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New Fentanyl vs Oxycontin

I have been taking oxycontin, now since they changed the the formula i am up to 120x2 a day with a breakthough. It stinks i still have pain with the op kind. I tried 100mg patchs of fentanal. Could never keep them on.Now i hear of a fentanal pill newly approved.I think this would be a lot better for me. Ant thoughts on this dillema I have??? ## Have you tried the Fentenal lollypops? (suckers?) ## The new tablets are sold under the trade name Fentora and they are available in several dosages, up to 800mcgs. The lollipop formulation that Kat mentioned is called Actiq. Have you consulted your doctor, yet? This is really the strongest narcotic available and you may have better luck with a different formulation. ## having trouble keeping fentynol patch on ## Fentora is an IR version of fenta...

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Fentanyl 25 patches

Please let me know the gel brands for fent 25 patches. I always used PAR and now I guess they are obsolete. I'm in northern virginia and I hate the foil backed ones as they are like gum when they get wet and then a ball of gook. I could handle the little tiny ones that are non gel but I they too aren't very sticky once they get wet. The gel ones, I can take off when I shower and stick them back on their plastic and re-stick. I wear them on my hip wear my underwear elastic is and worse case scenerio, I put a bandaid over it if the sticky isn't very sticky. Thank you for any names of gel 25's that I can ask my pharmacy to order without sounding like I'm desperate lol ## Two pharmacies near Woodbridge VA, attempted to order the PAR brand and came back to say they couldn...

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