Fluid In The Ear!

Dawn Says:

I have fluid in my ear for over a year now. My NP tried me all the meds she could but nothing as worked. She finally sent me to an ENT and he has tried me on several meds as well as 2 surgerys( in med injection and a tube in the ear, but nothing as worked. I'm scheduled to a Cortizone injection in a couple of weeks(ugh!!), but my NP has just put me on Amox and Singular for an upper respiratory thing,and I thought it might help for my sinuses and maybe the fluid in my ear but no,it hasn't. I'm going run out the singular soon. Would taking some Benedryl with Amox possibly dry up that fluid and give me back my hearing? I need some relief! I really don't want to get that shot in my ear. He did that when he put the tube in and that hurt like hell. If I can avoid that I want to. Thanks,Dawn

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