Generic Macrobid Side Effects

Carol Says:

I have been taking a new generic Macrobid for about nine weeks, It is my only medication change. Nine weeks ago I stated having heart palpations, sometimes prolonged and disturbing. The new capsules are black and cream, not the old bright yellow and black. Printed on the capsule is a large, italicized E and the numbers 122. Has anyone experienced palpations with this drug?

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Joann Podhorniak Says:

I was put on Generic Macrobid and I also have had discomfort in my chest. I even call the pharmacy to see if they had given me the wrong medication.

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carol deckel Says:

I was prescribed generic Macrobid the other day for a UTI, and I am experiencing side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and agitation, which never happened to me on the brand name Macrobid. I am calling my doctor about this today. I read that generic meds. can be 20% different in bioavailability. They are not the same as the brand name drug. I will stop this med. and never take it again. I would rather have the UTI.

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Verwon Says:

No, the difference is not in the Bioavailability, the 20% difference is allowed flat-out in the active ingredient!!!! In addition they do only have to be bioequivelent so they substance may be completely different from what you were previously taking. They only have to show that it works the same in the body as the name brand did, it does NOT have to be identical to the name brand.

So you may be getting an entirely different substance that your body is not used to or you may be getting more or less of a dose than you were previously taking.

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ROSE Says:


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Billie Says:

Iwas given a generic for Macrobid, the name is Nitrofur, first I noticed a rapid heartbeat, then after 2 1/2 hours I started itching under my arms, me chest turned red and I had 5 big bunps on my side, my stomach, and me legs that were itching. I took a Benydril and everything got under control but I have never had this reaction to Macrobid or Macrodantin.

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Marge Says:

Yes, I just went off generic Macrobid bc I had side effects, including palpitations. I felt awful but the palpitations went away quickly - by a few hours after the medicine wore off.

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HkittyinNJ Says:

Yes that's a very very long time to be on macrobid usally it's 2 pills x 5 to 7 days .....

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Sandi Says:

Omg I was given macrobid for a u.t.i. Wish I had never took any. Throwing up after the first day. I've taken 12 total. I had 2 left. Sorry I took it at all. I've had constant diarrhea for 6days now. So miserable. When does it stop? I should of just kept the u.t.i. it's not worth all this...

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JB Says:

Started taking Macrobid 3 days ago. Yesterday started having palpitations and catching my breath, it's really scary. Going to ring my GP, I think to see what they say.

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Granny Says:

I took one Macrobid Wednesday after eating dinner. At 4:00am I was awakened with an upset stomach, then the fun began. I started vomiting and having diarrhea which lasted all day. The vomiting turned into dry heaves because I had nothing left to throw up. I called my dr. back in the afternoon and he said I would not still be having the problem if it were the medication. Said a virus was going around and I may have contacted it when I was in the office being tested for a UTI. Has anyone else had this severe reaction to just one Macrobid?

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Miko Says:

I was prescribed macrobid 100mg 2x a day for 5 days as a preventive for cystoscopy. I had to stop after 3 days. Experienced nausea, tingling and numbness in my fingers, and the next morning the diarrhea started for 2 days. The nausea and tingling stopped when I stopped taking the macrobid, but I'm still feeling a bit out of sorts. How long does it take for macrobid to be out of the system?

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feelingrough Says:

after being prescribed macrobid ( 100mg twice daily for 7 days) for a uti, i havent got past the first day, took 2tablets and within 4hour hours feel dreadful, terrible tingling all over my body and head, particularly my face and lips, generally feeling weak and no appetite at all. stopped taking them now and contacting doctor in the morning. would have rather perservered with the uti and flushed it out

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