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does fluzone cause siezures in children?

2-3 weeks after my 4 yr old received the fluzone vaccine she started having abscence siezures. She got an EEG which confirmed this. The neurologist wants to put her on Lamictal right away. He says siezures are common in children ages 2-5 and usually go away with medication over a two year period. The medication side affects are ridiculous. I took her to our homeopathic who has a really neat machine to do body readings. It found obscene amounts of mercury, aluminum, bismuth, and cadium metals and also her nervous system is completely out of wack. We have decided to do a metal detox on her first (we are using a mouth spray called metal free as well as a variety of supplements and homeopathics) as these can absolutely cause siezures and we are hopeful the detox will stop the siezures. But ...

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