. If you need something to last all day i suggest a low milligram klonopin. That's what i take and a xanax if im panicking which dosent happen much on the klonopin.

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Curioua Says:

Re: AnnieOakliesPride (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Is it just the 1mg greenstone alprazolam or all of the mgs. Of greenstone that's formula has been changed? In other words, did they change the .25, .5, & 2 mg. Greenstone alprazolam formula when they changed the 1 mg.?

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Big J Says:

Activis 2mg alldazolam ade hit or miss every othed time there full of fillers as well the only good 1 mg are the green foot balls or the blie ones number two round or football and the 2mg 1s nest are blie ones sine 2020 I peomise you I been going threw hell finding out the hard way

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Eddy Says:

Re: Jennifer (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

I've never seen a pharmaceutical 3 mg Bar made here in the U.S.? The X3 is a 3 sided shape and only comes in the extended (XR) formula

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Dutchy Says:

Been using Greenstone alprazolam for 6 weeks and is way too strong for me for my anxiety and panic attacks. Sleepy and not functioning! I always took a total of 3 mg a day of Mylan brand 4X a day to avoid any break through! This is the proper way of using this drug. Anyone with serious anxiety should not be used "when needed!"

After a month, I even cut the dosage down to 3X a day and decreased by .5mg. Now I don't sleep long with this reduced dosage.

I found a pharmacy that had 21 Mylan pills left. I took for 3 days at my original dosage 4X .3 mg. and was back to being completely NORMAL!!! Was so thrilled and BOOM back to greenstone and misery. CVS only carries greenstone and breckenridge. Asked if they could get Sandoz or Actavis and am still waiting for a reply, as they had to call and check. CVS HAS GONE DOWN THE TUBES! Pharmacist wasn't any help when I asked what is comparable and she said I've had no complaints of greenstone so I can't help you.

So my question is....has anyone found an other generic that is comparable to Mylan (which is off the market)?

Please advise quickly

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Shemp Says:

Re: Dutchy (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

You can always call other pharmacies to find out what they carry? Controlled medication can be transferred one time. I have much Mylan still left from Rite Aid. Wasn't aware Mylan is no longer available, I think you made that up?

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Dutchy Says:

Re: Shemp (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Now that is hysterical!!! Why would I shoot myself in the foot and makeup that Mylan alprazolam is no longer being manufactuered? I suggest you goggle it and you will discover a lot of info on how Mylan and UpJohn have joined forces with another company and it's called Viatris. Being a controlled substance, your only allowed 30 day supply at a time. If I were you, I would beg the pharmacist to hold that inventory bottle just for you until you can find yourself in my position.

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EDDY Says:

Re: Dutchy (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

No, that's hysterical you are only allowed a 30-day supply of Viatris, which isn't even on the shelves yet? Federal law for a CIV Schedule 4 controlled medication is 6 months, has always been 6 months. My Doc who is very old just wrote for 90 with 5 refills, yet no refills on my BLOOD PRESSURE meds

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Dutchy Says:

Re: EDDY (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

In RI we can only get a prescription filled for a 30 day supply of controlled substance. Yes refills are prescribed for 5 more months. You misunderstand me regarding Viatris. I said Mylan alprazolam is off the market as they have merged with Upjohn and created a new company name Viatris for alprazolam. I wanted to know what brand is comparable in strength to Mylan. Greenstone is too potent for me. Any suggestions from experienced users? I see my Dr. Today. Thanks for your input Eddy.

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