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Hi. There has been a lot of talk about generic clonazepam brands with many claiming something is just not right, people experiencing horrible withdrawal symptoms as soon as they get on these generic brands, people having seizures once again when they hadn't had any in years, people claiming they have to take 2 or 3 mgs of these generic brands for each 1mg of their previous generic brand like Teva or Mylan. I recently had a depression relapse and was taken to the hospital. At that time I had both Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and Accord Healthcare generic clonazepam. And I had been taking both generic brands in the previous 3 weeks switching them around. They were both 2mg tablets. Well, guess what? I took a bag of all the meds I was on and went bottle by bottle telling the nurse which ones I was currently taking since I still had some old bottles with medications I was no longer taking. After a few hours after I took a U/A, a nurse came up to me and asked me once again if I was still taking the clonazepam. I told her yes. She said the reason she asked was because in my U/A, my results came out completely negative for any type of benzodiazepine period. So I know that on both batches of those two generic brands Sandoz Pharmaceuticals and Accord Healthcare had absolutely no clonazepam nor any other benzo in them. What is going on with the FDA? They're letting these generic brand manufacturing companies get away with murder! This is outrageous. No wonder I had a mental crisis. I had basically gotten completely off clonazepam cold turkey, without even knowing it. And I even picked up and paid for those two different generic brand bottles of what I thought was good and pure clonazepam 2 mgs (plus, of course, the added fillers, inactive ingredients, and any possible dyes they might have had).

But those inactive ingredients are supposed to be in addition to the 2mgs of clonazepam each tablet should contain. I had to start this thread because I now have confirmation of this fraud these two manufacturing companies are committing. They're playing with people's lives. I will email or fax, whatever the FDA prefers, a copy of my U/A results from my hospital stay and ask the FDA why they haven't heavily fined or outright shut down those two manufacturing companies that are selling fake clonazepam tablets as clonazepam when I'm sure they know exactly what they're doing. So be wary friends. Sandoz Pharmaceuticals owned by Novartis AG and Accord Healthcare are two different manufacturing companies that are definitely selling tablets as generic clonazepam when it's not. And who knows how many others may be doing the same thing with clonazepam and other generic medications. Good luck my friends. And write me back if you all have any questions about anything in my thread. Love you all and stay strong! We can either beat this horrible anxiety that many of us are getting, or at least find a way to keep it from ruining our lives with good, real medications.

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I had a similar experience when TEVA stopped making generic Oxazepam. I was left with Activis and Sandoz. Activis didn't work and made me nauseous and when I looked up the fillers one was SLS, Sodium Laurel Sulfate. You know the stuff you are not supposed to even wash your hair with? The Sandoz didn't work either and it was coated in, wait for it, Shellac, the stuff you put on wood. So I thought not good and maybe it's why it's not working. I started experimenting and opening the capsules and placing the powder under my tongue. I worked my way up to the powder from TEN 10 mg. Sandoz tablets and nothing happened. There was no active ingredient in either. I contacted the FDA and got no reply. I hounded TEVA for 2 years and all I got in response was they were back ordered.They never made them again. They don't care what happens to us. We're spitting in the wind.

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Hello all, I have Torsen dystonia was put on clonazepam about 3 years ago it was manufactured by Teva then. I now have been on three different generic clonazepam Accord activist and Solco, activist seems to be the better working of what I have tried but it does not compare to Teva. I am making an appointment with my neurologist this week and demanding to be put on the name brand Klonopin, but if it too is manufactured in China India or some other foreign land I do not know what the quality of that drug will be either. I wish us all well

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I am really sorry about your circumstances. I have been in a situation like yours. I took Accord 0.5 x3 daily for seizures. I had been on clonazepam for years for seizures, and with Accord, experienced seizures. The FDA has no standards for drug factories outside the USA, where medications are made with carcinogens in then, in unsanitary conditions, and often with no active ingredients. The pharmacies sell these meds and make a lot of money. The Health insurance companies pay for them. I am truly sorry about what happened to you. I no longer take clonazepam. The FDA doesn't care and should be taken to task and made to explain.

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You are right on about the Clonazepam that is being handed out by pharmaceutical companies (most factories are in China or India, Mexico, Argentina, etc. -none in the USA.) These places have no quality control. The FDA doesn't care, nor does the CDC, pharmaceutical companies, etc. I took Clonazepam that had an industrial degreaser in the pills, used for cleaning floors. I took this medicine for seizures when Teva was no longer available. Then started having seizures I had never had on Teva, so my doctor and I withdrew me and I no longer have to take it, for which I am grateful. I feel so bad for everyone on this medication because it may, or may not, cause problems no one deserves. People take meds thinking their doctor/pharmacy will help them get better and the patient adheres to the treatment plan. I hope things get better soon for you. I now see a neurologist for seizures.

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My doctor finally believed me about all of the different generics not working and she had to do a prior authorization for it but I am now finally on real Klonopin made by Roche and it is definitely 100% better than all of the generics I was on.

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No. Its made in Mexico... Excellent quality... Try Roche

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Please try to keep this off of forums if you wish to have any success in taking on any big pharmaceutical company. If possible try to find others who have had the same thing happen and, if you can, get the pills tested, by an independent and reliable company. There has, if I remember correctly, only one class action that succeeded and that was in New Zealand and was not about fakes but the prolonged side effects and life-changing effects of diazepam (Valium). If you go public too soon then the companies will make changes and you will not get anywhere. I am so very sorry that you have had to go through this and I apologize on previous comments made as I truly believed that your FDA would have stringent control systems and I believe I made a comment that questioned if another poster was basically suffering due to tolerance. This is awful to read, let alone try to imagine what you have been going through. There have been several people, here in the U.K., who have been saying that they feel their diazepam and other benzodiazepines, have not been having the same effect.

I wish you all the very best and hope you start feeling much better, very soon. Please don’t post anything on Facebook or other social media as this will make any claim not fit for trial. I was warned of this about another topic and the judge ruled that the posts made having a fair trial not viable. You will have to be imaginative and try to reach out to others that are not available to web searches. Good luck.

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This happened to me. I picked up my Clonazepam prescription and the pills were a different color. They were a deep sky blue color and they did not even work. I had been splitting the prior brand in half at night, and it was working fine. I took the WHOLE 1 mg of Clonazepam an hour before bedtime and I could not fall asleep at all. I FEEL the strength is just not there. I ended up adding medical marijuana cannabis oil (rice grain dose per pharmacist) and now I can sleep. I am so angry that they switch companies and leave us with a "placebo".

I take Oxycodone (only 30 mgs PER DAY) and I was forced off Robaxin, and now my spasms from a cut cerebrospinal dura during my spinal surgery, are throwing me out of bed in the middle of the night. "You can't take a muscle relaxer and Pain meds, so pick one." SERIOUSLY?
Its a malpractice so now he walks and I'm left with FOOT DROP, arachnoditis, L-2 protruding, scoliosis and I have to decide which symptom drives me the most nuts? This should be a MEDICATION error on the drug company and any pharmacy that sells it as an actual MEDICATION.
I am sorry you suffered so bad you went to the hospital. That's total BS.

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My dr just asked me why I had 0 benzodiapenes in my blood work that was drawn in the er? I have been taken to the er twice Had 3 ekgs thinking I was dying and crazy bloodwork..Ever since they switched me to actavis and the worst 3 months of my life on accord...Im trying not to call 911 because Ive already racked up crazy bills Feel like I am losing my mind completely. .

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I told all of this to my primary care doctor and he switched me to brand name Klonopin.

This was all over the news as well. We are taking "drywall" not medication. We have to advocate for ourselves because these reckless drug makers, are not caring about our health, nor is the US FDA. Time for someone to start a class action lawsuit. They put all of us at risk. My blood pressure was very high until he changed to BRAND name.

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I also had a UA come up as me taking ETIZOLAM?? never taken that in my life..and I was switching between actavis and accord brand. Wow.

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So not true. It does not take away any value from a trial or a class action lawsuit. How do you think the people that got cancer from talcum powder and round up got their money? How do you think these patients were found? They were found on sites exactly like these. So that is just not true.

The public always has the right to complain about a product or a drug. And can do so on public forums. It does not take away from the value of a lawsuit. Just like if you post photos of an auto accident. It doesn’t mean that the auto companies are not going to handle your claim.

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Omg. I had the EXACT same drug turn up in my U/A! And I’ve never in my life taken ETIZOLAM... That’s far beyond coincidence!!

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Thank you. Apart from any testing for the benzo generic blue clonazepam I had been taking, I had horrific reactions (jittery, highly irritable, sweating, high blood pressure, headaches and very severe insomnia leading to a snapping point that put me in the hospital. I did fill out a form to FDA without response.
My Dr from the hospital told me 4-5 other pts of his were having similar reactions. So glad you are taking action!

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Okay, to put a few things into perspective, which otherwise are coming off wrongly.

The U/A's. I work at a hospital, as an operating room nurse. I have taken clonazepam for years now. Okay, say you have a slip and fall at work or some other event that requires you to see, Employee Health. That's essentially just a couple nurses who are trained and work in a wide range of support programs by proxy, and take care of those who get hurt on the job in some form or other. So you slip and fall and hurt your back. Whatever it're there at their offices. Okay, 1st your complaint, next or before you leave their care, you MUST give a U/A sample so they know what you have or have not taken. It's simply corporate greed covering their butt, in case your positive for a non prescribed drug, alcohol, or illegal so and so. Well, in over 20 years working at the same hospital, each time I have taken a U/A, I never have shown positive for clonazepam. Reason being, it's not on the usual drugs list and pretty much must be requested to test specifically for, said drug = clonazepam. And my pills worked. So no doubts about it, I had the API (active pharmaceutical ingredient).

No 2.) people mention that they are getting placebos from major generic manufacturing companies. No, there is NO WAY the FDA would approve a new generic drug without rigorous testing by company filing for new generic, as well as the 2nd site testing. They (FDA) don't just take a companies word for it, or read the application, as extensive as they are, and agree, "looks aces, PASSED). HOWEVER, and I do hate this fact. But the FDA makes an allowance for generic drugs to be either a little percentage OVER milligram, or a little percentage UNDER. I forget the ratio (I'll do my best to find before posting), but the under/over leeway is feasible because, companies that want to start a generic drug, let's say the 1st company to do so after brand names patent is about to expire. The BRAND name company does not give over their fabulous recipe. Sure, the patent is there, but it's up to the gazillion manufacturers who want to be the 1st company to get approval, they have to recreate the drug within slivers of the original. They SAY, if you read the literature, that the active ingredient be exact in efficacy, dosage, and routes of administration identified, be it like the name brand itself.

Whoever gets it right and testing verified, they win a monopoly over the other generics in line and for a certain amount of time, they are allowed to charge name brand costs on the generic formula...which has just been approved by the FDA. Once that crazy nonsense is over, the price drops WAY DOWN, and sells for the bona fide cheaper amount - vs name brand price. On a personal note, I have ALWAYS found name brand pharmaceutical products to be of superior quality. Yet, insurance companies don't want to pay for it, and you have to jump through hoops of fire, over and over to hopefully get approved. AND You have to show, prove evidence as to why you cannot tolerate this generic or that. What happened to freedom of choice, it's so messed up. So sloppy, American pharmaceutical companies and the patients who SHOULD have the right to choose, will never see that light on the way to justice. It's never going to happen.

3rd) I can't remember what the 3rd is, but there was possibly something else. Well, I will find the literature on the FDA allowance on over/under mg for generic substitution. Okay, this link should shed a lot of light on misconceptions about generics and "fake" manufactured drugs going to pharmacies:

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How are you doing,? Has this gotten any better?? The ADHD meds are bunk too.

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