Fill Prescriptions From 2 Different Doctors And Doses Of Oxycontin?

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Can you get a prescription from 2 different doctors that prescribe different mg dosage of Oxycontin and have insurance cover it?

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MajorPain Says:

You may get away with it for awhile..But trust me it will catch up with you eventually. Now if you use different RX insurance companies or pay cash for one....then it may be a little harder for the insurance companies to track. But however in Michigan I know for a fact and see it every time I get my Rx filled at the doctors that they have a computerized DEA print out sheet of the pharmacies that you get your pills from the time date quantity etc. Now if these doctors have made you sign a opiate contract with them NOT to use any other physicians for opiates other than himself or there office and only use one pharmacy .... And you choose to void that opiate contract with the doctor...Then you will be listed on the DEA list and will have a very difficult time finding another doctor or pharmacy to fill your opiate needs. However if you are in 2 separate states then you can get away with it for awhile if you choose....But you can only use one RX insurance company and then pay cash for the other...I know for a fact that your RX insurer will only pay for one pill at the same dosage per Rx. But they should pay if it is for a different dosage. All pharmacies have a list of what has been prescribed to you along with your doctor. Dont let anyone tell you different. You shouldn't have a problem with the insurance company as long as they are for different dosage's, but beware of the repercussions if the other doctors find out. They consider this doctor shopping. Good luck to you :)

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Optimistic Says:

Lol no. Your doctor can give you different doses, but if you get two scripts from two different doctors for the same thing that’s doctor shopping and you might get arrested. Good luck to you!

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Optimistic Says:

Re: MajorPain (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

No man, every state has a prescription monitoring database now. NH was one of the last hold outs and we have had one for years.

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