Find A Doctor Who Prescribes Either Ritalin Or Adderall For My Adhd In Southwest Florida.

Alex Says:

I've had adhd since childhood and it has gotten increasingly worse. I've tried EVERYTHING and found that only these two medications really work. My doctor dropped me due to something regarding Obamacare and I NEED to have my prescriptions refilled! These drugs have literally brought my life back to normal! Please tell me of a doctor who understands the severity of the condition and will prescribe the right medications somewhere in Southwest Florida.

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Verwon Says:

Obamacare has to do with getting medical coverage, not whether or not your doctor treats you.

And as to getting the medications that work for you, you'll need to see a new doctor and make sure that they get a full copy of your medical records.

Once they can see what has and hasn't worked for you, as documented by fellow physicians, there is a better chance of them prescribing accordingly.

What type of doctor were you seeing? Have you tried seeing a specialist? They are usually the best trained to deal with and treat such conditions.

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Alex Says:

I have been assessed and was being treated by a psychiatrist in New Jersey for ADHD with the medications Ritalin and Adderall for nearly 8 years. I am a retired teacher and have Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I have now moved to Marco Island, Florida and need to find a new doctor to fill out prescriptions for these medications in the Marco Island/Naples area. I've tried all other medications and have found that either of these two work the best for me. I don't need re-assessment; I just need to find a doctor to fill out my prescriptions and monitor my progress. Would anyone be able to recommend a doctor for me?
Thanks in advance,

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IsabellaH Says:

I have had ADHD since childhood and continue to have it as an adult. Adderall was working wonderfully for me but now my general practitioner says he can't write me the script anymore due to new laws. I have tried going to see a psychiatrist but he wouldn't prescribe me Adderall without going through extensive psychological testing which takes at least a month just to get an appointment; and on top of that, I am currently without health insurance so I can't afford the $1500 that this psychological testing would cost! :(

So my question is: does anyone know of any psychiatrists or GP's in the Brevard County, FL area who will prescribe Adderall without requiring all this psychological testing first??? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Sami Says:

Did you ever find a doctor in brevard that you could point me into the direction of?

Please let me know.

Thank you!!! Sami

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Lori Says:

Alex, I too had ADHD growing up (although I didn't know at the time). Just turned 47 and within the last 5 yrs I've/friends have seen it get worse. The insurance that I have won't cover me to see psychiatrist. I was referred to a doctor by a friend. Had to pay $100.00 for consultation. After 5 min of asking me questions, he then tells me that I'm bi-polar (not true) then says he can't prescribe anything anyway. Not his field. That $100.00 was a birthday present for me to FINALLY get some help. That crook took my money. Why wasn't I informed when I made the appt w/receptionist. Why did she ask me what the appt was regarding? As I left in tears I asked the doctor this. His remark to me was....the receptionist is not qualified to diagnose. why didn't she tell me that this wasn't your (Dr) expertise. I was misled and feel that I should get my money back. Can anyone HELP suggest what I can do to resolve this?

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Elizabeth Says:

I don't live in your area of Florida I'm in Ocala. However I've been having the same issues. My. Primary abruptly stopped my Adderal xr script.He didn't even give me any referral to a psychiatrist who is now the only type of doc who is able too prescribe it. Although I do have Medicaid insurance I've yet to find anything accept for a state run place that does the sliding scale payment thing. So my suggestion would be is for you to contact any State/government ran program to better assist you in the right direction. Look in your local area phone book. I highly recommend you get copies of all your medical records to avoid the doctor wanting to do more assessment blah blah. Good luck. (Sorry for rambling my ADHD is to blame)

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Ed Says:

I have ADD and a few other health issues. I have been on Ritalin for years. I am 55, retired and just moved to Florida from New York. I had the same primary care doctor in NY for 17 years. I made an appointment with a Florida doctor to establish primary care and to continue my health care needs. I met the doctor, told her I was on Ritalin and she accused me of doctor shopping and drug seeking. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. She said I will have to come in once a month for an exam, be subjected to monthly u.a's and monthly blood work. I really can not believe the way I was treated. Is this common practice in Florida.

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SeanfromNY Says:

If you bring records to a psychiatrist not psychologist you will not have a problem. I go to a psychiatrist once a month in Indian river county and it's $95 a visit with no insurance

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deb Says:

Can you tell me your doctor's name...I just moved from CT to FL. No insurance, no doctor, no one to write me a script

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Cyndy Says:

I am 59 and moved to Ft. Myers 18 mos ago. I see Dr. John Strasbaugh as my primary and he is treating my ADD with Adderall.

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angie Says:

Who is the psychiatrist in Indian River County? I am having the same issues

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Nikki Says:

Hi Cyndy,
Were you previously prescribed Adderall before going to the doctor you mentioned? I have seen a doctor for psychiatric medication, but my ability to concentrate on any given task has gotten significantly worse over the last few years.

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Nikki Says:

I meant to say "I have NEVER seen a doctor for psychiatric medication"

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shelldigger Says:

In the state of Florida any primary Dr. can prescribe Adderall/Ritalin.(unless they just do not wish to do so) but the point is it is legal for them to do so.Also any neurologist or psychistrist are legally able to also write scrips for these two drugs..The law however states that the script has to be only written for a 30 day supply...which means you have to get a new script once a month which means a Dr, Appointment and lab work might be required depending on the preference of the Dr.

.The limitation is your Dr. can only write these prescriptions for a 30 day count on making a Dr's appointment once a month

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Steve Says:

good luck these doctors today don't wanna prescribe anything without making their money when you find one that's going to give it to you let me know I'm having the same problem

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Norman Says:

The psych practice I have been visiting for over 2 years now has a testing policy to receive adderall for adult ADHD. FL does not require the testing and therefore my insurance will not cover it. The price of the test is $1200 and after July they will not continue my adderall without completion of the test. I have also been taking lamotrigine for 4 years now. I am seeking a new psych practice/doctor in the Bradenton FL area who will continue my aderrall not extended release - down to 10mg daily. This is my best year of the past 5 years and I do not want a meds change. Any referrrals from anyone else in the Bradenton area?

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Jennifer Says:

Hi I just moved to Fort Lauderdale I'm trying to find a good doctor for adult ADD any help would be greatly appreciated

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Dre Says:

Have you found anywhere? Also in Brevardkeep have issues

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redd Says:

Hi i just moved to s.florida englewood from michigan.i have been without my addrell for over a month now and my doctor can't write a script over the state line against the law ,so i need to know one that will prescibe my meds.Its starting to be unbearable functioning seem to find myself in a depression again...please help me i don't know what to do!

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needhelp Says:

I have been on ritalin for 17 years. I had to change primary docs and the new one does not want to write my prescription. I finally had to make an appointment with a psychiatrist but nothing is open till April. Cannot find another psychiatrist that accepts new patients or takes Medicare. After agreeing to write the prescription for me until I could get an appointment they changed their mind and left me with no medication. Three days later I had a terrible headache and went to the ER, they did not agree with the doctor and gave me a prescription for three weeks, longer than they should have done, I was very thankful, but now I am getting low and cannot find a psychiatrist. It seems primary doctors no longer want to write these prescriptions any more. Does anyone know of a doctor in Prescott, AZ that would help me?

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