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MC Fisher Says:

Wanted to share with everyone how happy I am to have finally received the new generic Opana ER 20mg tablets from my pharmacy. I had found Opana to be very effective for my chronic pain and was very sad when they switched it over to the new formula as it wasn't nearly effective as the original octagon shaped tablets and caused stomach aches. These new generic ones seem to me to be as effective as the original formula had been.

The tablets I received show to be made by Global Pharmaceuticals and are a small, round, green tablet with G73 imprinted on them. I'm happy to report that these are just like the original formula. Now I no longer have stomach aches from taking those plastic pills that Endo is selling.

I sure do hope that these remain as they are, but I have read a couple articles that state it may not be too long before the generic tables are switched to the new formula. I hope that never happens as I'm very happy to be back on effective Opana once again - it has been the only medication I've received that allows for me to have a clear head while taking care of my pain.

Best of luck to others in achieving effective pain relief!

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David Says:

@MC Fisher,

That's great news. Glad to hear you've finally received a pain medication that works well for you! Many people haven't even been fortunate enough to get their script filled, let alone for something that works. So I'd say you're doing pretty well!

Did you have to put in a special request for the generic version over the brand names?

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MC Fisher Says:

Thanks David!

Yes. I had to talk with my pharmacist to see if the generic version was available to them. She checked her vendor's website and saw that they had it (Yeah!!).

She also made sure that the drug was equivalent (suppose some generic versions are not as strong as the brand ones and have different dosing levels). She did this via the FDA's Orange Book which I've since found to be a nice resource.

This is a small hometown pharmacy that I've been with for a while and they were happy to pre-order the generic version for me in order to have it available at my next refill. I don't know if most pharmacies are willing to do this for everyone - Opana is usually considered a slow moving medication at pharmacies from what I've heard. I only had to give them a one week notice (it's an outstanding pharmacy).

I suppose one should also ensure that the Doctor has not required that name brand medication be required. I had already known that my Doctor didn't require this as the prescription always said that it could be filled with equivalent generic versions.

Best of luck to everyone else in getting their Opana ER back!

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Wardoc04 Says:

I was wounded in combat in 2004. I was hit by an IED, a roadside bomb. I was medicallt retired from the Army due to the combat wounds and TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury ). Since then I've suffered from chronic pain. Opana/Oxymorphone has been, by far, the best med to give me pain relief. I take 20mgs ER twice a day and 10mgs IR twice a day as needed for breakthrough pain. I do agree that the original formulation of the ER provided more pain relief with fewer digestive problems. However, I was unaware that a generic of 20mg ER was available with the original formulation. Have you really been able to get that? Is it widely available? Please respond ASAP. Thank you.

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MC Fisher Says:

I'm sorry to hear about your suffering and am glad that Oxymorphone has been able to help you too.

Yes - I really got them!! That is why I posted. Just call your pharmacist and see if they can order them for you. Not only are they working better, but they saved me a lot of money.

According to the Orange Book, Actavis and Impax should have the ER versions although mine seems to have been manufactured by Global Pharmaceuticals (Which I think is Impax - not sure though). Google "G73 imprint" and the first hit is a picture of what I received.

I'm on the 20MG version, which has NDC# 0115-1233-01 (National Drug Code). Check out product page for your NDC# if you have a different strength.

Give your pharmacy a call and best of luck!!

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bleegs Says:

I currently take 1 40mg+ 1 20mg Opana ER at 8am, then again at 8pm. I have generic oxymorphone 10mg pills to take, (up to 3 per day), for breakthrough pain. The timer-x anti-abuse system on the ER's makes this medication almost useless. Are the new generics really that much better?

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MC Fisher Says:

This is my opinion only:

The Impax generic ERs compared to the Endo ERs (anti-abuse/tamper resistant formula) is a night and day difference.

Comparing the generic Impax ERs to the original Endo "stop signs" is tough to tell - they are very close, and maybe only slightly less effective. It's very difficult to compare these two as I'm just going off of my memory as I don't have any of the original Opana ERs left.

IMHO, it's well worth getting the generic version, especially considering you can't get the old formula any more.

I would love to hear others opinions if anyone has the generics (even the 15mg Actavis ones).

Please keep in mind that I had read that these new generics may be switched over to the tamper resistant formula after 6 months (like in July). =[ I only read that on one website and still haven't found more evidence to support the statement. I'm going to cherish the pain relief while I can.

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JP ER RN Says:

I have gotten the new generic oxymorphone 40mg er and have noticed an extreme change. When the unbreakable round opana became available, I gave them a chance, but had absolutely no luck with regard to pain relief. I was pain free after my first back surgery, but was left with chronic LBP after the second surgery. My doctor increased my dosage 100°/°!!! I took six of two to three of the original 40s a day and took six/day of the tamper proof ones!
day took

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JP ER RN Says:

Sorry about the confusion in the last wasn't playing nicely!! What I meant to say was after two back surgeries my md changed me from oxycontin to opana because he liked opana better. I was prescribed one 40mg pill every eight to twelve hours. Depending on how physical I was, I usually took two a day of the original octagon opanas. Then in April 2012, they changed the formula simply because their patent was running out. Anyway, the new ones SUCKED! I AM an ER RN and told my doctor after trying doses at home that I needed to double my normal dose and take it three times a day and I still not as comfortable as with the original opanas. So I took two 40mg opanas every eight hours ATC and had pain levels from 5-10!! Then he changed me from oxymorphone 10mg 1-2 pills three to four times a day to oxycodone 30mg 1-1_1/2 tabs three to four times a day. Now with the generics, I'm back to my old dosages from the original opanas! Hope everyone else has the same luck!!

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DKS Says:

Chronic Pain patients that the generic Opana works better than the TRF Opana by Endo, need to let FDA and Endo and Global know that the generic works better for their pain. In May of this year the FDA is going to say if they will make generic be like the TRF Opana made by Endo. Not just that pain meds but all pain meds. Peole have to let them know. There are groups of people that are trying to keep pain meds made how they want them made and are pressing the FDA to do what they want done. I would guess people on those panels or groups have never had chronic pain. Please write to everyone and let them know how you feel. Don't abuse the new generic's, they work find by taking them by mouth. Everyone needs the generic's also because of cost. Over time they should get a little cheaper.

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JP ER RN Says:

Just wanted to let you know that when a new formulation of a med comes out that there is a ten year patent which means no other pharmaceutical company can make that formulation until after the 10 year patent has expired. In my previous post I stated that was the reason Endo(the maker of brand name Opana) made the new abuse proof version...because the 10yr patent on the original Opanas was about to expire, meaning they would lose money because they should no longer have a monopoly over opana. Now that the generic is out and works like the original opanas, they cannot change the generics to an abuse proof version (at least the Endo version) for ten years. If the generic makers at Impax tries to abuse proof it, it would only be at the request of the FDA. monopolytthey wouldn't have a

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JP ER RN Says:

Just wanted to let you know that when a new formulation of a med comes out that there is a ten year patent which means no other pharmaceutical company can make that formulation until after the 10 year patent has expired. In my previous post I stated that was the reason Endo(the maker of brand name Opana) made the new abuse proof version...because the 10yr patent on the original Opanas was about to expire, meaning they would lose money because they would no longer have a monopoly over opana. Now that the generic is out and works like the original opanas, they cannot change the generics to an abuse proof version (at least the Endo version) for ten years. If the generic makers at Impax tries to abuse proof it, it would only be at the request of the FDA. Given all the above, if the FDA does require the generics to be abuse proofed, we at least have a chance that the new ones would work as well as the original!!!!

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DKS Says:

The FDA also argued that Endo's insistence on a decision by Dec. 31 was less a safety concern than a tactic to delay a generics company from entering the market on Jan. 1.

One generic version is already on the market - Endo is suing that company - and others are to start in 2013. Impax Pharmaceuticals will start selling its version of the medicine Jan. 1.

Impax, like other generic companies, negotiated a settlement of a patent-infringement suit with Endo in 2010, allowing it to enter the market Jan. 1. Such arrangements are examples of the pay-to-delay settlements between the makers of brand-name drugs and the makers of generics of the same medicines that the Supreme Court will hear arguments on in 2013.

They(FDA) are going back to court May 2013 over the generic opana. I saved more files about this and will post them soon. FDA is also having meetings about making generic pain meds non abuse free made to make them abuse free they just can't make them the same as Endo's abuse free Opana's.

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Jommy Bob Says:

I live in North Carolina and get prescribed the Opana 20 ER. I have yet to find a pharmacy that carries the generic.. Any help in which pharmacy to use and how to get the generic?

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bleegs Says:

I went to the Global Pharmaceuticals website and printed out the page where it lists the oxymorphone ER's that are available. I then took my prescription and the print-out to my local Walgreens. They were not even aware of the generics being available!! They said that they would include it on their next order, and that I should have my prescriptions within 1 week. Give that a try. Also, it helps to have your pain management doctor write the script as "Oxymorphone 40mg. ER's), or whatever strength that you get. I hope that this helps you out a bit!!

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Jommy Bob Says:

Ok thank you hopefully that will work for me. I go to get them filled in a week. Like you said most the pharmacies I have called don't even know the generic exist.

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bleegs Says:

My advice for JIMMYBOB is to go to the Global/Impax Pharmaceutical website and print out the page where they list their generic Opana, and the strength that it's available in. It is called "Oxymorphone ER." Print out the page and take it to your pharmacy with your prescription. There are still many pharmacists that are unaware that Opana is now available as a generic replacement. I had my pain management doctor write my script as 40mg. oxymorphone ER, and 20mg. oxymorphone ER to be taken every 12 hours. He also wrote me a script for 10mg. oxymorphone IR to be taken every 8 hours for breakthrough pain. I receive 90 of the 10mg. oxy IR's a month. My pharmacist at the local Walgreens was unaware of the generics being available. It's very new,(since 1/2/13), and she was very appreciative of the page I printed out from the Global website. I hope that this information helps you!!

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Tara Says:

I just went to Rite Aid and they will not let you fill your Opana ER prescription with the generic. They said that they have to use the brand only. It is crucial to have your doctor write out Oxymorphone, otherwise you are stuck with the same plastic crud.

I told my doctor that the new reformulated Opana Er made me sick to my stomach. He insists it is the same thing and should work even better. He will not write mmy script that way simply because the drug reps have them in their pocket. The new formulation is a joke, they are terrible, and the reps know this and do not want to loose their business. My doctor will never let me get the generic version even though he knows I have no interest is utilizing my medicine in the wrong way and have been above board for over three years. Pain patients have many hoops to jump in and out of which seems very unfair.

There has also been an issue in the manufacturing of the generic Opana ER so there was a delay getting that strength shipped out for sale. Make sure you call your pharmacy first to ask them to order generic and make sure it is available. Best wishes!

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Wardoc04 Says:

Thanks for the info. I took 20mg ER 3 times a day and 10mg IR 3 times a day for a few years. Now I take them only 2 times a day each. Taking the generic of each now that it's available I actually do better taking less medication overall daily. I may have to go to 3 a day on the IR for breakthrough pain but I believe I can get by on only 2. I intend to take as little as possible until I simply have to increase. Hopefully I can last on less for a few years. Taking the generic certainly helps alot keeping the dosage down because it works so much better than the brand name. So, thank you for the info on them being available. My combat wounds and my stomach thank you! And my wallet! Have good day.

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betty boop Says:

My pain Dr will not give me the generics I have stomach trouble anyway ,idk what to do.I'm tired of hurting, very tired :-(

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Timmy2 Says:

It is illegal for rite aid to not substitute the generic version if the script your doctor writes for it allows it. If your doctor wrote a script for oxymorphone ER or only opana ER, then you are legally allowed to get a generic version. If that rite aid only dispenses name brand and refuses to fill for the generic version, then that violates state law and possibly federal law. You should report them. Also, the reformulated version worked better for me, but I couldn't take it because it made me very very sick.

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