Green Pill Watson 395

J Says:

Can someone please inform me, what is this pill is compared to? percocet? vicodin? does it provide pain relief or is it worthless? it's green, it says Watson 395 50 0.5. i want to know what it does and if its an opiate? does it have hydrocodone in it or oxycodone and does it provide the same pain relief as other opiates?

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Verwon Says:

This tablet contains 50mgs of Pentazocine and 0.5mgs of Naloxone, it is comparable to Talwin-NX.

The Pentazocine is a narcotic, but it is couple with the Naloxone to prevent abuse of the medication. If someone tries to abuse the tablets, the Naloxone will basically neutralize the narcotic and prevent them from being able to use recreationally.

And as to whether or not it makes you feel the same way as the others, I really can't answer that. All medications can affect everyone differently, some people do experience euphoric effects from them and some people don't.

Are there any other questions?

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Ridgerunner Says:

Brand Name Talwin NX, discovered in 1967, by Winthrop Pharmaceuticals, has sold their patent name, some time ago, to Sanofi-Aventis, in the tablet form. In the year 2009, one hundred tablets of Sanofi Talwin NX, (only sold in the USA) had a Average Wholesale Price of $187.03 to pharmacies. I know that Walgreen's used to carry it about two yrs ago, (around 2011). Pentazocine Lactate, only available in liquid form, for IV or IM injection, by Hospira, does not have the 0.5mg added Naloxone. It must be administered by a professional, in a professional medical setting, as, the drug Pentazocine, if not properly injected, can cause serious side effects, to the patient, if the vein is missed.

"Naloxone" is the same Narcotic antagonist, that, is added to Pain Management medication Suboxone, again to prevent recreational abuse, with the C-III drug "Buprenophine hydrochloride", mfg by Reckitt-Benckiser, who bought out Schlering-Plough, who formerly marketed that medicine internationally, as, Temgesic, without Naloxone. Subutex, rarely prescribed, due to the potential of recreational drug abuse, also does not have any Naloxone in the pill.

I have found both medicines, to be moderately effective in pain control, "without Naloxone" as a substitution, for such meds as Tylenol #4, Vicodin, even Percodan, and Percocet. Warning: without a washout period of time for a true Narcotic to be out of one's system, both Suboxone, and "Talwin NX" can make you very ill immediately, and speed up the withdrawal process. "I learned the hard way".

The generic manufacturer, Watson Labs in the USA, made a lesser expensive version of Talwin NX, for a long time, but, I have no recent knowledge, if Watson, still produces the generic version of Talwin NX. I have had one post surgury IV shot of Talwin Lactate, in a
hospital, and the feeling, was similar to a IV shot or a IM shot of Demerol, I have had for other surgeries. IMHO, Demerol tablets, are very weak and did not offer me any pain relief, like the liquid version of Meperidine.

The PDR states that pure Pentazocine tablets, like the ones still manufactured in Canada, as Talwin PX, without any Naloxone, equals, 60mg of Codeine, and, I fully agree, with that PDR statement. The liquid version is not for everyone, in that, a minority of patients, do tend to receive mild hallaucinations, (as I did) but they were not dysphoric for me. (Meaning I did not experience the sensation, as uncomfortable). The tablets, are only manufactured, in North America, Central America, and South America, for use in Canada only, by Sanofi. Overseas, the tablets versions, are gradually being withdrawn, including, the world headquarters, of Sanofi Syntholabs, (FR) Sanofi-Aventis, both due to the underprescribing, IMHO, due to the 1970's and early 1980's stigma, when it was heavily abused, in the USA, until, Winthrop, added Naloxone to the tablets allegedly, to curb the DEA from rescheduling current Talwin from a C-IV to a C-II. It has been allegedly abused, in Japan, to the point, a law in Japan, outlawed all use of Talwin Hydrochloride.

Thailand, once had 3 manufacturers producing the tablets of pure pentazocine, but, it has been removed from the market in Thailand, From my earlier post, over a year ago, pure Pentazocine tablets, have been removed from production from 21 countries in 1999, to only 8 countries left, in 2009, and, that was 4 yrs ago.

The liquid version, is not threatened, as it is a excellent pain reliever, in a hospital, or ER setting, and, the Pentazocine Lactate, not only is it still available in the USA, it is still available, in approximately 50 countries, especially, 3rd world countries, all of Africa, and all of the Middle East, with the exception of Israel.

Sources: PDR USA, Martindale Pharmacopaedia, of London, UK, and the "Diccionario de Especialidades Farmaceuticas (Latin PDR for Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominicana, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, & Peru.

The 36th edition of Martindale, lists 40 countries, in the modern industrialized world of all ethical meds that represent, many nations, especially Europe, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Canada, USA, Mexico, and about 50% of South America, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. The pills are being phased out, IMHO, just like the 50 year old medicine, Darvon and Darvocet, and, its versions, in other countries, partly due to a International Conference No III, held in Vienna, Austria, that discouraged the prescribing of both Pentazocine tablets, and, Darvon, Darvocet, and, Doloxene capsules, by former pharma giant, Eli Lilly., that was held ten yrs ago, in 2003, and Pentazocine, was placed in a tighter controlled substances schedule, outside of the USA, in many countries, after 2003.

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Mary Says:

I have been on Hydrcodone and Diclofenac for scolis and sciatica with ostheoporsis a long time and know I had a problem with kidney and liver levels so I was taken of these meds and put on Talwin-NX 50mg and I would like to know how this medcation is going to work for me because I have high pain levels and this is a new start on something that I know nothing about at all or heard of ?

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Hello Says:

Is Talwin NX 0.5/50mg really safe to use? I've been switched to this from Norco 7.5 and was not informed on what this medication is or does to my body.

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Barbie Says:

I want to know how this medicine Watson 395 compares to Vicodin? Is it stronger or weaker? Is it even worth taking? I'm used to hydrocodin 7.5

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