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Kathryn Says:

The new bottle I received today contained an oblong pill manufactured by Clipla USA.

I have been taking a round pill manufactured by PAR.

Are these the same except the manufacturer?

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MK Says:

I have always taken Par (their subsidiary Anchen made the bupropion). Today I was told Par has stopped making it and was given Cipla. I have had major issues with other generic brands of Wellbutrin and am nervous about not having Par/Anchen anymore. The other generics were not the same, and bupropion historically has been the subject of many issues with inequitable generics.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kathryn and MK! What are the markings on the pills in question?

Sometimes what's listed by the pharmacy is a licensed distributor, rather than the actual manufacturer.

Have either of you tried it? If so, is it working for you?

The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia, mood swings and nervousness.

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Clara Says:

I just got the Cipla generic of Wellbutrin xl 300mg. Day 3 and I am foggy and have a weird headache. I just do not feel the same. I am told CVS has contract to use this newer generic. I am bit concerned. My doc told me to stick it out for a bit to see if it gets better. What choices do I have?? They cannot get the generic I was taking prior to this. I can always pay for the name brand but that's costly. Weaning off is next to impossible, already tried 6 years ago. Love some suggestions.

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Kathryn Says:

Markings on the new pill is: a I on one side and a 13 on the other side. Just started taking this and no side effects yet.

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Lizzie Says:

I'm having a terrible experience with the CIPLA version of Bupropion XL 300. My pharmacy, Publix, switched to them in December (I assume because they're cheaper--shameful!). The pills look nothing like what I'm used to and have put me in such a bad depression relapse that I can barely think. I've had maybe 10 waking hours in the last month when I wasn't crying my eyes out. I have not felt so awful in years. This medicine is not equivalent to the name brand, nor to the previous generic I was taking, made by Par Pharma. I hope the FDA withdraws its approval for CIPLA to sell this medication.

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MyHeadHurts Says:

I began taking the Cipla version of Bupropion HCL XL 300mg 4 days ago. Each day I've had a strong, clustered headache; the headache would be minute in the morning and then grow after taking the medication.

In addition, my vision has been a little blurry and I've felt off and fatigued. Nothing else in terms of medications, lifestyle, diet, etc. has changed these past 4 days. Given the timing, I can only assume it's due to the medication.

I've taken 3 generic brands of Wellbutrin XL 300mg in the past, each without issue. This is the first generic that has caused me problems. CVS is going to refill with their remaining supply of Achen (a white pill marked A 102), but I was told that the location would no longer be carrying it. When I inquired over the phone as to whether any locations in the area would continue offering a different generic, I was told I'd have to check each location in person.

If you are having similar side effects as I am, I encourage you to report the medication to the FDA and CVS. I've seen multiple other reports of the same side effects on this forum and elsewhere regarding Cipla's version.

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BioEquivlaneceMyArse Says:

I switched over from PAR to Cipla (Bupropion 300 mg XL) 3 days ago. Had been taking it for year plus for major depression and doing really well. After switching I had green/yellow flashing visuals, lightheadedness/distant, difficultly concentrating. The next day I had all of that plus a headache and extreme fatigue, and have been sweating/clammy. Had to take a 3+ hour nap (haven't done that in over a year). Emotionally I feel drained and have had to skip activities because I cannot concentrate. Cannot stop crying. This medicine definitely is NOT equivalent to the PAR generic. I've switched back to PAR this morning, but do not yet have any relief.

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Clara Says:

I was given the Cipla generic, CVS changed distributors, had many of the same symptoms. I also had instant memory loss almost like mini seizures if you will. They got special author to order the PAR brand for me and exchanged it out. I wasted a week. That manufacturer needs to know.

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BioEquivlaneceMyArse Says:

Here is where you can report problems/symptoms to the FDA. Please do so if you experienced problems after being switched to this brand:

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SoAGenericDrugWalksIntoABar Says:

How did you get special authority? I read somewhere that Par stopped production? Is this true? My mail order switched from Par to Mylan last year, and it's the worst product. Depression came back, anxiety, irritability, and aggressiveness. RiteAid was using Par, so went to them for this RX, and all was good again. I could only get 30 days at a time, and at times when I ran out, took the Mylan, and again what a disaster. Now RiteAid has switched to CIPLA. I'm trying it, but not happy so far. And this year my company's mail order will only reimburse 2 or 3 local pharm refills. Wonderful. Held captive by the insurance companies and the generic drug makers. And we thought we were free...

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GS Warriors Says:

Not only did Cipla do absolutely nothing for my depression, it gave me headaches, severe bloating and uncontrollable gas. To make matters worse I gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks time. CVS won't order another generic brand so I stopped taking it. Looking for another pharmacy who carries anything but that crap.

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Jennifer Says:

I was able to find Bupropion by Actavis at Walgreen's. I'm paying about $25 more and I'm not sure it's as good as the PAR... but it's ten thousand times better than the Cipla.

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GS Warriors Says:

This is an update to my last post. I switched pharmacies from CVS to Walgreens so that I don't have to take that poor excuse for an antidepressant Cipla. Ive been taking the brand Actavis and I haven't had bad side effects. It seems to be working, however I compare everything to the real deal Wellbutrin. Nothing comes close as far as I'm concerned.

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Leana Says:

I had been taking bupropion xl 300 by Anchen more then 1year and doing good. 5months ago start use Cipla ( cvs decided). During this time energy level decrease, vision of purple light, colors stains. Extremely fatigue and sleepy ,so 3weeks ago try use it just at night,start feel little less sleepy during the day,but still fatigue.Need to change it

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