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How Do You Get Monsels Solution To Thicken Up

Is there any tricks to make monsels solution turn into paste. Our solution has been sitting for 3 weeks with no change. ## Hello Nicole, I found some information from a book preview that might be helpful. Here's the link to the preview: books.google.com/books?id=_lmEDeRGHHMC&pg=PA271&lpg=PA271&dq=monsel%27s+solution+consistency&source Please post back if you have any more questions. ## Put some of it in a smaller container and don't tighten the top. The exposure to air thickens it. ## I'm trying to make monsel paste. When I leave it with the cap off lightly it discolors stuff around it..gloves lol. Then I came back and only small crystals. What am I doing wrong? ## Thank you for the link! Very helpful!

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Monsels Solution

How do you get Monsels solution to thicken up? ## I WORK IN FAMILY MEDICINE, WE DO COPOSCOPY IN THE CLINIC. WE USE MONSEL'S SOLUTION. I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO MIX MONSEL'S SOLUTION AND HOW TO CONVERT IN PASTE? THANKS ## Is it supposed to turn into a brown goop after converting monsel's to paste? ## Hello, I found some information about Monsel's solution and how to change its consistency from a book preview that might be helpful. Here's the link to the preview: books.google.com/monsel+solution+consistency I hope this helps! ## Can you share how to make the monsels paste? I ruined a whole bottle trying to make several cups of it, the solution never converted to paste. ## Hello. I want to know about monsel's paste, can you tell me if each 8ml vial is used for one patie...

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Monsel's Solution safe for treating granular bleeding?

Is Monsels solution safe for treating granular bleeding 4 weeks after a hysterectomy? Does it burn after applied? ## Monsel's Solution is a Ferric Subsulfate Solution, it can help stop bleeding, but it only meant to be used on minor, topic cuts and abrasions. As to burning, I do not know, but since it is a styptic agent, I would have to assume their could be some minor burning associated with it. Has anyone else used this? ## My GYN used this on me after a routine pap smear. Due to BC pill use, I have an overgrowth of mucus cells that ruputured during the exam. It did not burn during the application; however, I did have discomfort for the next 24 hours that felt like irration from a bad yeast infection. There is also a yellowish discharge that has continued now about 36 hours after ...

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