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Flagyl and testing "preliminary positive for methadone"

I've never taken methadone or any other drug except marijuana in my life. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and my doctor had me on Flagyl 500mg one tab twice daily for two week. And today they said I tested positive for Methadone. And threatened to call DHS on me. I've been completely open and honest with my doctors, 100% how I used to smoke pot before this pregnancy and moving to an illegal state. I even told him when my sister's boyfriend thought it was hilarious to give me a spliff (a cigarette with marijuana in it) after knowing I quit. But today he informed me I had a preliminary positive. And he'd be sending it out for further testing. Idk what exactly to expect. I'm 17 weeks pregnant, had one positive test for THC. And now this. And he claims Flagyl can NOT cause fal...

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oblong white pill with no imprints on both sides - flagyl?

What is an oblong white pill with no imprints on both sides, just one line across in the width position? A friend gave it to me after I explained that my urine is light green and at the clinic my pap smear results came back as slightly abnormal cells. Is it safe to use this so called flagyl to clean my reproductive system? ## No it is not safe to treat your condition with some unknown unmarked pill, NO.

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dosage of ilvitrim suspension per day for a 1 month old baby

I am hiv positive but started arvs in 2012. So last year (2014) I gave birth and she was given legram. At 6 weeks she was tested & given ilvitrim. So what is the dosage per day for a 1 month & 3 week old baby? I am still waiting for the PCR results. ## Dosage recommended for children less than 3months is 2.5 ml ## My one month old baby is having cramps in the stomach.dr gave him Flagyl 200and ilvitrim suspention.wii it help,is it safe,how much should i give he wheighs 5kg ## Is this 2.5 ml once a day or every 12 hours? ## Hi doc am HIV pstive I HV 14 wks baby en shez negative and I want 2 stop breastfeeding so what can I do ## Hi. Is 1.5mL of the Ilvitrim suspension correct for my 6 week old baby? She weighs 5kg. ## Hi, at the clinic thy said 5ml when I went for 10 weeks check u...

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What are fragile pills for

Can I use fragile pill as morning after pill? And how do I take them? ## What can I use for dark smelly urine ## I had a miscarriage on Saturday last week. So l am bleeding up to now. I wanted to ask if i take the fragile pills will the bleeding stop and will it clean my womb? ## Hey I had unprotected intercourse on sep 17th this month and I bought fragile. (There were 5 inside) I took them all at the same time. Now I'm not sure if they work. Please tell me what to do? ## Were fragile pills helpful in ur situation. I'm also in the same situation but I haven't bought the pills. ## Based on the general consensus within this discussion I couldn't help but wonder if anyone here had meant to say Flagyl instead of "fragile"? Flagyl (Metronidazole) is an antibiotic used...

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dosage of Ilvitrim

My house helper is HIV positive and received Ilvitrim 400mg. She started to take it this morning. The dosage reads 2 tabs every 1 hour. Is that normal? Please let me know. Thank you. ## She should take it, as directed by her doctor. The U.S. FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I'm HIV positive but I'm not on any treatment. I was diagnosed in 2009 but the problem is I'm having a bad smell in my vaginal area. I've tried to treat it with flagyl / betadine, but it didn't help so I want to know if I can use iltrivim? ## What is the dosage of ilvitrim suspension of the 6 month baby

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Uses of Flagentyl 500 mg

How do I use flagentyl 500 mg for a vaginal infection? ## You should follow your doctor's prescribing instructions. This is usually given orally, either in a single dose, or as two divided doses taken 4 hours apart. Learn more: Have you consulted your doctor? ## My spouse had vaginal ictching. went to see a doctor who prescribed some medicine for her in addition to flantyl to be taken by the partner. As a partner I have no problem and I don't think it was right for medication to be prescribed to me without tests. Please advise. I Google the internet and found out that vaginal itching could be a result of family planning pills she is taking or pre-menapause since she approaching forty. ## Why should flagentyl be prescribed and forced on me when I don't feel I have a problem. ...

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i WAS PRESCRIBED FLAGYL ONCE AND STILL HAVE SOME AND NEED IT BUT ITS EXPIRED, WILL IT HURT ME BEING EXPIRED? ## I was prescribed flagyl once and still have some and I need it...will it hurt me to take it being expired? ## This isn't a medication that gets dangerous, once it's expired, there are very few that do. However, it does start to lose effectiveness, so it most likely won't work as well as it did when new. If you have an old medication and aren't sure about its safety and efficacy, the best thing to do is to properly dispose of it and see your doctor for a new prescription. Are there any questions or comments? ## Hello, I have the same symptoms as I did 5 years ago. Extreme abdominal pain. I have a bottle of 250 mg Metronidazole. It was dispensed in 2013. I see no...

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feeling really bad on flagyl

My dentist prescribes flagyl. I need a root canal and the tooth was infected. Also I am taking a prevpac my dr. prescribed. I am aching all over, dizzy and have a headache. Should I stop taking this? I started friday. I called my dr but she has not returned my call. Please tell me if I should continue or just stop taking it? Ugh, feeling really bad. ## That is a bit of a weird choice for a tooth infection, I must admit. This is most commonly used to treat bacterial and fungal infections. It is not a regular antibiotic, per se, and yes it can have significant side effects. I cannot tell you to stop taking it, since I am not a doctor and no one here is, so for us to try to give you an answer on that would be completely remiss, no one can diagnose or treat over the internet. If your doctor...

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Flagyl (metronidazole) & trimethroprim

Can i take Sulfameth Trimethoprim Ds and take flagyl (metronidazole) at the same time or are there any contraindications? ## I didn't find any problems or interactions listed between the two medications. Learn more Bactrim details here. Learn more Flagyl details here. And they are often prescribed together, actually. But if you are concerned, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist to be certain. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Many thanks that's very helpful. I appreciate your reply to me. ## Dr said my fallopian tubes are blocked so metronidazole can help to flush that blockage

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Flagyl Uses and Side Effects

Does anyone have any remedies to get over the side effects of Flagyl or does anyone know of a Doctor that acknowledges the side effects? ## eat yogurt or drink happy milk. the acidophalus in them will help. ## I wished i knew how to get over this side affects of this awlful drug. they gave it to me in hospital and now i'm so sick , it almost killed me. please if anyone can help me get better from this let me know. i'm still so weak . it's even hard to type this .thank you for hearing me out. my stomache is kkilling me. and i'm so sick all over. ## If you have stopped taking the drug, they will eventually go away on their own. I am sorry you are feeling miserable, but adding more drugs/treatments may just add more side effects. Please post back and let us know how you are...

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Flagyl or Metronidazole

antibiotic? prescribed for bacterial infection ## Yes, Flagyl is an antibiotic prescribed for this reason. ## I took flagyl for 4 days after a bad reaction (stomach pain, mucus in bowel movements) to Ceftin. I was supposed to take the flagyl for 7 days but couldn't tolerate the nausea, etc. It has been a week since I stopped the Flagyl and my symptoms from the Ceftin are returning. Is there anything over the counter I can take to remedy this? I don't want to take the flagyl again if I can help it. ## I took Flagyl on Sunday and on that same day I had unprotected intercourse... Does Flagyl affect one's ability to conceive? Please help. I am worried. ## They are both the same thing, Metronidazole is just the active ingredient in Flagyl. The FDA lists its typical side effects a...

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Flagyl drug information

Can flagyl be used for upper respiratory infections like a cough or bad cold? ## flagyl is technically used for stomach and bowel problems and usually used for bacterial infections within your gastrointestinal tract. I don't really think flagyl will help with an upper respiratory infection. its better to use something like over the counter drugs like non-drowsey benadrlly, or use home remadies like hot humidifires and prepare warm soups and drinks. ## no it doesnt work with upper respiratory infection bcz its antiamebia not antibacterial ## Flagyl is an antibiotic and active against parasites as well. The specific bugs that it targets are known as anaerobes, those that survive best in areas of low oxygen. Therefore it is not useful in conditions of the upper resp tract which is high...

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is it safe to take expired flagyl

The bottle says expiration 2012 but my Dr appointment isn't until January 16th can I still take this for a vaginal discharge ## Hello, Dom! How are you? Medications tend to lose efficacy, once expired, so it may not work as well as it did, when it was new. As to the discharge, it depends what is causing it. This is classified by the FDA as an antibiotic, so it is not appropriate for all vaginal infections. Its typical side effects are listed as possibly including nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, stomach burning and cough. Is there anything else I can help with? ## I have a bottle of metronidazole that expired June 2016. Is it still safe to take today for bacterial vaginosis today August 2016. ## I have an expired prescription of Flagyl (2014)...It was stored in my plastic container away...

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METRONIDAZOL whatsitusedfor

is it a antibotic ## M.D. scripted me Flagyl & Bactrim for an infection. This infection caused me to have uncontrollable bowel movements.Taking these meds. for 10 days, will it stop this discomfort? ## Yes, these are antibiotics that are used to treat various types of bacterial infections. The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, non-allergic skin rash, and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Diverticulitis Treatment

Prescribed Flagyl and Cipro for Diverticulitis. The metal taste is awful but I can deal with it and the nausea. What I can't deal with is the burning pains in my stomach... Has anyone else experienced pain/burning in their stomach? ## Hello, Rosie! How are you? Have you tried any antacids to help? While it is best to stay away from ones such as Tums or Rolaids, while taking an antibiotic, you can usually take others, such as Pepcid or Prilosec, as long as your doctor approves. The FDA lists other side effects of these medications as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, and diarrhea. Are you also making sure not to take them on an empty stomach? ## Please tell me what foods to avoid eating to combat Diverticulitis? I have constipation followed by severe diarrhea. Is Pepsi,...

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Flagyl 250mg twice a day

I was given penicillin vk for 7 days for a dental infection that lingered after a molar was removed. Two days after I finished the penicillin I developed headache on top and back of my head along with fullness at top back and around ears along with loud noise in my head. I went to walk in clinic and Dr. Said I had outer and middle ear infection and gave Ceftin 250mg every 12 hours for 10 days. I took it for 3 days and felt weak, shaky, and couldn't urinate very well except for in between doses if I waited for an hour then my kidneys would catch up. I went back. And was put on Augmentin for 10 days which I completed but the entire time the headache top and back of head improved some pressure improved a little but noise continued. Was given Ciorodex ear drops which began helping a lot...

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I took Norflox TZ and Flagyl for last 2 days 2 tablets daily Last night I felt terrible during sleep and woke up 3 4 timess due to uneasy feeling

I took Norflox TZ and Flagyl 400 for last 2 days, 2 tablets daily. Last night I felt terrible during sleep and woke up 3-4 times due to uneasy feeling. I took the pills necause my stomach was upset. ## Hello, Gosh! How are you? Sorry about the way you're feeling. Neither of those medications will treat an upset stomach, but they can cause one as side effects. Have you consulted your doctor? You should do so to have things checked out and find an appropriate medication, if necessary. ## 2 days before my periods date by mistake i took primolute nor i took this tab for 2 days so will u please say me is there any problem because i was thinking may be this month i may be pregnant we r trying for past 6 months ....please ans my question early waiting ## Hi i want a solution for me because...

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pulmison 20mg tablet

What is this used for? There is no information in boa. ## Can you please give me information on Pulmison 20mg tablets. e.g. side effects, what they are prescribed for and if it is safe to take them whilst taking Flagyl for colitis. ## Pulmison contains the active ingredient Prednisone, a steroid commonly used to treat inflammation and allergic reactions. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, high blood sugar, insomnia and weight gain. You can read more about this medication here: There is nothing listed regarding any issues when taking it concomittantly with Flagyl, but please consult your doctor or pharmacist to be certain. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## Thank you very much, this information has been very helpful ## Does Pulmison 20mg have a long shelf l...

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white round pill 250 on one side other side is blank.

The faces are rounded not flat. Im not sure what this is. Could be multiple things. Hoping its a basic over the counter pain reliever but it could also be an antibiotic or something else i shouldnt take. Before i take a couple i want to make sure. I'm in canada. ## Flagyl it's an antibiotic used to treat infections when I was prescribed it I had a infection in a leg ulcer. one way to know for sure is it stinks lol

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Metronidazole Flagyl

I was diagnosed of having BV and my OB prescribed Flagyl to take for 7 days. I had my period last July 13-18 and started the medicine at 07/21/17 until 07/28/17. I supposed to have my period again by 08/12/17 but until now my period is not showing up. I got a heavy discharge for few days and now I am suffering for lower abdominal cramps. Is this a side effect of Flagyl or am I pregnant? please advise. ## Most antibiotics can cause your cycle to be longer than normal, according to FDA reports, but the only way to be certain is by having yourself checked for pregnancy. Have you experienced any other symptoms, such as nausea, breast tenderness, and weight changes? ## yes, I gained 2 kilos already. last time i check was three weeks ago. i am not experiencing nausea but constipation, my brea...

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