Fentanyl 100 Transdermal System

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I have been treated with Fentanyl Transdermal System. I have gotten in what they call a donut hole and the price is a lot more than any person on Disability could ever afford. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

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Nancy Says:

If you find a way to get the patch at a price someone on disability can afford let me know please buy insurance get up my cost from $2.50 to $40.00 and for that increase I would have to go without food or heat which do I choose.

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Dawn Says:

I'm also in the "donut hole"and I have to say no meds should cost $400 on disablity it's almost impossible, but my pain is so bad I just can't do without. I've had this pain for 17 yrs and I still keep going

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bill Says:

If you have medicare medco has a plan that has generic coverage thru the donut hole. I get my patched for $6 a month with this insurance

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hillbillyhippie Says:

I'm new to fentanyl, taking 150 mcg. I don't know about the donut hole. I'm on disability with Medicare & medicaid and right now the most I pay is 3.25. Also, trying to find out if the patch can go over a tatoo

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kittykat Says:

A tatoo will not have any effect using the patch

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Memory Says:

Dawn what kind of pain do you have?

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Taylor Says:

Could you please give a bit more information regarding this plan so I can find it. I too hit the donut hole. My Fentanyl is waiting at the pharmacy with a $500 co-pay.

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Leslie Says:

prescription discount

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Jimmy Says:

I was on 300 Mcg a day every 24 hrs. I work in 120 degree heat all the time and would have a hard time keeping them on. I used to get afraid of overdosing as well as your body temp running over 102 degrees 30 to 40 % more of drug can be absorbed into your body. I'd be in that heat most days over 9 hrs. I used to panic and take them off as well. that being said it was a nightmare trying to keep dose constant. I started getting rhyzotomys which helped my pain immensely. I started reducing, went down 200 Mcg in 14 months but I was constantly in withdrawal. finally at 100 Mcg I went cold turkey. not fun to say the least. day 14 and still very sick, like bad. it was crazy the first 5 days but now again getting bad, this drug is not meant for people who want to be active. I think your better off with oxy neo long acting, can take safely up to 300 mg per day. fentanyl is a horrible drug. My pain has dropped now since going off, go figure.

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Hop63 Says:

Posts like this scare me. I want to get off the fentanyl but I don't think I could handle the withdrawal not to mention the return of intense constant pain. Some days I have quite a bit of pain with the fentanyl so without it would be unbearable. Maybe I should try to lower dosage first and taper off slowly. Congrats to all you amazing people that go "cold turkey". I don't think I could do it and I don't have a support system (family/friends) that would stay with me during the worst of it.

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Jo Says:

During donut hole, I go to Sams Club. There 75 mcg fentenyl is $125.00.

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JohnnyVee Says:

It's a tough detox. I did it in Nov.2015. It was a crazy kick. You only get tylenol and anxiety meds for 7 days. Then your OK. Well the pain is there and then you start all over again at a smaller dosage then climb back up the ladder of opioids. It took me 3 years for the tolerance, 7 days detox and now i'm starting over again. What a life? Pain and misery with 2 to 4 hours of sleep a day IF I'm lucky?

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Tigwelder Says:

Who the hell gave you 300mcg of Fentanyl,If you were taking that every 24hour's you would have died.And your right about the heat, I was out fishing on a hot day and I was taking the 75 mcg patch,i had to leave the lake right away because I was throwing up and felt just aweful.To much Fentanyl can be a death sentence,and do not drink Alcohol when on strong opiate's.Two of my co-worker's were doing Oxycontin.and they didn't have a prescription for it.And they went out and drank all night and they never woke up the next day,because they overdosed,and mixed the two and it was to much for there body to handle.

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Benjamin Says:

Re: Dawn (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Dawn. I am new to this site, but I wanted to hear how you are doing. I am a dual US and Canadian citizen and i also suffer from DDD. The past ten years have been the worst and im strangely lucky because i live in Canada now and so my meds, whatever they are, only cost me 100$ per month because of the health system here. Even though I get disability from the US, I still have to pay 100 per month but before that I was on welfare in Canada and got the same amount of money i now get on US disability but they used to pay for all my meds. I dont know why they now charge me because I’m still disabled, and still cant work, but thats the way it is. I suppose they figure since im from the US they can disqualify me. All in all, im glad that I can pay it. So if you have a chance Id like to hear from you.

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Benjamin Says:

Re: JohnnyVee (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Hi JohnnyVee, I wanted to write and ask you how you have been. I had a drinking px when i was a kid and i have been sober for 33 years but because of degen disk disease ive been on Fentanyl for ten years now. I’m actually thinking of detoxing and then having to start up. Its horrible. I cant run, walk, go biking like all the things I did and I understand what it is like, as you understand what it is like for me.

So, did you ever detox? I assume i would have to do the same thing, detox, then start taking Fentanyl again. I’m just wondering what I would do for the pain, i dont understand how that works. I think if I didn't have my patches I would last maybe a day before I found the nearest all building. That is so sad to say but its the truth and its something that only people in our situation can understand. What are the options?

I’m 60 and the side effects like constipation, well they are the worst. I can live with the memory loss, and then I keep dropping things. I've broken two Starbucks ceramic coffee things cause I keep dropping them. And the isolation, etc. I am hoping that maybe when they legalize marijuana here in Montreal in a few months that that can help, and maybe then I can get off the patches for good, or reduce my total RX.

Even though marijuana has been medically okay for years, my MD wont sign papers for it. Its like MDs dont want to take risks, but in a couple months it will be legal for anyone over the age of 18 or 21, so I know there are some strong types of cannabis that just takes care of the pain, has no ability to produce the euphoria associated with weekend and social “smokers” etc.

Anyway, nice to share and I am glad you shared your plight with me. As far as the sleeping goes, Ive now developed a weird migraine side effect. I had occasional visual migraines, without the pain, for years but it wasnt an issue, I read in a science journal that LBP (lower back pain) patients like myself have some strange migraine headache increase. But I had the visual migraine (crushed glass, floaters, etc) for years before my back pain. I’m not sure if they are worse now but time will tell.

Okay, thanks for your time.

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