Green And Yellow Capsule No Markings

Mike Says:

It might be 50mg Tramadol. Mine have no matkings at all. Tramadol is an opiate, stronger than Codeine, but weaker than Morphine. I take 8 capsules a day, 2 every six hours for a trapped nerve in my hand. I am an over 50 male of about 200 lbs. so my dose might be way too much for say a teneager or a woman.

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Jakesmom Says:

My daughter has same problem as you have and she finally tried acupuncture and it helped. Every few years problem tries to re occur and she goes for acupuncture and problem again is resolved.

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Jenna Says:

Hi Mike,

I believe you are right about the pill in question. The closest match I could find is Tramadol 50 mg.

Also, I agree that acupuncture would be a great and natural way to treat your nerve pain. I have a problem with a nerve in my left foot and I have had good results from acupuncture.

I hope this helps!

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Bunny25 Says:

Tramadol is an non narcotic, it is not better then codine, you cannot become addicted to them, although there are certain studies now daub that the tramadol/ultrams are actually helping people detox off opiates as they try and trick your body into thinking they are opiates

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K M Says:

Tramadol is extremely addictive. Doctors will tell you otherwise, but anyone who has taken it for an extended period of time will tell you it is.

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Jayjay Says:

I can assure u that even the strongest of tramadol are weak for me anyway. I jad these quick release ones cant remember but wS told that there the strongest u can get I took them with a few pregabs and the pregsbs took im on a combi of klonopin (roche) 2 mgs and serequel 150 mg for insomnia as fo tramadol sorry but waste of money . Must say the roche ( klonkpin) are much stronger than the auden mackenzie ones so it goes to show the manafacturer makes a massive difference .

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Patty46 Says:

Tramadol is indeed addictive, and classified in the US as an opiate. I've been taking them daily for 17 years to help with PHN which developed from a bad case of shingles. I only take them twice a day, but I sure can tell when I've missed a dose. I've tried weaning myself off them which has not been successful. So yes, one does become dependent on them.

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Angela Says:

I found a light green/white capsule imprinted only with the number 40.
Any idea what this could be?

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Grandma Says:

My doctor will not give me any kind of pain pills. Im 80 yrs old and have pain in shoulders and back. His reason is rhar he does,nt want to get in trouble with the goverment since I would have to sign for them. Don,t the doctors have code that says DO NO HARM. Well than they are only thinking of themselves.

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Philip Says:

Re: Bunny25 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I’m sorry but you are wrong my friend. In the ROI, doctors are cautious prescribing them. They are highly addictive, and drug users/addicts abuse them. Check out what’s happening in Iran with this medication. Big big problem.

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Lucky lucy Says:

I have some green and yellow capsules that are green and yellow. I thought they were Tramadol but do not have markings on them. How do I know what they are?

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Aroon Says:

Re: Lucky lucy (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I want to this capsule prescribed to remove my pain

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