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Need new doctor for my fentora

Hi, I have ampl leukemia and been takeing fentora 400mg 5 times a day and works realy well for me.It is the only drug that keeps my pain under control.I need to change doctors realy bad.I waited in the waiting room for 4.5 hrs befor seeing the pa.I have had 2 back surgeries and nerve damage that is to bad to describe and also have cluster headaces.Does anyone know of a good dr and clinic that does spine ingections and will take over my prescritions of my fentora and ms contin.I live near charltte nc and i will go 100 miles if i have to in nc or sc to get good treatment.Please Help!!!! ## HI, Troy! I'm sorry that you're miserable and having such problems at your doctor's office. However, with the current situation regarding the changes to prescribing laws, it's going to b...

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fentora rootbeer flavored medicine

any 1 have picor taken these i was given 1 as candy bout died were there new to market no 1 knows about them please reply a image were you get it at it was a rootbeer barrel ## My mom gets them from saint Francis hospital for cancer I can't upload a pic but u r right they make them as rootbeer barrells ## @jon, I can't believe you said someone gave Fentora (fentanyl) to you as candy. I hope they weren't a friend, because that's pretty messed up if you ask me! This medication is very potent and can be deadly if abused or taken by the wrong person. Definitely not something to mess around with, especially if you're not already used to taking strong opiates/opioids. Do you happen to know which manufacturer makes these "rootbeer barrells" or what imprint might be ...

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How long does fentora 400mcg stay in your bloodstream in order not to show up in a urine test?

How ling does fentora stay in your blood stream in order for it not to show up in a urine test? ## Fetnora contains the active ingredient Fentanyl, a very potent narcotic that is over 80+ times stronger than Morphine and is used to treat pain. The time for detection can vary a little, depending on how long you have been using and, in this case, how often you used it, for instance if someone defeats a time released nature of a medication so they get a higher dose at once, it may lengthen the time it is in their system, since they got a higher amount. However, it is normally 40 to 72 hours, after last use. It can be longer for blood or tissue tests. If you have a valid prescription for it, though, you just need to tell them this when you go in for the test. They can't deny you the use...

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Cost Of Fentora

cost of 28 100mcg fentoras capsules. ## Though the price will vary from area to area and pharmacy to pharmacy, Fentora is actually quite expensive and you're probably looking at $400 to $450 for one 28ct package. Are there any other questions or comments? ## Fentora is actually much mor expensive than the price posted above. A box of 28 runs in excess of $1000 at most pharmacies. It is strictly regulated by the REMS ACCESS program and can only be prescribed by physicians who complete the required training and test. In addition, a patient/physician agreement must be on file with the REMS program, and only pharmacies who are prior-approved by REMS can dispense it. ## I found out today without my insurance, a total of 120 buccal tablets of fyntora comes to a whopping $12,000++ ... I wo...

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Fentora tablet question

Is the Fentora tablet homogeneous? ## There are several ways that the term homogenous can refer to a medication and medical uses, so I am not quite certain what you are looking for. However, here's a link to the monograph, so you can look at the chemical structure and other information to find the details you are seeking. Are there any other questions or comments?

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I was taking 100mcg of Fentora (The kind you put onyour top gum and let desolve) I was taking four pills a day. They only come in a 28 day supply. So that was four boxes a month. The cost was a little over $1600.00 month. My medicaid in SC paid for the first 5 months then suddendly said that I no longer met the criteria. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and chronic leg pain in both legs. I also take (2) 20mg. tablets of Kadian twice a day. I have had 3 back surgeries. The last one resulting in a Spinal Cord Stimulator. I have suffered since my injury 6.5 years ago and have been in Pain Management for 4.5 years. Currently I still take the Kadian and taking 10/325 Percocet 4 times a day. I just believe Medicaid thought the Fentora was too expensive. But it really does work the best o...

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how long does fentora 400 mcg stay in your system

I'm a 43 year old male taking 400mcg taking it 5 times a day. I take it for neck and back pain. I've had surgery on my back a few years ago bit still suffer from chronic back pain. On my neck I have 2 ruptured disk and one of them is pressing on my spine causing flattening on my spinal cord. Still waiting to have surgery on that. I would really appreciate if you can tell me how long fentora stays in your system after you take it. Thanks in advance for the help. ## Fentora contains Fentanyl, it is a very potent narcotic pain medication. It stays in your system for approximately 24 to 48 hours, after you stop using it, this can vary depending on the dosage and how long you have been taking it. Do you have any other questions?

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difficulty breathing

After a year on 100 mcg (6 months) then 400 mcg, I have experienced 4 weeks of gradually increasing problems with breathing. Today I saw my Dr. and was thinking about something else and forgot to mention it. However, this afternoon 6 plus hours after taking a 400 mcg, my breathing is shallow and I am very fatigued even without exercising. ## Almost all narcotics can cause with Central Nervous Sytem Depressive effects, commony referred to as CNS effects in the monographs. Taking such a large jump from 100mcgs to 400mcgs means your body has not been able to adjust to this new dosage, as it would have if you had gone up slowly to the higher dosage. There are warnings about doing that with this drug just for this very reason. It should never be used by someone who is not used to taking narc...

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