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Mason Says:

I was just wondering if anyone has been administered this yet in a medical setting? It is a recently FDA approved nasal solution of cocaine hydrochloride. Yes, you read that correctly, cocaine.

According to the NDC it is also available (to properly licensed medical professionals) in 100% powder form. It's labeled/supplied by Genus Life Sciences based and researched out of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Being as the cocoa plant doesn't grow in such a climate I'm assuming that their "main ingredient" is coming from Bolivia and/or Colombia. Either that or it's being grown in greenhouses.

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Mason Says:

Anyone seen or heard of this Goprelto being used as an anesthetic? Of what condition/procedure for which it would be used as an anesthetic?

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Marv Says:

Is it being used as pain management medication? Does anyone know the dosage in milligrams any cost I’ll try and look later and see if I can find a manufacturer and will post back any details.

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Needn2kno Says:

I'm thinking I may need surgery on my sinus cavity. Rhynoplasty I believe its called.

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Dani Says:

I have read these few posts twice now and still can't believe what I've read. Though we are clearly living in an almost surreal reality today - most especially those of us living in the USA, this new FDA approved nasal spray solution really takes it to a whole new level of twilight zone. I have a bit of a dependency with nasal spray, and I truly hate it. Mostly I use Afrin 12 hour sinus, sometimes a version made by Vick. I think it has something to do with where I am living. I am constantly congested but have never been one to suffer with allergies and have never been prescribed allergy medication, nor have I had to regularly buy the OTC stuff. As a recovering drug addict, I did dabble in cocaine, but this was as a party drug only and it never developed into a habit. As I recall from my party days of long ago, the weekend binges with cocaine, the nasal congestion was downright hellacious. This makes it all the more perplexing to me that cocaine should be an ingredient in any type of nasal product - seems bizarre. Also, why would this be a medication for pain relief in this nasal spray version? Yeah, lots of questions here. I worked for 2 different pharmaceutical companies and still continue to receive certain online Pharma periodicals/newsletters, so I look forward to hopefully digging up some kind of information to answer our collective questions.

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Patrice Says:

Re: Dani (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

As far as I've heard this drug is used in nasal surgery and some eye surgeries. My late husband told me they used cocaine to numb his eye when he had cataract surgery. I don't see it being used for anything but a numbing agent. FYI, cocaine has always been a class 2 drug, this is nothing new. I can promise you it won't be RX'ed as a nasal spray because it causes congestion and causes nose bleeds, plus it's downright addicting.

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