Going Out Of Town For 3-4 Weeks. Clonazepam Prescription (w/ 1 Refil) Expires 2 Weeks Into My Trip. Early Refill Question

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Sfustin90 Says:


New to the forums. Just registered because this seems like the right place to answer my question.

I am on clonazepam .5mg 4x daily and get a monthly prescription with 1 refill. I filled it on the 14th of this month and I go out of town (currently live in Colorado and am going back to my home town of Baltimore) for 3-4 weeks on the 29th of this month. Also, my prescribing doctor is out of town until the 12th of October.

Anyway, my prescription is filled through walgreens, and I will run out 2 weeks from the day I leave town. I will be out of town anywhere from 3-4 weeks. My flight to Baltimore has been booked however my exact return date has not yet been decided but will be sometimes between 3 weeks and 4. I know that walgreens is nationwide however while in Baltimore I will not have a car and do not want the added stress of the possibility of not being able to get to the pharmacy on the day of my refill and possibly running out, or the potential issue of refilling an out of state refill that could arrise. My stress levels are not the best to begin with which is why I am on clonazepam to begin with, and it is just worrying me about going away without adaquate amount of my meds pending any problems filling while away.

I am wondering if I go into my pharmacy and explain my situation, do you think that I would be able to get a refill or a half refill before I leave on the 29th so that I leave town with enough meds to last me till i return in hand. This would be refilling 2 weeks early, but I only actually need to get 2 weeks of the refill to ensure I have enough which would be half of the prescribed refill. On my bottle it does not say any date in which I have to wait to refill, it only says a date in which I have to use my refill before it expires. I know insurance would not cover this, however it is a generic drug and should not be very expensive. The cost is not a worry to me. Do you think my walgreens will do this for me? I know it may seem to be asking a lot to be 2 weeks early, but given my situation I believe it is reasonable.

Has anyone had any experience with this or could anyone offer their opinion on whether or not this will be allowed to be done?

Thank you,


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Verwon Says:

It is a Benzodiazepine, so it's a controlled substance, so you'll likely have better luck getting them to make it available at one of their pharmacy's in Baltimore, than you will getting it filled early.

I understand that when you get there, you won't have a care, but that area does have a good public transportation system, so you could easily take a bus to a nearby Walgreens for a refill.

There used to even be several in that area that delivered.

Learn more Clonazepam details here.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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Lady Blue Says:


They actually, by Law, have to enter each and every prescription into a database by law..they get fined if they dont'.

Walgreens called my two doctors and even flagged my name to a third party (Safeway)..from that phone call from Walgreens my Dr. won't see me anymore after 18 years. STAY AWAY FROM WALGREENS..anywhere else but there.
They never even apologized for not filling this script and now my Doctor won't write me another one..ever (it was for Xanax).

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

I had a similar situation happen to me twice, since
2010. I sent a typed letter to my Psychiatrist, that, I
was housesitting for my sister, 2,000 miles away, and
only had a two week supply left, of a Schedule II med,
and could not afford to abandon my sisters property, and fly back to see him for a face to face for a new RX.
I ask could he send me a fresh script, before I was to run out, gave my sister's return address and phone number, and of course, the Postmark, was from a large city two time zones away. I received the new
prescription, within 10 days, by US mail.

This happened, about 18 months later, and, again,
I needed my prescription, otherwise, I would be out, for at least two weeks. I actually received two prescriptions, one for C-II Adderall, one for C-IV Klonopin. The second time, I sent in a check, for my
normal co-pay, because, the 1st time, I failed to sent in the co-pay funds, and, this was addressed, when I returned home in 2010. Both times, same address, same phone number to reach me out of state.

I almost had this happen in August of 2012, and, I spoke to my Pharmacist, in my state, under certain
circumstances, I was told my Klonopin script, could be refilled once, up to 7 days early, but, my C-II script, I had written by my Psychiatrist, early, he could not fill
early, due to the tight regulations, but could help me out one time only, but only 48 hours early, due to the DEA C-II laws. Both states, my home of record, and,
my sisters address, are both on the 40 state..........
Prescription Monitoring Program, as well.

Normal protocol, is the pharmacists, will call your M.D for you for a request for a refill, but, with a C-II,
USA pharmacist's, (in my case) always, tell me to contact my M.D, as C-II's have to be hand delivered to
the Pharmacy, by the patient. The rules just changed in my state, for the worse, as, "my state pharmacy board, requires, any C-II prescription, to be handed over, to the patient, who's name is on the rx, if there is any
question to one's identity, they may request, a drivers license, with a photo ID, any USA pharmacy, otherwise, may not fill a C-II script, that is not a patient

I had no problem in 2010, and 2011, getting my RX
filled out of state, as I presented the script, during normal M.D office hours, as insurance, in case the out of state pharmacy, wanted to call and verify, the
authenticity of the prescription, especially any C-II.

For me, to cold turkey a benzo, once was a nighmare, so, in a worse case scenario, I would get a pill cutter, and cut down, gradually, so I would not have
a possible seizure, from, suddenly stopping a benzo,
without cutting down. (I do not reccomend this method

As a precaution, I usually travel with letterhead from
my M.D, stating my diagnosis, my need for a certain
med or meds to function, with the MD's phone number and FAX number on his letterhead, plus, a copy I make of all recent prescriptions, to satisfy, any questions, if
I am forced to seek out a new M.D, far away from home, or, on all travel within the USA and to other countries, (Mexico, Netherlands, Germany) but was not asked, by Airport security "ever" to produce evidence, of my carryon bag containing controlled substances, all in the pharmacy bottles with my name on them.

Just wanted to add, in my case, I have had the same M.D for 13 yrs in a row, and the same local pharmacy, for at least 10 years in a row. However, I must add, my
Psychiatrist, gets angry, whenever a patient, asks for, a refill, on a controlled substance, "quite early", also, has a sign since around 2009, in the lobby of his office,
"if a patient of his, is discovered to obtain the same class prescription, from another M.D covertly, the patient will be dismissed" (Doctor shopping).

I do believe one's age, (I am now over 60 yrs old, been on hypnotics, anti-depressants, and, stimulants, since the year 1994. A patient, IMHO, in their teens, or
under age 25, IMHO, also with less time to build trust,
will come under much more scrutnity, say, than a long term patient, who has proven, to not build up tolerance issues, or, "stories, excuses" to get a med early, or,
a doubled up script, written early, for a extended trip,
especially for a C-II med, or maybe a C-III pain med.

Finally from the year 1994, every year until, 2009,
"15 years" I was able to get two scripts, one for the face to face visit, and one for the following month, written in advance, dated one month later, as I only had to make office visits 6 times a year.....that all
changed "in my state, home of record" forever, due to my state's pharmacy board, and the same M.D, will not write two prescriptions side by side, "of any schedule" anymore. He could lose his DEA license, or put on probation, if he gets caught. He told me personally, face to face, the rules are getting tighter and tighter, especially, on any CII med, any CIII med, and as well,
as C-IV benzo's, especially alprazolam. My M.D also, has his receptionist, photocopy every prescription, that leaves his office, of any class, before a patient walks out the door, in a effort, to have evidence, that the MD
is following the rules, and, to thwart, altering of scripts by a patient, often due to tolerance and/or addiction.

I always out of state, never call about ...do you have
Adderall in stock? Will you fill out a out of state rx? I always go in person, and ask to speak to the pharmacist in charge. I also try to locate independant, owner/operator pharmacist, rather, large chains, that, have often guidelines, with perhaps zero tolerance, from breaking the rules, as large chains, often, have much higher turnover, and trainee pharmacists, who would not dare try to accomodate a "unusual request"

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James Says:

This did happen to me and there is only one way to do it, You need to tell your doctor, and have hard copies of your refills. Here in my state, they only allow one refill and you loose all other refills in the computerized system automatically, If refilling in a new location. If you have a hard copy, they may call to verify it's valid. And you need to arrange this with your Doctor before going on vacation.
Having an honest and practical patient is what makes life easier for practitioners. Take notes into your appointments if needed, I take an outline, and it jogs my memory, and I get to make the visit short and productive. Your Doctor will look forward to your appointments, if you are organized. You will avoid problems like this one.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

"A lot of this has to do with the Prescription Monitoring Programs, that are active
already, in the majority of urbanized states in the entire 50 USA states". The last I checked, only the state of Missouri, had absolutely no PMP program, or has that state passed any state law yet, to start one up. New Hampshire, I believe, was the 49th state to "start a PMP program" often takes 18 to 24 months to set it up on the
national data base for exchanging info. Google DEA PMP active program states, (do your research) As a general rule, a C-IV, medication, one can get from 48 hours, to possibly one week, but, some states now have individual tighter laws, than even the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, and, the Federal updates over the years. I have never heard of anyone, getting a C-III or C-II refilled early, since the Ryan H Act was passed by President Bush, and enacted into law under President Obama. That was a target specific law, not about early refills, but, the message is that, every year since 9/11 it gets tighter and tighter, worldwide, to get "favors" done. A independent pharmacy/dealing with the owner/operator, is still one's best, bet, (a dying breed). Avoid the big chains, such as Walgreen's, CVS,
Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, Albertson's, really, any chain of pharmacy drug stores.
Most unfortunately, M.D's do not like to get calls from the "pharmacy police", it never gets you any brownie points, regardless, of how long or not one has been a patient. The air of vulnerability, by the DEA, overlooking a M.D's practice, has, caused the vast majority of M.D's to fear for their license revocation, most unfortunately, the few who abuse the system, has caused everyone now to suffer,
IMHO. "It was not that way in the USA in the 1960's and even up thru the mid 1980's, favors, obtainable, by pharmacy/owners, are unprintable, as, I'd appear to be a liar, to tell, what, used to be, and has not been, anymore, at least in the past 15 years for more...................again, it is tighter, in the modern industrialized world, as well, as struggling countries, such, as Mexico. Much tighter in the EU than it was 20 years ago. Many governmental agencies, are involved, too many to print.

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frank Says:
via mobile

my dr. just quit and walked out the only dr. in the office that can write a script for clonazepam I found a new dr. but the appt. is a month away. can't get refill isn't there a law on this.

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EDDY Says:

Frank, ANY licensed Medical Doctor can write you a refill for clonazepam under Federal Law. I am aware of some states that require a Psychiatrist. You can die in the mean time. Can you go out of State?

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Mary Ann Says:

Many Prescription Drug Plans provide for early refills for vacation. Let your pharmacist know that you will be on vacation and will be running out of your medication. You can also get information on your prescription drug benefit by calling the number for Walgreens that appears on your ID card. In addition, if you are covered under a group health plan, you can call your employer and ask where you can get the information you are looking for.

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Ridgerunner007 Says:

In the state of North Carolina, one must present their photo ID, 90% of them are
NC Drivers License, to pay for their C-II prescription, that they personally delivered to the "local pharmacy" "paying for the Rx is by routine means, cash,
Visa,, Master Card, American Express, or personal check, with I.D. (a drivers license issued in one of the 50 states), of course, if you are a new customer, present your major prescription USA insurance card.

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Ann726 Says:

Maybe all of these posts on this site should be sent to the DEA and the FDA since it is them who are holding us prisoners to a piece of paper! And to the stay away from walgreens! Yes, that's excellent advice, I know I do.

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BOB Says:


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obrien Says:
via mobile

I go to two doctors who both practice me kolopin but Walgreens refused to fill them. So now I have to go back to my neurologist and have her increase my dosage which is terrible because I take these as needed for seizures and anxiety. I was given a new Rx today can't I just order my medicine online ad opposed to paying another copay?

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Mia Says:

You an have your doctor write a different amount or frequency but filling that exact med with the same dosage (and everything the same) is not allowed and insurance will not cover it and pharmacists won't fill it early. So, for an example if you can get the doctor to write it for 1mg 2x day the insurance company will fill it as a "new" prescription(even though mg per mg it's the same amount per day) and the pharmacist will just tell you to discard the old RX (I am sure the majority of people keep the old one). Anyway, it is prohibited to fill it early even paying cash without insurance (especially a controlled substance and insurance won't cover it unless it's a "new rx"). Another example would be: a patient is on 10 mgs of morphine sulfate er 3xday but that rx can be filled whenever the doctor rewrites the rx (whether 1 week early or 3 weeks early), the doctor may write it for 15mg morphine sulfate er 2x day instead. This would "cancel" out the rx you currently have and you will be told to get discard the old rx and start by taking the new one. Does this make sense. anyway good luck, hopefully you have an understanding doctor...training as pharmacy tech.

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Matt Says:

This was ironically the opposite for me. I was told to have a pharmacy transfer the rx but I was in a state that didn't have refills on benzodiazepines and I just had my doctor come up with a dosage adjustment to make it through because the pharmacy refused to fill that one early.

On the other hand, I went on vacation twice, once with a 240 count 10 mg dexedrine tablet prescription and another time with a 90 count 30 mg adderall tablet count and all they did with that was a vacation override. It wasn't an issue with those but when it came to the benzodiazepines, I needed to just get a higher dose and different dosage to get a new rx for it to go. I am not sure why it is so hard line. I had no issues getting 540 focalin 10 mg tablets during the shortage and getting meds early and stockpiling was okay by my doc and insurance because the FDA said to stay on it. I switched from Dex to focalin to desoxyn and Dex was the best so I went back. The desoxyn came in 5 mg tablets and I needed 360 and that was hell to get prescribed. I know my state has been cracking down on rxs and now I can only get 90 pills at a time for my stimulant rx but when I was red flagged by one a**hole, I had it overridden because I followed what the FDA advised. Insurance was okay, the PDM database was cool and my doctor was not bothered given the situation. I am glad that the Zenzedi comes in 15, 20 and 30 mg tablets because I am going to go on those next month because it is a hassle and generics suck.

I find now, that my CII is a pain to order because most people are on Ritalin LA, Concerta, Adderall XR and Vyvanse and few pharmacies will order the new brand at the 5 mg and 10 mg doses even though, Zenzedi and wilshire dextroamphetamine are the same. Rite Aid carries those but I get the "go on the XRs like the rest of modern ADHD patients" but I took short acting dexedrine because it settles me, doesn't interfere with bipolar disorder. I can take less or more depending on the situation and I can eat between doses. Long acting meds made me a zombie and Dexedrine spansules made me psychotic, Adderall XR was addictive because it made me feel manic, Vyvanse did nothing but make me lose weight at 210 mg/day, it felt like nothing, Concerta and Ritalin LA were not high enough. The Daytrana patch was excellent and 30 mg patches felt very strong and didn't have the appetite issue and pulling it off at anytime was great for when I wanted short days on meds and it didn't crack me out but it was a pain in the morning because oral ritalin was bad and my insurance wouldn't allow for Focalin in the AM.

My CII issues are taking the same meds I grew up on and taking the old school medication. XR meds are one steady dose all day and they don't last and the crash is hours of hell and rage and the lack of food sucked. I can't tolerate them. Adderall tablets were weak compared to dexedrine mentally and physically did nothing to calm me down. It helped set goals but it was no good long term.

Pharmacists are tight with benzos because of the opiate addicts. I see a little old lady sometimes who always "loses her nerve pills" and the doctors and pharmacists and insurance give her early fills all the time and she is addicted but she's 70 or 80 or so and what is the point of taking her off of it. She's old, so...

I live in VT and the opiate epidemic is insane so they are starting to crack down badly on amounts and who gets early fills. I'd say it is dependent on state laws. I can get a refill at 85% of the previous script being taken. CIVs can be filled up to a week early. I am not a full time klonopin user. I do a six week on and six week off to add to mood stabilization of Lamictal so I don't get manic. It is helpful for me overall. I need my hyperactivity manage to prevent cycling.

But ask the doc to give a dose increase for this vacation so it will cover you if you are on it full time because I took Xanax full time for years and it was miserable when it wore off if I was tolerant and even on a librium detox and tapering with klonopin and then valium, I was still suffering with the withdrawal. It can be deadly and traumatic. Unless state laws will allow for refills and will honor a different doctors rx.

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Faith Says:

I hate running out of clonazapam early and there seems to be more b.s. about getting them.wanting to lower me, weekly pickups, blisterpacks, ive been on them over 12 years, leave me alone!

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darkside26 Says:

I need some help from some of you wonderful people on here if anyone is reading. My beautiful daughter cali has just asked me to go on a vacation to cabo san lucas.The problem being is this I am taking a class 3 medication controlled ssubstance named Norco. She wants to leave this friday. Problem being that we will be gone for three weeks. I will have run out of my medication by then. I have had my medication for 16 days now. I have a hard copy refill that was given to me by my doctor. I have no insurance so I paid cash for my first order of medication. Now since I want to leave to mexico. How do I get the pharmacy to fill my order since it is going to be about twelve days early? I really want to go with her on this trip so that I can see my family and celebrate my daughters birthday. Please if anyone has suggestions they are all welcome by me. I appreciate all of you out there. Ty for your time

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ed Says:

just go to a different pharm and pay cash I have had to do this before going on vaca. my doc writes one i get insurance pay for it then go to walmart or target just one thats not the same and tell them that you dont have insurance and paying cash and then they will fill it

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lynda Says:
via mobile

I just moved to colorado springs on December 5th I filled my prescription on November 18th and have my December prescription that needs to be filled I have to actual prescription from my doctor in Arizona I can't seem to get an appointment with a new doctor here until mid January. How hard is it to fill a out of state schedule II medication here in colorado springs? And where should I go?II'm have been going to cvs for years getting the same medication ri

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Eric Says:

I spend 5 months in Florida in the winter and my Dr. prescribes 200 pills and all I have to tell the pharmacy I'm gone for 156 days.No problems.Thats in Canada.

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Ris Says:
via mobile

Hi! I was in a similar situation and got stuck very badly. Since I get my scripts filled at CVS, I thought there wouldnt be an issue if I filled it where I was staying (in another state.) I called my local pharmacist just to confirm and was told as long as the pharmacy verifies it all, that it was no problem. When I called the pharmacist where I was staying he immediately said "Klonopin is now classified as a narcotic and therefore, it can never be transferred." I was shocked and of course, without my meds for a while. Point is, Im sure it depends on the state but laws seem to have gotten stricter now. I would recommend calling your dr and having him approve an early refill. I think insurance companies (& probably pharmacy too) would have a problem refilling something that early...even if it is for a legit reason. Hope it works out!

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