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GooNYC Says:

I am new here but have stalked for years and always read posts but now im here to get a legit answer, so here it is. I see a pain doctor in NY and fill it in NY, now if i was to fill a script from a doctor in NY but filled it in NJ would i get flagged? Will my regular pain doctor find out that i filled a script in NJ? Bottom line is do NY and NJ share prescription information? And again everything I've researched states NJ has no sharing with NY YET but it is soon to come. Thank you and anyone who knows about this please share because I'm losing it.

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David Says:

I honestly don't know exactly how their system works, but from related stories I've seen posted here on multiple occasions, I speculate that all the pharmacies (and/or?) doctors nationwide have access to a common database with patient prescription information and will likely be able to tell one way or another where you're getting your prescription filled at (IF they had a reason to investigate). I guess the underlying question might be whether or not your doctor even cares at all if you do this or not? So perhaps then it would be a good idea to contact your doctor before getting it filled just to give him a heads up so there are no surprises. I wish I could be of more help to you.

Does anyone else here have thoughts/experience filling prescriptions out of state?

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Big Brother Says:

There is a national database for controlled substances. Each state has an individual Database and they will all be linked nationally soon. At that time any provider will be able to access it. Currently, the information is available very easily to providers who have purchased the appropriate software licenses. You cannot run and you cannot hide. Cash paid Rx is also reported. It doesn't Matter if you use different doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. The data is already available. It's simply a matter of if the physician chooses to look or not.

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D Says:

Having a really hard time filling my dilaudid8mg volusia county. My Walmart ordered them 2 weeks ago! ;im still waiting. Any places that take Humana also. T.y.

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