Generic Vs Non Generic Oxycodone

Rick Says:

I take 4 15mg Oxycodone per day but sometimes its green ones & the oblong white ones which dont seem to work as well. I have bad disc's in back, arthritis in all joints & neuropathy pain also. I'm wondering about asking my Dr for non generic meds to see if it's better. Also wondering how much more it would cost on copay?


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Ed Says:

Have you thought about getting a fentanyl patch. I also take four 10-325 oxycodone every day. I was taking 6, but I stopped the one in the middle of the day. I also take Baclofen, Diclonefac Sodium, 200 mg six a day. I am pain also throughout my back and other areas of my body. Do you have insurance?

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Rick Says:

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I have tried Baclofen but I get restless leg syndrome from muscle relaxers. Kinda leary of the patch but the ones I've tried did nothing (Lydicane).

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Ed Says:

Re: Rick (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

When I wrote last about Baclofen 200 mg that was wrong. I wrote Lyrica, for some reason it didn't appear when I wrote you. It is Lyrica 200 mg I take. It helps me a lot. Maybe try a lower dose of Fentanyl. Without the patch I would be in bad pain.

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Ed Says:

I have never had the generic oxycodone before. If those are not helping nongeneric ones will probably help. How much it would cost depends on what insurance you have. Good luck. See about the fentanyl patch at a low dose. Let me know how you make out.

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Sarcoma survivor Says:

Fentanyl patches are very different from lidocaine patches. Lidocaine patches are just to numb outer pain and are debatable how effective they are. In any case, with the new MME (morphine milligram equivalent) law, it would be very difficult to get a fentanyl patch on top of your current dose of oxicodone. And typically they are reserved for cancer patients. I know as I have cancer. There are other options that are safer too. With a fentanyl patch you have to be concerned if anyone touches your skin of that area when the patch is not on, especially a child, as it can pass through skin on skin contact. Also, on the 3rd day your going to experience more pain as the fentanyl patch wares out. The thing about sever pain is, you have a base and spikes, so pain medication needs to have a base below your pain base, a pain medication such as oxymorphone is good for that because they don’t have the same ridiculous withdrawals as OxyContin. And then to cover breakthrough pain aka spikes, oxicodone could be used to supplement that. Just remember that pain medication is to help with pain, not completely cover it. The most important thing to realize is everyone has a different top threshold for pain medication based on their tolerance, where too much can of course cause lack of electrical responses to the heart and lungs making it difficult to breath. Taking muscle relaxers like Baclofen or Flexeril for muscle pain or Carisoprodol for skeletal pain all effect your CNS (central nervous system). Especially Carisoprodol because it works on the brain stem. Combining those with long and short term medications can also increase the chance of respiratory problems, fyi sleepiness is a good indication. And of course everyone knows adding sleep meds, benzodiazepines and alcohol to the mix is a sure fire recipe for going to sleep and not waking up. Anyways now that safety is covered because let’s be honest it’s better to be safe and alive than pain free. I would ask your doctor to get rid of Baclofen and try Lyrica. For the guy/girl that had back pain, try reducing stress in your life as well as that has been closely linked to back pain. Also I highly recommend yoga. There are some great free apps that can walk you through stretching type yoga like down dog. And always consult a doctor or pain management physician. Good luck everyone and stay healthy

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Ed Says:

Re: Sarcoma survivor (# 5) Expand Referenced Message
I have been on pain medicine for years. I was taking so much oxycontin that I should have dies. I had surgery and did not wake up for 20 days because I went through withdrawals the whole 20 plus another week. Glad I was in a coma because my doctor at the time told me if I was awake I would most likely have died. I have a high tolerance to pain medicines. he mina one the stops the most sever pain in my back is the fentanyl patch. The other ones are for in between times and other parts of my body. Still in pain but bearable. My biggest problem right now is I live alone so if I pass out or anything happens because of my medicine oh well. the city I live in does not have a lot of options in regards to doctors. That is a problem which is being worked on by the university in this city. I live in Las Cruces, NM. One of the poorest cities in New Mexico, but it is up and coming. If you saw how many buildings are being built for living quarters you would think we are going to be the only ones where people are moving to. I just got lidocaine 5% patches, but my problem Is I an hairy so they do not stick to my body very well and I cannot put them on my back by myself and I have no one to help me. I put one on my foot that has nerve pain/. I think it helped. I am going to try putting them on parts I can reach. I hope others have listened to what you had to say.

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