False Positive On Drug Test For Cocaine

shanika Says:

I took a hair follicle test and it came up positive for cocaine. I have never used drugs in my life. I have a kidney infection and I have been having trouble with my kidney all my life on and off. I was taking Ampicillin 500mg and Metronidazole 500 mg and Eugenol. I am going to court concerning my kids and I can't lose them for drugs when I never took them before. Please help me. Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

The antibiotic Ampicillin has been known to cause false positives for Cocaine on drug tests and depending on the length of your hair and how much of it they test, it can show up anywhere from 90 days to the rest of your life.




When the testing was done, where they aware of your medical problems and any medications you were taking?

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shanika Says:

No they didnt no about my health problems. Can i use this what you have answer in court? If need to contact you so the court do not feel like im making this up. How can i do that by phone?

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Verwon Says:

shanika, no, I cannot help you with a court case, I'm sorry.

Your best bet, to get information to present to the court, if you need it, is to research the information online and print out any relevant details and documents that may help.

Your lawyer should be able to help you with that.

You may also want to consult with a doctor that is knowledgeable in this area, as that would be someone that the court would accept to provide expert information on the subject.


Are there any other questions?

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sherryb Says:

I was taking bactrim and cephalexin for mrsa, and oxycodone/apap and oxycontin and klonopin and i tested positive for cocaine but i never used cocaine.

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Verwon Says:

sherryb, I am not finding anything on your list that would cause a false positive for Cocaine.

Have you taken anything else? Even over the counter products or herbal supplements?






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Missy Says:

I have had a dental surgery with in the last month. I was received 7 total shots to numb my mouth of some sort of 'cain' derivative. I now have to submit to a hair follicle test with in the next week. Is it possible for me to have a false positive and should I take a letter from the oral surgeon stating exactly what he gave me?

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Carol Says:

My sister lost her job at due to a False positive for Cocaine on her UA. Any suggestions on what to do? She's worked for American Arlines for 10 years and is completely crushed over this.

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Jasmine Says:

Can neutralize and hydroxacine test positive for cocaine? Need to know cause their trying to say I tested positive for cocaine & my kids are at risk o can u share a cigarette with someone who uses?

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Cat Says:

I took a hair follicle drugs test and it came positive for cocaine and I never used drug in my life, the only thing I taken was hydrocodone 500mg from dentist. Why they don't ask your medical history before you are tested.

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evangelo Says:

I was taking 500 milligrams of ampicillin for 10 days 4 times a day I tested neg before I started taking the antibiotics then 20 days later tested positive for cocaine the last time I used was over 7 months ago and my hair is only one inch long please tell me were I can get info to prove a dales positive.

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soscared! Says:

I tested positive on a recent hair test for cocaine and I do NOT use. My attorney now says I will lose custody of my daughters in my current custody case. My ex is very aggressive legally and I'm terrified, obviously, now. I am desperate for some help asap. Court in 2 weeks and attorney has thrown in the towel.

facts: my ex-fiance, now, was heavy user of cocaine of which I did not know. He was battling with drinking and use of Vicodin (sp?) and I was blind to anything else. When my test came back positive I was hysterical and he told me the truth, thinking this may have caused the positive (from being with him 24/7, intimate, etc.)

I broke off the engagement immediately. If it was him, I would take no chances with losing my daughters because of him, though this killed me! my daughters come first.

My attorney emphatically feels there is no exposure possibility. I must agree after all I have read. I am suspicious now of the lab's errors of which are very clear.

I am also wondering about the possibility of ingesting the drug without knowing it. My ex and I do not speak now, of course, because of how his behavior jeopardize, the most precious reason for my being... my children.

Is there ANYTHING at all that could have made this occur? Am I not thinking of something? My attorney won't fight it. I'm on my own now.

I have become aware now, by others, of how troubled this man is as well. Could he have slipped something to me? If so, how? It would not surprise me if he wanted me high too... hoping I would like it and want to do it with him? I would always enjoy a cocktail with him, yet I could have thought the drink gave me the buzz...?

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scared to death Says:

I am in a battle for my kids. My ex made a false report and to my surprise my baby tested positive for cocaine in her hair. She was in the NICU for the first week of her life. She has never had a hair cut as she hardly has any hair. I also have submitted a hair test but don't know the results yet. Although I am on several of the medications I've read that has caused false positives on this blog. I am scared to death. I haven't used in almost 7 years. I used before I had 3 kids and why would it be in one and not my other 3 kids if I was using. I am praying to find the answers to prove these people wrong. I haven't used drugs in years and if I did it sure in the hell wouldn't be around my kids!

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soscared! Says:

if cocaine done one day, how long before shows up in hair test?

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trying to find the answer Says:

i was taking clarithromycin 500mg,amoxicillin500mg,omeprazole200mg,belladonna alkaloids w/pb tablets, and tested false negitave for cocain how is that possible...i don't do any drugs at all.

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Gertie Cole Says:

I tested positive on a blood test for diazepam + nordiazepam. I have never taken this. I found out diazepam is valium + I still don't know what nordiazepam is! I take a lot of meds and otc stuff. Could any of these cause false positives: Gabapentin,synthroid,ranitidine,seroquel,lamotrigine, daily multivitamin,vitaminD,crestor,calcium,81 mg. aspirin, ambien,cranberry caps,800 mg. motrin

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Gertie Cole Says:

I tested positive on a blood test for diazepam + nordiazepam. I have never taken this. I found out diazepam is valium + I still don't know what nordiazepam is! I take a lot of meds and otc stuff. Could any of these cause false positives: Gabapentin,synthroid,ranitidine,seroquel,lamotrigine, daily multivitamin,vitaminD,crestor,calcium,81 mg. aspirin, ambien,cranberry caps,800 mg. motrin,500 mg. tylenol

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leslie Says:

I took a drug (urine) and it came back with cocaine positive results. I DO NOT USE DRUGS. can metronidazole cause a false positive?

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Kelly Says:

How did you make out? I have a similar situation happening now. In a household of 4 (mother, father, son, daughter). The 1 year old failed drug test for heavy cocaine use as a daily user. The rest of us passed test without any issues.

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Mike Says:

Could I possibly suggest that you get your doctor to write a certificate to take with you to court showing that the medication you have been legally prescribed does contain cocaine and this would show up on any drug test you have been asked to undergo. This will have the case thrown out of court - no worries!

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Patience Says:

Kelly, what are you doing about these results? Did DSS take your kids? I'm going thru same thing. My 19 month old baby tested positive for cocaine...high daily using dosage!! IMPOSSIBLE but that's what DSS said. Came w 2 police officers & took my baby girl & 10 yr old son w/o even showing me proof of failed test!! I'm scared to death. WE DON'T USE DRUGS!! This is a bad Lifetime movie I'm stuck in.

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