Fludrocortisone Side Effects

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What side effects have other patients reported while taking Fludrocortisone?

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Joan Says:

I have POTS and I faint all the time. I was put on this med before and it made me very nervous. Now I am trying again and am gaining weight and again very agitated.

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Sandra Says:

I do the same thing. Can you try lowering the dose? I've found with a lower dose I still get the benefits but I don't get agitated. I hate that. Good luck.

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Jack Says:

Do not change your dose without first checking with your doctor. I have Addisons disease and have taken florinef and cortef for 54 years, it's what keeps me alive. I have been severely ill and as a result have been hospitalized as a result of an imbalance in my florinef. Be very careful, as this is a potent drug.

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Kenzii Says:

I have Addisons and Fludrocortisone made my blood pressure really high so I am now on 0.25 however my blood pressure is before any meds 112/72 and after standing it goes up to 117/78 however after Hydrocortisone BP is 115/83 blood pressure raising by 4 points after standing... But once I take Fludrocortisone I feel dizziness in head even when sitting my blood pressure sitting is 98/60 and standing it goes up 5 really confused as I thought it made BP rise no matter what mine has now gone other way.

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