Femhrt/breast Cancer

Terri Says:

I had incurred stage 2 breast cancer because of taking Femhrt!! I would like to know what recourse I have???

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Sharon Says:

I was diagnosed with stage 1-2 triple negative breast cancer and the first thing my doctor told me was to stop the Femhrt. I would like to know if I have any recourse?

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Sue Says:

I am 51. I took the pill (Loestrin) to regulate my periods during perimenopause, and now that I'm thru it my doctor has put me on Femhrt. My doctor (as well as others I solicited advice from) ALL insisted that the benefits of Femhrt far outway the risks. I am so scared about the risks though. My symtpoms are things I can live with, but I am taking the Femhrt now (have for about 6 months) because my doctor i so insistant about its benefits. I am very interested in your input on this matter. God bless you. Stage 2 is curable! Be strong!

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