Geodon And Urine Testing

Cajunboyssfd Says:

I haven't been taking my Geodon and Doxepin for months. I was given a urine test by my psych. I'm on Klonopin too. Do You think they test for all the benzodiazepines and psychiatric meds too, or just Benzo's? Please help... My husband will kill me. I just feel better without those drugs. I'm on 2 different milligrams of Lamictal, Doxepin (not taking), Geodon and Klonopin. I need to be ready for my next appointment, in case she busts me.... Geodon is a weight-gainer, causing me to feel sleepy, sluggish, not bathing, just existing...

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April Says:

Please reply soon~ my appt. is Jan 18 2018~ I'm worried I will be busted....
IT MADE ME FAT and like a zombie and sleep and not bathe~
A serious side affect...
I'm Bipolar and Schizophrenic~
I do so much better without Doxepin and GEODON .... it took years for me to get better.... without these 2 meds...

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Jason Says:

Re: April (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Hey April, some psych doctors check for the presence of your psych meds to verify the level of medication on your system to insure you are on a therapeutic dose. Of course I have no idea what type of test your doctor ordered, but I do know my VA doctor checks for the presence of all my meds. Honestly if you feel you do better off of your meds then I think you should just be honest with your doctor. Their job is to help you not force medication on you. I wish you the best of luck. Hang in there!

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