Give Nembutal Choosers Support, Not A Lecture On Why They Shouldn't Use It.

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Budo7777 Says:

I am a very open person. If you want to be gay, hate certain people, not like immigrants, do like them I will simply say...tell me WHY you feel that way before I tell someone something I know nothing about. I'm really tired, since buying the Peaceful Pill Book seeing how many people are saying to others "Please dont die. Have you walked in that mans shoes? No. Do you even know if he has 2 legs or is paralyzed? No. So let me ask you, if a man fell out of a plane without a parachute, survived it but was a quadrapalegic for life and was in awful pain every day...would you really convince hoim to endure more pain? And if so..ask yourself where those "tapes" are coming from. Jesus is not here to Judge you, but yuour pain is. No one owes it to anyone, Jesus included to suffer when there is no need to. After all, didnt Jesus supposedly do the suffering for us? End of story. And yes, i must admit that while I have no nebutal yet, I will definitely feel more empowered when I have some and can make choices. It even says in the book, written by 2 doctors we should listen to as they have watched hundreds of elderly people who now wnat to die but are too weak, sick or dependent to get the stuff they need now. Good-bye last bit of control. And I promise every one of you...every human has a breaking point where they would take their own life. If they couldnt do it outwardly, they would force their body to shut down. Me, I dont want to live in anguish for weeks more than I have to so God and my family dont judge me. That gets me sick when a person wont even pick up the baton and run with it in his last few days and die so peacefully, you'll think angels just picked you up in a limousine. To me, when you get over age 45 especially, you have had many, many years to think about what is possible and worthwhile and what is not. Heres an example. You are a 50 yr old able bodied man. living in Apalachia. Your family doesnt work, they just "cut corners" and smoke cannabis and work the system fore their living. You have no car, no money, no trade, and no girlfriend or anyone who really loves you and you wouldnt even have the $25 a month to go join a gym to get some self respect back from sitting and watching cartoons all day for the last 15 yrs. Now you want to leave earth. What should we do, tell the guy he can be anything he wants, that he will only be 60 or so if he goes back and gets his GED and finishes college? What if he just really craves to not worry about anything anymore. And I will go one last step, what if there are people, even younger people in their 40's, who simply have done "too much thinking" and they dont wnat to think any more. Great geniuses get that all the time. The stress of having a 12 horsepower motor(brain) in their (8hp) body is straining them every day since child hood. But we wouldnt know that would we. Lets just thank God that more people are being given choices. I believe in 20 yrs they will have fee govt clinics for people who cant support themselves can go to and also the option should always be available for prisoners doing life that can never get out. And when you know with the "Peaceful pill, that you can always limit the amount of future suffering, then you imho will take very interesting risks to go after what youve always wanted because you control the game. You get to be the umpire, and some of us never got to be the boss, the umpire...ever...for anything and that alone is more pleasure than many of us can understand.

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Budo7777 Says:


I guess I am just saying that instead of getting all "Biblical" with people who want to take their own life, (as if God spoke to you personally) why not just assume,especvially if the person is a senior or over 50, that they have so much physical pain that they cant deal with and modern medicine cannot help. And we wont even get into the millions just in this country alone who have no money, are dependent on friends or relatives, and feel they are now being a leech as they cant take care of themself and are to worn out to do so anyway both spiritually and physically. Who is one to judge when ones soul says its time for you to go?

Why when a young person gets hit by a car and dies tragically we all say God was calling him or her, but if the same person decides to leave on their own (I hate that phrase commit suicide..they didnt commit anything!) why do we never assume God is calling them at that time and doesnt want them to suffer at all or suffer minimally? Is anyone so close to God they know what methods he approves of to call a soul back into his arms. And if you've made it to a suicide forum and even think about lecturing, why not ask questions instead. Here is a good opener: What is happening in your life that you feel so badly?

And in my opinion, if we just strolled thru most areas of Africa, we would see things that would not only tear us apart, but would pray for the kids in these villages to die in their sleep as they have no future. Zilch! They have no father present, run wild all day, eat maybe one bowl of rice or corn all day and always walk around hungry. What do they become. Well, look at Africa..;.what do people do who have no money, are illiterate but have needs for pleasure? Am I getting through to some of you critiques I hope?(smile)

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Jenna Says:

Hi Budo7777,

You're correct in saying that the users of the medication Nembutal should be given support. When anyone is trying to help their medical situation whether they're taking medication or making changes to their lifestyle, there should always be support!

The only reason why someone may give a Nembutal user a lecture on why they shouldn't take it, may be because it can be quite addictive and even fatal if not taken properly. It actually contains Pentobarbital which is used as euthanasia in larger doses.

As long as Nembutal is taken as instructed by a licensed doctor and the patient makes sure to report any negative side effects - there is no reason why it can't be used safely.

You can learn more about this drug on the page for Nembutal Details

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Budo7777 Says:

Youre 100% right Jenna. But I was talking about people who DO want to end their life. In Washington and Oregon it is legal to have a DR. assisted euthanasia/suicide but the other 48 states say a person has no right to decide?!!!! That's crazy. That's all I was saying. Right now, there have got to be people all over the world that are in such physical pain they wish someone would put a bullet in their head. Or right now someone is in a situation they cant get out of without it harming their kids(I can think of a few). And nembutal,according to the peaceful pill handbook written by 2 doctors, is the most painless surest way to go. And by the way....we all get "old" at different points according to what we've been thru in life and our genetics, jen. Hey that rhymes nice. -) Some people are totally worn out from working in a coal mine by age 50. I mean every joint in their body hurts non stop. And then there are people who at 87(like my dad) work out in the gym 2 hrs a day 3x a week. And many,many people who have been abused for years or have had rough lives well...Im no psychologist but I see certain people aging very quickly...and badly once they are in their late 50's to late 60's and its because our body only is allotted so many heart beats, so much energy to expend, so much stress it can handle. Havent we all seen people (especially heavy drinkers and smokers) that when someone whispers their age, our hand goes to our mouth in shock......Look at me for example. Im almost 55, in pain every day and have been that way for 30 years. I have not had the privilege of sleeping in a normal bed in 30 years. Ive lost 2 fiances over it. I'm now alone, my family has all died, and my friends are in another state, and I've been unemployed for 6 years. You think I'm going to go back to work full time with no skills and put myself thru college at my age? No way. So, if I run out of money, time or the pain gets too unbearable..I sure as hell do not want a doctor or a legal person to decide what I can and cant do with my own body. Does anyone ever notice with older people, when one spouse dies, the other one often goes within 6-12 months? You think that wasnt suicide? They just didn't use any drugs. But every person alive will reach a point if they live long enough where they wake up one day and go..ok, Ive had enough living. (What they really mean imho is Ive had enough of this body. Put a 90 yr old in Brad Pitts body and he'd come around real fast....most of the time. But thats not an option.)

Now dont laugh....but think of all the spinsters out there who never got married. They were ugly and fat at 20 and now at 70 they are even worse. They never had a boyfriend and all their dreams ,all 127 of them, especiallu the ones including a partner and kids are completely gone. Would I blame them if they said "I had enough of this loneliness?" Not everyone is sprightly and full of life like the 85 yr old who runs for this and that, is president of the book club and has a full life despite no spouse. Some people cannot live that way. We should not judge. And to the people who are keeping quiet saying to themselves that God will judge them when they die, I say this......would you put a gun to your childs head and make a bet on that for a million dollars? Oh...suddenly all the religious right arent so sure anymore!!!! It's OK...none of us are. It is OK not to be certain of anything. One thing i am certain of....if I drink a whole glass of nembutal, I will never have back pain again...

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eulogio Says:

Can you tell me about the availability of nembutal? I need it. my email is {edited for privacy}. Thanks. I'm sorry for my english. I'm from spain.

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