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gemzar for mesothelioma

my 78 year old, otherwise healthy father was dx with mesothelioma in Nov, 2010. he was seen at a major medical center and was told that he was not a candidate for surgery due to the epithelioiod subtype he has. He opted for chemo and received 3 doses of carboplatinum and alimpta, 3 weeks apart. CT scans reveal that the chemo did no good and infact, his cancer is larger now. He was given the option to either do nothing, or start a new medication:Gemzar. He opts to start Gemzar despite the fact that the MD tells us that it has even less liklihood to benefit him. I cannot find anything on Gemzar in mesothelioma patients. Can you give me any advice or words of wisdom here? anything will be appreciated. ( He will start Gemzar on 2/24 and is supposed to get it once weekly x 3 weeks, one week ...

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