Find A Doctor That Prescribes Methadone In Ga

Candace Says:

I'm trying to find a doctor who prescribes methadone pills in Atlanta ga. Can someone please help me?

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David Says:

Hi Candace,

I actually found quite a few doctors in the Atlanta, GA area that are said to prescribe Methadone. Posted below are a few of their contact details for you to check out:

Joseph F. Griffin, III, M.D.
3131 East Shadowlawn
Atlanta, GA 30305

Paul H. Earley, M.D.
5448 Yorktowne Drive
Atlanta, GA 30349

Michael Clark Hilton, M.D.
3975 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30342

Pamela Raj, M.D.
275 Carpenter Drive
Suite 101
Atlanta, GA 30328

Let me know if none of these doctors work out for you so I can post back with more options in your area.

I hope this helps!

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Joe Says:

I need a Dr. in Augusta Georgia who will prescribe Methadone. Thanks

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brandie Says:

I'm needing a Dr. that prescribes methadone in or aroundthe Albany,ga area?A private Dr.&not any methadone Clinics.If anyone knows of a Dr.please email me.Thanks

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skywardfox Says:

Does anybody know a doctor in Athens, GA or nearby that can prescribe methadone and accepts Medicaid? I have been going to the local clinics, but they don't take Medicaid.

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Andy Says:

Hey. You still go to Athens clinic? I went to dm and ADR for a few years. . If you can email me at {edited for privacy} have a question for you.

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Liann Says:

I need one who takes bc bs of ga insurance near the Norcross duluth area?? Any ideas please?

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snoopdoggy Says:

Anybody know where in Athens, GA I could get prescribed pain killers? Thing is, is ive had tramadol before and It would be helpful if I had something now, but no doctors have trusted so far and I cant blame them because there are weirdos who are perfectly fine and like to try to get them anyways.

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scott Says:

I been going to the same doctor for 27 years but have only been on methadone for the last 5 years .unfortunate for mye he is retiring .I need to find a Dr in the Lawrenceville ga area ASAP.I don't want to go to a clinic because they always want to make you take more than you actually need .if someone on here will bless me with a nice caring doctor it would mean the world to me .I take methadone for opiate addiction that I got while on loratabs.I won't go thru the withdraws no more!! I can't take them.I'm 54 years old and been dealing with depression all my life .I NEED HELP !! If anyone reads this and can help me ,then please contact me at {edited for privacy} ..subject line .I can help !!! Thank you all very much

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Matt Says:

Im in the same situation. I was wondering if you found anyone in the Lawrenceville area? Thanks

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SME Says:

I am looking for a pain doc in or around Albany too. Long story but I was going to Nexus clinic but I had to stop!!!

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BRCASurvivor Says:

Hi Scott...I know this is several months old but maybe this is still relevant. You said you didn't want to go to a clinic bc "they always make you take more than you need." Actually, this isn't so. Most pts report the opposite- that they feel underdosed. Anyway, if you do decide (or have decided) to go the clinic route it just so happens that you are in one of the best states for MMT (Methadone Maintenance Treatment). ..AND I MEAN ONE OF THE BEST. GA has 27 takehomes (of course after a period of time and it also has about 50 clinics statewide. I'm in AL and we have approx 20...which is considered good. Tennessee has maybe 10...and their heavily state-controlled system is not therapeutic at all for their pts (for the most part)...they really have to jump through hoops. Anyway, hope this helps. If you need a clinic in your area, you can go to the 'Clinic Locator' on site. It will show you the clinics listed per each state and will give all contact details.


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Melanie Says:

i am looking for a private doctor that prescribes methodone in the Dublin, Georgia area. I am willing to drive 50 miles if need be. some one please help me...Thanks

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Missy Says:

I have been in pain management for several years for chronic pain related to arthritis. My insurance has changed up and my doctor no longer takes medicaid. I signed on to a clinic but it isn't working great for me. The mornings are the worst for people with bad arthritis and I really need to find a doc who can work with me on methadone or something that will address my needs. I need a doc in North Georgia or western tip of NC.

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BRCASurvivor Says:

Hi Missy-
I completely understand what you are going through. A lot of patients have a very hard time getting back into pn mgmt after going to a clinic. Once you've been to a clinic, you are labeled as having addiction issues (whether you were on it for pn mgmt or not).

Best of luck to you Missy!

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Robin Says:

Hey Melanie...I also live in Dublin and am looking for a pain management source for methadone treatment for chronic pain. I am SICK of having to go to our local methadone clinic for pain relief. Not to mention how my family's finances are suffering due to the expense. Did anyone reply to your message with any information. I am on disability and medicare and need to find someone who takes medicare and prescribes methadone for pain.

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DillonLove Says:

Need a doc in Athens GA or close by that will write xanax. Was getting 6mgs per day til my Dr found out I'm on methadone & I've been on xanax for 19 years...methadone for I REALLY CAN'T DO WITHOUT EITHER!!! Really need a Dr who will write my methadone too need to pay with Wellcare (Medicaid). The methadone clinics in GA don't accept ANY SORT OF MEDICAID!!

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paulsgirl Says:

I am trying to find a Dr in Athens or the surrounding area that prescribes methadone and takes medicad . If anyone knows anyone please let me know.

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BRCA Survivor Says:

Hello, do you mean Athens GA or Athens AL?

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DillonLove Says:

Hi. I am trying to find an OBGYN that will prescribe methadone for a pregnant patient. A friend of mine is almost 6 months along and has been just getting by with what she can find. Her doctor does not know that she is on methadone and would probably stop treating her all together if she found out, but she cant afford to go to the methadone clinic so her dose is not level and not monitored. This is very dangerous for her baby and the baby will need to be treated after he is born, but since she does not have a prescription right now, that is going to cause a lot of problems for my friend. I am very worried about her, but more worried about her unborn baby boy!! If anyone knows of an obstetrician that can help treat her with methadone in the Athens Georgia area or nearby, and that takes Medicaid PLEASE PLEASE respond to this!!! Thanks!!

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BRCA Survivor Says:

Hi DillonLove- Unfortunately doctors cannot prescribe Methadone for addiction purposes, only for pain mgmt. She can only receive methadone for addiction through a clinic...and GA is one of THE BEST states for MMT clinics (and there are soooo many, at over 50 clinics compared to less than 20 in Alabama). However, she may be able to find a doctor that would Rx Suboxone. Only certain doctors can Rx Suboxone. You can go to the treatment locator on and find all Suboxone doctors and methadone clinics in GA. Sorry she is going through this! Actually, 40% of babies born to mothers on methadone have no withdrawal symptoms and need no medication (I was one of those 40%). Best of luck!

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