First Dose Was Yesterday

Plmtb Says:

I took it last night and feel like I did the 1st few months I took Avonex - a little nauseous, achy, cold, etc. Hopefully, these side effects will decrease after a few months like they did with the Avonex, as I like the SQ and every 2 week administration.

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Verwon Says:

Most side effects do improve with time, as your body gets used to a medication.

Have you experience any new ones?

The FDA lists the typical side effects as possibly including redness and irritation at the administration site, flu-like symptoms and tiredness.

Is anyone else on this that can chime in?

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Willard Says:

I tried Avonex and it made me feal so bad I couldn't get out of bed then I was put on Copaxon it was so much better then they made the dose stonger and I only have to take them 3 times a week I am so grateful I really don't like needles.

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