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Osteoporosis with Trelegy

Does anyone know if the chances of getting osteoporosis from taking Trelegy are increased? ## This medication contains the active ingredients Fluticasone, Umeclidinium, and Vilanterol, and it has been known to decrease bone density, and cause fractures as side effects. Ref: Trelegy Information Other side effects may include nausea, changes in taste, back pain, cough, and headache. Do you already suffer from osteoporosis?

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Flixotide (fluticasone) side effects

Flixotide was prescribed for me and by the 3rd day I was experiencing stomach pain, weight gain, and nausea. Anybody else experience this? ## Fluticasone is a steroid class medication, so those can be normal side effects, you may also experience headache, acne, nervousness, and insomnia. How long will you be taking it? How are you doing, now? ## I was on pulmicort turbohaler for 2 mths didn't agree with me bloated stomach nausea ,told my dr he didn't think it would cause weight gain I did,!!he changed me to flixotide has anybody experienced weight gain or problems with this med?? ## I feel same effects from flixotide also pulmicort turbohaler the bloating has me really worried seems to have made my symptoms worse feel like bloated stomach pressing on lungs ,all dr says is give i...

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fluconase ## WHAT IS FLUCONASE ## Hi Jackie, Based on my research, Fluticasone (also know as Fluconase or Flonase) is used to relieve seasonal and year-round, allergic and non-allergic nasal symptoms such as stuffy/runny nose, itching, and sneezing. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids. It works by reducing swelling (inflammation) in the nasal passages. Some side effects include: Nasal dryness/irritation, nausea, or vomiting may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Contact your doctor immediately if you have any serious side effects, including: severe nosebleeds, pain in your nose, eye pain, white patches in your nose/back of your throat, painful swallowing, persistent sore throat. Learn More: Flonase ...

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fluticasone alternative

I have been using Flohale inhaler which contains fluticasone proportianate. it is being stopped from the market. I went to doctor, then he has suggested to use budecort but it is not effective. Can you please suggest any alternative for Flohale inhaler. ?

will fluticasone propionate show up as methamphetamine

I take xanax, ambilify, zrytec, albuterol inhaler, morphine, and fluticasone propionate. I go to a pain management Dr and tested positive for methamphetamine. I was immediately dropped. I've had two neck surgeries and my pain gets worse. What should I do? Thank you. Sincerely, Cajun lady.

i m using lutica cream from 1 year, nd d result is very good

can i continue lutica cream for lifetime? pls let me know its side effects, ## Hello, Rinki! How are you? The FDA lists this cream as containing the active ingredient Fluticasone, which is a steroid, so you should only use it, as long as your doctor approves. There are some risks to long-term use of steroids, even topically and they may actually worsen some conditions. The typical side effects may possibly include skin irritation, dryness, redness, acne and rash. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Fluticasone Furoate (Avamys) Nasal Spray

Have been prescribed this spray together with Telekast-F against frequently occurring wheezing/breathlessness after exercise. Would like to know how this drug is intended to work. ## I have a enlarged prostate, is it safe to use fluticasone furoate spray (avamys)

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As there is sudden climate change in our area i experience cold if i got up before 5am and if i stay late night...for that cause doctor prescribed me a nasal spray (Flutiflo-Fluticasone Nasal spray BP) and a tablet (LEMKA- Montelukast Sodium with Levocetirizine DiHCl Tablets from Duos Healthcare)....I do like to know the exact effect of the tablet prescribed and the cause for it


I was prescribed Avamys by a Dr especially because i sleep with a cpap machine and i struggle to keep my nose open (since 2009), therefore i rip the mask off at night, during sleep. After using Avamys this year (with great results) i have been sleeping better and better and longer with my machine. The problem that i have is in the holder. I have used the product now for two months and found that i have to go and buy an extra one every month to make it through the month. I struggle to use (press) the holder correctly and then about 15 days later it is empty and i only use it at night? I assume with all my trying i am losing about half of the medicine? Is it possible to get a better holder? Thank you for the product. ## This website does not manufacture, nor sell any medications, it is an...

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Fluticasone Cream Bp0 05

Lutica is the detailed name of the cream, its effect on skin are rarely seen, am looking for a cream for pigmentation on skin. ## This website doesn't manufacture, prescribe, nor sell any medications or products, it is an information only website. Fluticasone is a steroid class medication, so it should not be used without a doctor's supervision. Have you consulted your doctor for assistance? What type of pigmentation?

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Allergic bronchitic and Fintal Inhaler.

I was suffering from allergic bronchitic, I had used Fintal Inhaler (Sodium Cromoglycate), this given me more relief for many years. Now again I am affecting by allergic bronchitic, but now Fintal Inhaler is not available in market. My question is 1. Is there any equivalent Inhaler to Fintal Inhaler with same salt composition ? 2. what about fluticasone propionate based combitide Inhaler ? Will this work same way as Fintal Inhaler ?

Fluticason & Flonase Shortage

Well, my husband and I tried to get our Fluticasone refilled today and we were told that there is a shortage and the pharmacy said it could be months before they get a supply in. They said they will order it every day. Doesn't give us much consolation. Have asked our doctors to prescribe something else. Well my insurance company will pay some on Nasacort and my husband's company will only pay half which makes it too expensive for him to purchase. What the heck is going on with these drugs companies? Also really like the fact that we are kept in the loop on this one. Didn't know there was a shortage until it was time to refill this month. They have known about the shortage since April when Par stopped making Fluticasone. ## We live in Aloha, OR. Last weekend my husband and I ...

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What is simular in the US to the Flexatid (made in France) against asthma ## Hi, Would you happen to know what the active ingredients of Flexatid are? That would help the visitors to find equivalent US brands. Paul ## I asked this question about Flexatid. The international name is Fluticasone. ## Dan, US Brand Names of Fluticasone are Flonase and Flovent, both are manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. Best Regards, Paul ## Paul, thanks a lot. My Mom uses it, she came to visit me from Europe, she forgot to take two more packes necessary for a period of her stay here, so I did not know what to do. You helped a lot. Thank you again!

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