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Esbelcaps details

side effects ## looking for info on getting esbelcaps in USA ## Sorry, since this is not a medication approved and available in the U.S. I am unable to help you. Foreign drugs are just not regulated like those under the FDA. ## I want those so bad too! I am In the Usa as well and If u ever find them and have them for sale then email ME :) ## You can get those pills in T.J, MX. You go see a doctor and he will prescribe them for you. ## i want to get redotex or esbelcap i live in the usa does anybody knows where to get them i heard they work really good. please email me. ## fenfluramine available ## you are able to obtain esbelcaps any where in mexico they are $35 and you dont need to consult a doctor for a prescription all you have to do is pay at the pharmacy $15 for the prescription ##...

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Fenfluramine availability

Does anyone know about the availability of fenfluramine? I would like to purchase fenfluramine. ## I am sorry, Stacie, but this medication has been removed from the market, so it cannot be purchased. The FDA reports that it was found to cause an increased risk of fatal cardiac events, such as stroke, or heart attack. Is there anything else I can help with?

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