Flomax With Hydrocodone Bitartrate And Acetaminophen Oral Sol

Fred Says:

I had surgery June 2nd 2017. After surgery I could not urinate so they put in a cath. After having the cath removed I took 1 flomax on June 5th 2017 around 4-4:30 in the afternoon. Haven't had any flomax since that time. Today is june 7th 2017. I have been taking Advil for pain. 8 during a 24 hour period because they said I could not take the hydrocodone with the flomax because of side effects. As it has been 48 hours since taking flomax, can I take the hydrocodone for pain now?

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GaGa in a swimsuit 10 Says:

Fred, hope you're healed now? Cath’s are the worst. Fast forward 1/9/2018, hope all is well and all you need is an Advil when you hurt; if you need that hydrocodone though go ahead. Good luck!

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VerFree Says:

How are you doing, now, Fred? Very sorry to hear about what you went through.

As to the Hydrocodone, it is always best to double check with your doctor for your own safety. The main issue with taking them together is a dangerous lowering of your blood pressure, it could drop so low as to be life threatening.

However, Flomax is normally dosed daily, since it doesn't last longer than 24 hours in the body, but anytime you have surgery, there could be other medications involved that linger longer in your body, which would also cause a problem, which is why checking with your doctor is best.

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