Geodon For Anti-anxiety?

sheree powers Says:

Anti-anxiety? My family physician prescribed Geodon to take with my Prozac weekly. I do not have any of the disorders that it says it's to treat. Is this a good idea?

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beaverhunt Says:

there is no bad interaction between the two that I know of But I had a very bad experence on geodon, if you get shakey and your blood preshuer raises tell your doc. right away!!!!!

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Debbyw Says:

My doctor believes that Geodan can help treat bipolar disorder and axiety or panic attatacks. Getting off Risperdal. My dog died recently and I was better able to deal with the loss while on Geodon.

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feetfried Says:

Geodon is absolutely worthless for anxiety or panic disorder. Great for Bi-polar issues. Get a new doc if your prescribed this for anxiety

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Verwon Says:

This medication contains the active ingredient Ziprasidone, it is an antipsychotic and can be used to treat various types of mental health disorders.

The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, somnolence, dry mouth, and weight gain.

How are you doing on it?

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