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Mich1 Says:

I am a 33 yr old woman being treated by Pain Mgmt Dr. for chronic pain as a result of 3 failed elbow surgeries and nerve damage. My current dosage is 50mcg/hr every 48 hrs with up to 4 oxycodone per day for break through pain. I know the patch is suppose to be a good medication for pain control, but I am really considering asking to change to a different medication because of the sweating problems I have on the Fentanyl and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I am constantly drenched sinced I have been on the patch. Dr tried hytrin to control sweating, but all that did was cause me to bloat. I tried HRT for a year to see if that would help...no luck, still sweating. I sleep with only a sheet over me and window open at night and still wake up soaked from sweat. If I do any physical activity at all I am drenched. The patch does seem to control the pain well, but I can't deal with beads of sweat rolling down my head all the time and my family is always freezing because I get so warm. Am I doing something wrong? I wear the patch on my upper chest, I use a tegaderm patch over it. I've tried the Mylan brand and now use the SanDoz brand. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I don't want to live my life in pain, but I can't take the sweating issue anymore!!! Is there a different medication that is time released like the Fentanyl Patch? My DR is a nice man, but doesn't always explain things too well and I don't have anyone to talk to about this. Thanks for listening.

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cyndibl Says:

I am so glad that someone else lives in the world of the waterfall. I have been so embarrassed as the last 13 years on fentanyl., my favorite part of the waterfall is when the other person or persons dodge you or keep a fair distance. Summer, winter or fall spring time don't matter. I always hoped that it would lessen with time-NOT- so i look at those who are embarrassed by me I look at them and say either menopause or hormones. If I was to say that I am on one of the strongest pain medicine in the world and this is a side effect. I would give you some hints is after 13 years on this drug, I take 225 mcg every 36 hours. I think it is time to go off this. My pain is most of the time. I don't want to do this anymore. I pay thirteen hundred a month for insurance. My bill would be over 6000.00 a month. Which is more than i can afford thanks

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Verwon Says:

This overheating and sweating is a fairly normal side effect that some people experience from narcotic pain medications.

I went through it for years when I was on pain management and taking Morphine and Oxycodone.

Unfortunately, it can also last for a long time, even if you stop taking the medication. I still have trouble with excessive sweating and I stopped the medications almost 2 years ago, now.

There are a couple of other time released options, such as Oxycontin and MS Contin, but you may still experience the same issue. Some people don't and some do, there is no way to know for sure, until you try something.


I can only suggest talking to your doctor, again, and letting them know how severely bothersome the problem has become.

When I was still married, I used to drive both my husband and son crazy with my overheating.

Does anyone else have any advice?

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Paula wenger Says:

Well, waterfall,big geiser,raining parade, Ive used em all!!! Fentanyl is so bad in terms of sweating and going from hot wet soaked clothes an instance later goosebumps with chills and your still wet!! I myself hate this side effect it has flipped my world into a terrible place to be , afraid , ashamed,,embarrassed,and tired of saying hormones, or menopause, I at first blamed them due to having had a complete hysto . but as I am weening from 75mcgsto 50 @ the dr.s I had him write scripts for 25mcgs and I put 2 on at a time tried to get down to just 25 but the other withdraw symptoms are killing my spirit too. I recomend never starting this drug and if not an option as w/ I you do whatever it take (safely,w/dr help) to get off! chronic pain is world crashing and I have been on so many different meds that I am willing to pop vicodin again 12-15 per day if need to , never if God wills that I am to get off Fentanyl successfully , will I ever touch em , unless I am about to die! God will provide help!!

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John Says:

I never tell others what they should or shouldn't do in regards to pain management(presuming one is honest and using for pain) and I won't today. Just know that I too was on fentanyl 100mcq X 48 hours and was HORRIBLY sweating, then chills, then hot. Wow, enough to drive me insane, almost literally. After 5 months on fent, I decided enough. I put the last patch on and said let it run it's course. By Grace of prayer, my withdrawl was very minimal, very little discomfort and within a week, it stopped raining on me. I now know if was the fentanyl that did this to my body-extreme hot/cold flashes, sweat, yuck! It started me on the path to insomnia which is very dangerous since the mind takes over when you haven't slept. Even my hunger was affected: end result no eating, no sleeping and hot flashes from h###, I was miserable. I am now much better, and feel better. Still use oxycodone for pain, but GOODBYE FENTANYL and hopefully never again. My mind: fentanyl belongs to those dying of cancer or in such pain that their only quality of life is pain relief. Next to that, after only 5 months of it, it's one nasty drug in my mind and I say STAY AWAY!

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rob pitzer Says:

i want to say to the people on the fentanyl patches for pain. STOP. I was once on the patch and I stopped breathing. I was in the hospital and my mom thought i just took a nap. Thank God Dr. coleman walked in to do her morning rounds right about the time I stopped breathing. All I can remember is waking up in the hospital bed. The last thing I can remember is I took my pain patch and licked the inside which a lot of people do, and I layed down. The next thing I remember is being sorrunded by about 5 or 6 medical personall and they were trying to shoove tubes or something down my throut. Please if anyone is on the patch. DON'T LICK IT. I allmost died from it and I know 2 people that did die from it. Please don't be stupid like I was. I was just wanting to get a stupid feeling not death but it will stop ur breathing.

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rob pitzer Says:

as far as pain goes i honestly believe im an expert. 2 broken necks, I remember many sleepless nights not being able to sleep due to pain. It's sad Dr.'s are not writting because of fear from the law. It's not the laws fault either. It's the people abusing the drug that are addicts.Anyway take your mri to a Dr. that will write if you can find one. Dr. Kunkull is a good one. Does anyone else have any Dr.'s that are not afraid to write. I was dropped by Kunkull because I reffered a friend and this so called friend altered their mri and we both got dropped and I did nothing wrong but refferered the wrong stupid person which I will never do again. Im a person nthat really sufferes from 2 past broken necks, the last oct.26th of this past year. PLEASE HELP.

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Milo Says:

I can tell U sweating is a side effect of ALL narcotic pain meds. I do have a suggestion, if you have trouble KEEPING the patch on, U can call Jansen (the drug comp) and they will send u a FREE box of Bioclusive patch covers. And they will keep providing them for the time u r on patch. This is just like the cover they put on an IV.

If you live in Canada, not so much GOOD luck n love from Drug companies. So far since i have lived here, NOT ONE drug company is or has been willing to send me the covers FREE, actually, no one has even offered to do it for money! In Canada, U will have to go to the drug store and by something called Tegaderm. It costs about $8 for a box of 8! I did find that if you go to a hospital pharmacy, they are MUCH cheaper. I get mine for 35cents each at my hospital!

The sweating side effect usually passes. In time. As for me, I sweat due to a different medical condition. So it wont go away for me. But, having a cover to keep the patch on helps.

Ive recently begun to wonder if the sweating may be making the patch LESS effective. But, Im still watching this to see.

Overall, I prefer the patch to other opioids. But EVERYONE is different, and each drug effects everyone differently!

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Milo Says:

Ok people. Let me inform you of something. After reading more of your posts, I feel I must say this.

First of all, if you are weaning off of Fentanyl, U dont HAVE to take fentanyl. It is a Opioid, U can use ANY Opioid in replacement of it. You do not HAVE to wean off Fenatnyl then start another drug! It is NOT NEEDED! If your doctor told you this, I would be suspicious of his/her motives for that.

Also, drugs like Vicodin, Percocet Lortab etc have OODLES of Acetaminophen in them. It is BAD for your liver. The DAILY MAX dose id 3300 mg. So if your doc is giving you these drugs, AND you take any tylenol in any other product you are risking your liver. If you were popping 12 Vicodin a day you were killing your liver. The effects of Acet/Tylenol on it are accumulative, over your lifetime. You should REALLY avoid it in ANY meds. But NEVER take and drug with it as your MAIN source of LONG TERM/CHRONIC pain. Not to mention that when u take these every 4 hour drugs you LIVE on a rx roller coaster. You are a 8 out of 10 on pain scale, so pop a percocet, wait 45-60 min, to BEGIN to reduce pain to a 5. Then in the 3rd hour the pain increases, slowly till 5 hours later youre back to an 8 again. It is BAD for your Nervous system and can cause you PERM pain. This is why they have drugs like Fentanyl, it will help to keep you off the roller coaster!

Also, I agree, DO NOT LICK your patch, or the envelope. The person who did this was Misappropriating the meds. Which makes it all the more hard for others to get pain control from the doctor. The guy who's friend altered the MRI, was also a reason! We need to work as a team to prevent these things to HELP preserve the right for ALL of us to get and use PROPER pain control!

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Cindi Says:
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I've been on a Fentanyl patch for about a year. Only the last three-four months after I switched types has my life become miserable related to constant, drenching sweat. I am an RN/BSN of 32 years, so pretty knowledgable re: meds. This is no life. Will be weaning off, and hopefully it will cease. Also on PRN Hydrocodone, Savella and Sulfasalazine. I have RA and Fibro.

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Kay Says:

Cindi... Would love to be able to talk to you about the side effects you have been having on the Fentanyl Patch. It seems that they are similar to mine. I am a retired RN of 30 years. I started on the Fentanyl patch at 25mcg/72hrs then had to increase to 50mcg/72hrs. This was about 4 months ago...I started having trouble getting too sleepy.....still needed about 2 Generic Lortab/day for break through pain. 2 weeks ago started having hot flashes and chills. Soooo went to PM Dr and talked to him about this... Decided to decrease strength of Fentanyl. To 25mcg/72 hrs. Now I am back to taking more pills and hurting all the time! Hot flashes and chills some better.
I guess the main reason I decided to reply to your post is to see what solution you might have come up with Today is the day I am due to change patch and/or call Dr about going back to 50mcg or just to keep on like I am! Any suggestions

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Craig Says:
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I have been on 100 mcg every 48 and I could not track down the sweating buts it in side effects, but anytime of day mostly early morning or nights I get profuse sweating I mean I have change underwear and shirt, but my doctor told me also that chronic pain causes the adrenal glands to release adrenaline which triggers the sweat glands on high gear hope that helps peace of mind but always keep a hand towl iand a clean shirt in the car for the sweat attacks thanks craig

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Sparsh Says:

i sweat very easily. its very annoying at school. Its summer now and i have to stay under sun during morning assembly for long time. I get all drenched in sweat through my shirt and underwear.

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Spyz Says:

So, my tolerance finally stabalizes to where i can actually go 12 hrs on opana 20mg ER, instead of every eight hours and surprise! Ins will not cover it due to me never having been on fentanyl patch..i already have hot flashes from menapause and have read that that will cause quicker absorption of the med and will need to change latch every 48 hours instead of 72. Do doctors prescribe more of them to folks who for whatever reason will absorb them quicker? What about summer at the pool? Wont the sun cause them to absorb quicker? Will swimming affect the patch? I have about 3 days to tell them. My other options are kadian and mscontin which obviously dont work, thats why ive been on oxycontin and now opana.

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Tammy Says:
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I was put on the Fentanyl Patch after Oxycontin didn't help with my pain. I love the stable pain control & for the most part have been very happy. I've been on 100mcg every 72 hrs for roughly 10 years. I finally found a patch that stays on better than most (Watson) so I don't have to deal with the Tegaderm anymore. It's very important to look at the placement pictures in the instructions. I've found that placing the patch on the flank gets you better pain control & it stays on better.

About 5 years ago I got hot. I was so hot that I could barely breathe & I got into a cold shower fully dressed. It gets to the point that I have to take my clothes off, cover with anything terrycloth & lie in front of a fan. I don't know what it is about terrycloth but it helps.

About 3 months after that the sweating started. It's head to toe & even my hair drips. Buying undergarments has become a hobby. I've even color coordinated my sweat rags to my clothes. Yes it's really that bad. Now for the irritating part. My neurologist has never seen me sweat. Not once! I've done enough reading to know there is no "schedule" to the sweating but don't you think he'd see it at least once!??! I don't think he believes me. He quipped "of course you'll be sweating when it 100 degrees" to which I replied "it happens when it's 32 degrees outside." He then started the menopause rant again & I had to remind him about the hysterectomy. I wonder if he looks at my chart? He says it can't be that bad because he's never seen it. I like this doctor but I'm frustrated.

Any ideas? I'm very happy with not having to take pills around the clock. They never lasted anyway & I'd be watching the clock waiting for it to be time for the next one. That's not living.

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Breezy777 Says:

I, like all of you, especially the last post, am on Fentanyl, Hydrocodone/Acetomeniphen, and Neurontin (which I just read helps with sweating). I started with Hypothyroid, Hypoglycemia, Low Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Total Hysterectomy, and Peripheral Neuropathy. I then got POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachychardia Syndrome) from the Low Blood Pressure which is under the umbrella of Dysautonomia (Dysregulation of the Autonomic Nervous System). Look it up! (POTS Symptoms) You'll find a lot of your complaints and be surprised. I'm having a reprieve from hell today after literally not being able to stand, sit, go online, tidy up, cook, work, shop because I literally drop and wrap in towels from instantly burning up, heart racing, being dizzy and nauseous, drenching with sweat, chills, no intercourse as I'm afraid to even move or I'll sweat, and yes, me too, I am constantly changing my clothes, and now have a pile of sweat towels near me; always doing laundry. I'm a worthless rock. So after reading all your posts and doing research that I never get to do, that's it folks! I'm done. With God's help, I am going off of the Opiates, NOW!!, because yesterday I told my husband I couldn't take it any more and wanted to be with God. But to say one more thing. He talked me into having a little cannabis, and an hour later, after 5 years of severe torture from almost combusting into flames from burning up and heart racing and then being freezing, the sweating stopped. No smoke today, yet, but I actually still feel good, as if it's still in my body. My next search is for a doctor to prescribe edibles as I now have asthma, yes, from the drugs, and will get back to my herbal and nutrient remedies and see an acupuncturist. Google Common and Rare Side Effects of Fentanyl (or Vicodin) and click on the WebMD site and you'll freak. So good luck and go with God!

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Katiegirl63 Says:
via mobile

Hi, OMG, I thought it was just me! I can't handle the constant sweating! I was wondering if it was from the Fentynal or the oxycodone or both.
it's a no win situation cuz if I don't have the patch which is constant, the pain wakes me up a few times a night. I don't know what to do!

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Cindy Says:
via mobile

Please excuse my reply if you find the tone "bossy." My intention is not lo be bossy but Italy come across that way!

I recommend you have someone (or you) record a meltdown event w a smart phone. Maybe several meltdowns! Hopefully you can get them recorded from beginning through to the end, stating the date and time as you progress through it so the doc can see and know how it comes on, how long it takes to progress, and just how miserable you get.

It would be good to also record every meltdown on a calendar, noting time of day, what you had been doing/eating just prior, etc to track if there is any "trigger" or pattern. Perhaps the details should be recorded on a separate sheet so as to not muddle up the calendar, but definitely record the time of meltdown on the calendar so there is a quick overview of the occurrences. If your meltdowns vary in intensity, record a rating from 1-10 on the calendar.

Perhaps you will notice a pattern or a "trigger" to the events which you can point out to your doc. I would do it for a month or so or longer, however long it takes to get a real overview of the meltdowns. Then take a pic of the finished calendar and email the pic and video to the doc requesting a follow-up appointment after his/her review. At your follow-up appointment, bring the videos and a copy of your calendar with you, along with a copy your detailed list (noting any pattern you may have noticed), and a printout of the email you sent so he knows you did so whether he has put it in your chart or not. (Keep the originals in case these copies get misplaced.).

Then plant yourself in the exam room chair and don't leave until you reach a plan for treating these events. It may be a trial-and-error plan, so be sure to continue noting all events, changes, etc.

I know this sounds like a lot of work but it may be the only way you can relay to the doc the events he/she seems to be poo-pooing thus far. Good luck.

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breezy Says:
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See #15 below. It was my very first post ever on May 2nd and I decided then to go off the patch. I was burning up and sweating 95% of the time, I was even afraid to move or I would sweat. I could never sleep any more finally hitting my nervous system so bad I almost broke down. My nerves got so frayed from being on the patch, which is now considered a side effect that the doctors don't tell you about, and thankfully I am now down to my last 4mcgs. from cutting the patch up. Two and a half months later from Winnie off of the patch I am now 95% sweat free. Thank you Jesus! I'm done! Get off of it when you can and very slowly.

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San Says:

Yes, the sweating is driving me crazy. It never gets better, I kept hoping with time side effects decrease as the drs love to say, but, no go. Years now. Drains me totally of any energy I might have, which is precious little due to pain levels. As others have said, the fentanyl is the best med for pain control for me and I think I have tried them all. I hate to say misery loves company, but reading these posts has made me feel better, just in the sense of not feeling alone in my struggle. Tammy, you made me laugh about color coordinating your sweat rags to your clothes! Hang in there! I have simply given up underclothes myself. What's the point? Adds heat and damp trapping layer, who needs it? Since I can't function well from pain and no longer can work, I live in open, airy cotton caftans that I soak thru, hang to dry, wear another, soak thru, hang to dry. If I am lucky the first might dry by the time the second gets soaked. Or I introduce a third into rotation. Plus I spend a large portion of my life naked in front of a fan. My caftan collection has grown, but I recently had to purchase 3 more since the laundry so quickly piles up and I was running out of clothes. It's summer now so at least I don't cycle thru the hot then freezing routine. Just hot to bearable for a while. I've been searching for an answer or at least an explanation of WHY this occurs, but medical consensus is best summed up in a statement I read, "the causes are not well understood". Evidently there are many meds that cause sweating, including my thyroid, blood pressure, amitryptiline, and oxicodone. Maybe the fentanyl was the tipping point? If I could stand the pain I would stop. Right not it's just down to being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Tammy, I agree to document the number, duration, intensity of sweating and talk to your dr again. Maybe you can do better on another med. But do not let him minimize your problem. The best thing I do is to have my husband with me for every single dr appt. drs talk to you MUCH better when there is a third party present, friend, family, whoever can reinforce the reality of the symptoms and the intensity of the problems. Milo, great point about acetaminophen! After years of taking Vicodin, then Norco,(which worked SO poorly) my husband researched the acetaminophen issue. How can drs justify damaging your liver that way when they know the effects, but just don't want to write a stronger prescription? And are constantly told how poor pain control they offer? Okay, I will stop ranting now! If anyone finds anything that helps with the sweating, please post!

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Susan Says:
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I too have been on the same dosage for 2 years. I'm 47 and have, for the past year experienced excessive sweating. For me, I also get terrible chills as well. My doctor says it I'd a common adverse reaction. She is slowly tapering me off of the patch. I'm still having the same symptoms, and now noticing more pain. We are going to discuss alternatives when my body is detoxed.

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