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Fluorescein Side affect

About 7 years ago i had a contact lens test. They put the orange dye (fluorescein) in my eye and a few seconds later i passed out and woke not being able to see anything for 5 minutes. 7 years on and i would contacts again. I spoke to an optician who said they'd never heard of such a reaction, and i would need to use that dye if i wanted contacts. I'm not a squeamish person and have no trouble with things near my eye so should i just do the test again and hope it was a one off? Cheers ## No - tell your optician to speak with an M.D. not O.D. anaphalactic shock (a potential life threatening reaction) is know to occur with fluorescein usually associated with injectable fluorescein but sure sounds like what you had. There are other products they can use, Rose Glo or Lissamine Green...

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