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Brian Says:

Has anyone used the Mallinckrodt. I have never even heard of it, and have taken the other generics with moderate success;. This brand is horrible. Very weak. Anyone experienced the same?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Brian! How are you?

Yes, several other people have complained about this one, though some have not had any problems with it. It really depends on the person.

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, anorexia and insomnia.

Can anyone else chime in that's taken this one?

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jon Says:

Generic Adderall made by Barr,Teva, Eon all seem to be great! No issues for over 4 years. Now for the 2nd time in the past 3 months I filled my script at Walmart. Instead of the orange oval pills, my bottle contained white, bitter pills with a 30 on the back made by ...MALLINCKRODT-- At best-10mg not 30mg!

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Wendy Says:

I will ONLY pay for Barr brand generic adderall, I have no health insurance and refuse to pay $150.00 to put god only knows what into my body.. A few times I was afraid to speak up in fear of being labeled a junkie and just took what I was given.I was given Core or Cora? pills, rock hard round peachy pink pills and they are NOT and should not be marketed as any form of adderall. I dont think a "filler" would almost send me to the hospital. As for the brand your refering to I think that was the newest generic they tried to pawn off on me but I knew it had to be horrible because most of the new generics have been terribly off from the brand. If your uncomfortable calling the pharmacies to find a specific generic just have your Dr.write your script for that specific generic & the pharmacy will order it for you. I know the only thing they are carrying here is Core & the newest generic so I call the pharmacy a few days in advance.

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tww Says:

I have taken adderall for many years and recently had the same problem you experience. Walmart is the cheapest for my insurance; however, I will go without before I get my prescription filed with Mallinckrodt brand again.

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jon Says:

You are correct it is useless. Try ordering from you insurance company.

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Pattie Says:

I am so upset about the new white generic pills for Adderral. I pay out of pocket as well, and don't want to be stuck with these useless pills! What can I do? I also don't want to be looked at like a 'junkie' and at times it feels that way when all I am doing is asking questions or telling the truth that these pills don't work! HELP!

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Jame Says:

As a biochemist, I feel it is a formula imbalance between d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine with l-amphetamine disproportionately higher

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Samana Says:

Nope always loved mallinckrodt & was very skeptical at first as they crumbled to.powder and no one else seemed to ever tried them. However, I been with my pharmacy many yrs and gave it a shot and absolutely agreed with them. I'm prescribed a fairly highdose as I'd like to taper down now that I'm 28 now and we all build tolerance. However, in md they are highly recommended clean brand. Wondering if they are different batches or we all just completely absorb meds different. Who knows

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Samana Says:

Love the white m.30s. They are closest to pure amphetamine as it gets

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robert Says:

Yes I have taken the malinkoroot brand lol I believe it just individual tolerance levels and diet plus lifestyls always consult medical professionals for these matters first

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Dora Says:

As you may have noticed, Sandoz changed the formula of their immediate release, generic adderall. If you have noticed decreased efficacy or adverse affects, I URGE you to report it to the FDA ASAP. We can't get these pharmaceutical companies to stop messing with our meds if we keep our heads down and keep the conversation among the general population - we need to make some noise!

For everyone experiencing the new Sandoz adderall formula not working, PLEASE report it to the FDA. "Voluntary reports are essential for ensuring the continued safety of FDA-regulated products. One or two well documented case reports may provide an early signal of unexpected problems and lead to additional evaluation. This may result in FDA regulatory actions that improve the safety of the products used in patient care each day."

This is the link to report adverse side effects:

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