Find A Doctor That Prescribes Methadone In Knoxville Tn

timothy Says:

I am trying to find a family doctor that can perscribe methadone i i was in a bad car accident in 08 and underwent 3 surgeries to my hand shoulder neck area and i was on oxcodone for a long time and i got hooked but i quit and went to a methadone clinic for a while but i can not afford it anymore beetween work and my insurance just cant i am always in constant pain and just need some help it worked for me when i was on methadone i didnt hurt near as bad and just an all around better situation i felt please help if can need to find a doctor in the knoxville,tn

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Verwon Says:

The main problem you are going to have is due to the fact that you went to the clinic and were taking it as addiction treatment, due to being addicted to the Oxycodone. That is in your medical records now and a regular doctor is not allowed to prescribe Methadone for addiction treatment. They can only prescribe it for pain.

Thus, you're going to have the problem of convincing them that you just need it for pain.

Learn more Methadone details here.

However, if it is prescribed for pain, then any doctor can prescribe it for that.

Does anyone else have any advice or ideas to offer?

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jd Says:

I went thru the methadone program for a short time after my Dr abruptly retired. It did not effect me from getting meds from three other dr's after that. To be a matter of fact two of the Dr's reffered me to my third and now current one. In addition to this both Dr's stated in reports that they had no problem perscribing me class 2 narcotics. Before methadone I was on 60 mg oxy. After methadone program I was perscribed a little less but I was eventually brought up to what I previously was getting. a year after that I asked my current Dr to move me off the timed released oxy due to the costs of it. Now I am currently on 15 mg immediate released oxy and methadone and spend less than 100 bucks a month for my meds. There are many states that are passing legislation on class 2 and class 3 narcotics that did not effect me I have been told i meet all criteria and I have been a good paitent. My Dr drug tests everyone monthly and has been doing random pill counts. Being on the methadone program should not effect you with pain management dr's. if you have a serious injury or long term dissabilty that is documented by MRI from a local hospital and all your issues documented it should not be a problem. best of luck

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Razdad Says:

I have been discharged from my primary Dr. For drug seeking because she sent me to a pain Managment clinic& they said patient/DR. Relationship was not good.I have never failed a drug screen or pill count nor did my primary Dr.EVER prescribe me narcotics.I was in pain Managment for 1 year&got 150 Roxis and 60 opana but now have to have back surjury and the neurologist will not prescribe me medication.Please let me know how to get a hold of your Dr. I have 3 current MRIs and also need neck surjury.Help me Please.

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peekaboo Says:

If the neuro will not prescribe meds for you then you got 2 choices ask him for a referral to pain management or find another neuro. If you are on medicaid they encourage second opinions. I will tell you this no neuro will ever prescribe that amount of narcotics atleast all the ones i have delt with. They say if you feel to good you might do more harm to one self. Here in Ky pain management Dr's are hard to come by and most are not accepting new patients.Due to new legislation passed here most pain management Dr's will not write for those amounts due to the legislation passed. You would do better on dealing with a big hospital spinal surgery Dept and pain management clinics. If they dont want to write for you and you are legit they will steer you to the right place. Also Dr's here check your police records and have Kasper to check into all Dr's that wrote narcotics to you in this state. My Dr did a huge discharge of patients the last three months just on the police records check. And many Dr's closed up they do not want to accept medicare. There has been times medicare has went after Dr's for over perscribing. I know what I had to do to find a good Dr and it wasnt easy but i see why they do what they are doing. Too many people abused the system and has made it hard for legitimate people to get good healthcare. I would never disclose my Dr to anyone because all it takes is one person to mess it up for me and other legit people he tries to help. When people ask about Dr's that will perscribe narcotics it throws up a huge red flag and most people dont realize the legit Dr's dont take walk in's they need referrals from other Dr's to get in the clinic. These fly by night operations where you can make a appointment and bring your mri's real or not real hurt many people in many states from terminally ill to disabled people.

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Razdad Says:

So you are in Kentucky?I do not do anything illegal and am only trying to go by the book and I have done that for over a year now and the more I try to be straight the more the Dr.'s say have a surjury that they say has a 10-20% success rate and my primary sends me to this Dr. Who says we have a bad Dr/patient relationship and now my primary has discharged me for Drug Seeking even though I have NEVER asked nor got ANY narcotic from her.She has forwarded my discharge papers to my Pain Management Clinic and now I'm out the door there also even though I have been going 1 year and have passed 12 urine screens and 12 pill counts?Please help me understand this?I have never had anyone say that this lower back surgury has helped and have one friend who has had it 3 times this past year and now is in a wheelchair.Im not looking for sympathey only a Legitamate Dr. Who understands that I don't want to be confined to a bed 23 hours a day and can't even shower without help! Thank You For Any Replies on what I should do in this situation I'm in now.

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troy Says:

hello im looking for a dr that prescribes methadone for pain my current dr retired and just checking to see if anyone has any info before i start calling around thanks

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Alan Says:

Your best option
would be contacting Morristiwn pain consultants. In Morristiwn. TN. Less than 40 miles from Knoxville. DR.Michael Chavin

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Daybyday Says:

I was in a VERY abusive relationship 6 years ago!! Plus a bad car wreck!! I model for a living and it's affecting my work very bad. I've tried a lot of different pain meds, & NOTHING helps as good as Methadone!! That's the BEST pain medication, I THINK!! & That alone helps me. I really don't want to go to a Methadone Clinic. Would you mind telling me your doctor's name & location. I Seriously would greatly appreciate it. I live on my own and don't have family around here..So, It gets really hard sometimes with the pain and having nobody!!!! My Email is {edited for privacy}, Please get back to me. You just don't know how much you would be helping me out!!!! Thanks so much..

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Daybyday Says:

Hello!! My name is Alexis. I'm 33. I suffer from chronic back and neck pain on a daily basis!! It's VERY intense and severe!! I was in a VERY abusive relationship when I was 22, I was also in a bad car accident. I model for a living and I'm getting to where I cannot work!! I'm on my own, I have no family here in Tennessee. Methadone is the BEST thing for my pain..It Works Wonders!!!! Can anyone please tell me any doctors that Prescribe Methadone PLEASE?! I just cannot stand this pain ANY longer..It just keeps getting worse and worse!!!! I'm in the Knoxville Tennessee area. Build I'd be willing to drive out of the way a little ways because the pain is unbearable!! Thanks everyone!!

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JD72 Says:

You HAD to have gotten a script from another Dr., therefore breaking a binding contract between you and said Dr. .
That's another reason for discharge, doesn't have to be failure of UA/pill count.

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Diamond R. Says:

What doc did u see? Please let me know, I am new to this area I was in a horrible accident I have 3 rods 31 screws 9 plates and a green field blood filter. I was ran over by a car..I am a miracle and I normally see a pain management specialist in my home town, I just need a referral or a few,I'm self pay ATM. PLEASE help. I'm not a junkie..... I'm legitimately screwed up and in pain all the time. Thank u for ur help.. u can email me {edited for privacy}. Thank u ..God bless..

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Anxiexty Ami Says:

they have been saying on her dr's will NOT write methadone for u b/c u have been to clinic, this is in Knoxville, tn . I lied to the methadone clinic and told them I had a problem b/c I thought this was the only way I could get the methadone. I need it for pain and the clinic is taking ALL my $$$586 am month I only draw $720 ANYWAYS They say legally if u have ever had an addiction problem or went to the clinic they aren't allowed to write it to u. do u know for a fact that they can??this should be only for the Knoxville, tn area b/c I think every state has different laws

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KaleyDez Says:

They do not put that on your record when you go to a methadone clinic and less you go over 120 milligrams!! That's a good thing I guess lol :)

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KaleyDez Says:

It will not matter if you were in the methadone clinic because the State does not have any records in less you go over 120 milligrams then they can get your records.....So you are okay there!! Try Dr Dowell @ Family Medicine west

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Stephen Says:

hello i. live in knoxville and im looking for a doctor who will prescribe methadone for my pain treatment if anyone could point me in the right direction i would apprecate it. thanks

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ShellShock Says:

Amy, I go to GA, and it's like 340-360 for a month down there, I go monthly. It's not that far of a drive

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Hope Says:

Hi everybody I had a spinal fusion in 2012 & the surgery did not go well, I'm partially paralyzed on my left side, & am in constant pain, the pain meds make life bearable for a while & my Dr referred me to Tenova pain clinic. I've gone for last 3 years for oxycodone 10mg 4 times a day & OxyContin 10mg 3 times a day. Never had any problems, always passed UA & pill count & suddenly in November I'm 8 pills short of OxyContin & had hydrocodone in my urine. We were renting a room to a "friend" who moved to Texas in November, what a coincidence. I never count my pills before going to my appointment bcuz I know I only take my prescribed dose. Has anyone ever noticed that white hydros look the same as oxycodone? Anyway, I'm suddenly cut off my meds & really afraid of the withdrawls. I've never been on methadone & really don't want to unless it's my last resort. Can someone help me? All advice would be kindly appreciated. Just want you to know I don't abuse meds, I just want the pain to be manageable. Thanks

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Shay Says:

Shellshock, would you mind telling me where you have to drive from. I live in Ky. and unfortunately they can't or won't give you anything. Thx.

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Missy Says:

There is a methadone clinic in Knoxville! I went there for almost a year.. I think the name of it is DMD

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To much pain Says:

Need help finding pain Dr. Had head on collision and will never b the same. DR SAYS WILL ALWAYS HAVE PAIN PROBLEMS. Wanting a Dr that doesn't go by the 200 point system. Please help. Th to much pain

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