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Jane Says:

I've been prescribed fluoroplex for precancerous cells on my face. How bad are the temporary effects? How long do they ususally last? They recommended I use it all over my face, but the red areas are only on my cheek and hairline. Why should I use it all over?

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Mickeyfin Says:

AK usually turns up as small benign rough areas. However within the skin there are many more precancerous cells. When you use the cream medications, the cells that cannot be seen are killed and brought to the surface. The first time I was treated for 2 rough areas, I ended up having about 50 lesions all over my face. You dr is recommending the right treatment, but it is difficult to go through, as you may end up with a large number of lesions and not be able to work or go outside. I just went through it, I am in the healing stage. I did not leave the house for 5 weeks.

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VerFree Says:

The FDA lists the typical side effects of Fluoroplex as possibly including skin pain, itching, burning, scarring, redness, and darkening.

As to why you should use it all over, that's because cancer, or precancerous lesions, may not always be present only in the areas that you can see.

There is no strict time period I can give you regarding how long side effects last, how bad they will be, and etc. Mickeyfin has provided some anecdotal information from their experience, so I hope that helps you.

Are you on any other medications?

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