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gail Says:

Has anyone had any problems with taking this drug? I was given the drug for restless legs.

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gail Says:

I take 300mg. and have memory loss, tiredness so bad I'm not sure I want to continue taking it.The doc. wants me to try another drug to give me some umph. Not to sure about that.

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Roy Shaffer Says:

Things to consider - how long have you taken the medication, what exactly do you take it for, what other medications do you take (prescriptiion & OTC).
A drug's side effects may diminish or vanish completely over time. A person's age may enter into the overall picture and,as always, a second opinion never hurt.

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Rosa Isela Says:

Since taking it I have been getting a lot of colds/bronchitis duet to low energy and high white cell count.

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gail Says:

I have been taking it for 2 months and the effects are not getting any better.I also have diabetes and get so tired I can hardly stand it. All I want to do is sleep.This is not good.I also have turned into a real clumsy person.

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Roy Shaffer Says:

I'm sorry to hear of the ill effects of this medication. If you have not done so, Pleasse discuss this with your Primary Care Physician. You might also talk to your pharmacist regarding these effects,possible problems because of other medications you take. There are so many contributing factors it is adviseable to consult those who know the possible problems.

I wish you good luck and GOD blessings.

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Sid Says:

I take 1800mg per day and have only minor memory loss, other than that I have found this to be a wonder drug for calming my mood

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Roy Says:

I've had some short term memory loss. My wife calls it selective memory. I have attributed it to age (well over 70).

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lyrica / gabapentin Says:

I was wondering taking gabapentin capsule 300mg cap is equivalent to how many mg of lyrica?

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Sam Jones Says:

terrible headaches with this stuff. I prefer Lyrica, although I think Lyrica decreased my sex drive and ability to have hard erections. Now that I'm off Lyrica, my sex drive has increased. Not sure if Gabapentin is causing it to increase, or I just naturally have a higher sex drive.

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rostamom Says:

I was given this also for my legs just start taking my first dose this evening 1/28/13.

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linda Says:

I have been taking 600mg of gabapentin three times a day along with ropinrole for restless leg syndrome and have had any affects with it, except that it takes a while to work. If I don't take it, I start getting the restless leg syndrome very bad. Hope that this was helpfull.

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pt Says:

i have a white capsule D/02 is this gabapentin help me

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John Says:

I am taking 3000mgs a day. I have graduated from 300 about a year ago. Memory loss is a major concern, medium to severe at times. I am 63, I have seen neurologist as well as primary care DR. No hope just idiopathic diagnosis and take a ton of gabapentin only. I have been diagnosed with small nerve degeneration, affecting feet and weekness from knees down. without meds pain was intolerable.

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Dana Says:

NO PROBLEM you have give it time to get in your system IT REALLY WORKS.

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Dana Says:

I've been taking it for nine months,300mgs with no problems except not taking it on time it reminds you to take it because i start getting the burning and electrical pains,but after taking it within 5mins it stops,This is the only med that works for my feet and legs.Thank GOD for it.

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Dana Says:

Yes i take it for the same thing RLS and it works the difference i take the liquid and you must take it at the same time each day or you'll have pain so with that saying I don't have pain and it really works because i take it the same time each day so try the liquid and take it on time

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Perrky Says:

I take Gabapentin 300 mg once at bedtime and sometimes 600 mg if I am having more pain than usual. It does help me sleep with less nerve pain in my feet and my left leg (sciatica). I also have restless leg syndrome and I'm not sure if it helps with that or not since I also take something else for the restless leg syndrome. Anyway, the gabapentin has caused me to gain about 10 pounds and I do have more sadness even though I take an antidepressant. The doctors say I also have fibromyalgia. I've been on the gabapentin for about a year and half. I may transition to Lyrica at the doctor's suggestion. He thinks it's better than gabapentin as far as having less side effects.

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Mo Says:

When I first went on Gabapentin I felt dizzy and my walking and balance was bad.I am still on it but my walking is not right I feel as though I walk as if I'm drunk. They are yellow 300ml capsules.

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Jac Says:

This is exactly what happened to me. I was sick with respiratory problems for months. I felt weakness, fatigue, feverish, etc... It was horrible.
It wasn't till later, and after research that I finally found d articles related to this medication and respiratory issues. The doctors could not figure it out (surprise, surprise) until I brought up the articles.

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