False Positive On Drug Test For Benzodiazepines

Rach Says:

Hi, I enrolled into the methadone clinic about 4 months ago, due to the dependence I had on opiates. since starting the program my life has done a complete 180.Instead of being depressed, unstable and sad my life has become much more manageable. Nothing is perfect , but I've been clean for 4 months and I am NEVER GO BACK TO MY OLD WAYS. About a week ago I had a UA and it came back positive for benzos , I am we'll aware of what these are , but have not taken Any.I'm on Zoloft , and sertraline. I'm very bad about taking my meds I'm not sure if that has something to do with it. Plus I was sick so the regulars., Tylenol, midol, Benadryl, DayQuil and nightQuil. I have no clue to what could have caused this , but am certain it's a false positive. Any suggestions on what it could be. Could any of my medications have caused this?


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aurelia Says:

Zoloft alone will make u test positive for benzos. I know from personal experience being test frequently durring a custody case. No worries, just make sure to inform the proper person(s) of the meds u r taking and that they can vrify this with the drug testing center they r having u use, or any one of them for that matter.

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julia Says:

Same exact thing has happened to me. My freedom is in question. I'm depending on clean urine. I took benadryl. I'm sure that's what did it. I heard that Zoloft will do it 25 percent of the time.

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GG Says:

I took the equate Tylenol PM last month and tussin DM and failed for benzos will just make it come up as a false positive on my UA for the methadone clinic because I cannot figure it out and I can't have another dirty urine

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Jenn Says:

Benadryl!! the ingredient, diphenhydramine in benadryl will cause this false-positive.

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Recovered One Says:

I took maybe two valium back in march and no more ever since I have been testing positive for benzo 6 urine test that's 6months ago no reason for me to lie are they lieing I only take amlodipine blood pressure med. no other meds NOTHING!

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Jenn Says:

The Tylenol PM will show a false-positive for benzos on the dip stick test BUT when the clinic sends the urine to the lab, the lab WILL show that it was a false-positive and you DO NOT have benzos. They are the professionals and should KNOW THIS but if needed print it off the internet and DEMAND a more sensitive test!!!!!!!

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Heather Says:

What about the generic version of Claritin?

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Jenn Says:

It was the Benadryl, once your UA goes to the lab it will show it is actually negative. These meds will only show a positive on the dip stick test but NOT the lab results

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Emmymay Says:

Do you drink energy drinks on a regular basis, or maybe had one prior to your urine screen? I had been testing positive for months for benzos, and I was so upset knowing I wasn't taking anything like that I demanded further testing. They didn't want to do it as I'm sure they hear these excuses all the time, but finally they did and they always came back from the secondary testing as NO BENZO's detected. The only explanation my doctor, and I have been able to come up with are the Monster energy drinks (probably every other brand as well) that I drink every day. Good luck......

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Emmymom Says:

Do you by any chance drink energy drinks like "Monster" on a daily basis, or prior to your urine screens? I have been testing positive for them for quite some time, and we have now proven that they are the culprit. My initial UA always came back positive for benzos, but after sending them on for more sensitive testing they always came back negative for any benzos.

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John Says:

I am a stage 4 cancer patient for the past 11 years and I like to tell people that because I am also practice for 12 years as a pharmacist and it's also called my position a pharm MD. I like to post and let people know my qualifications so you know that I am also a doctor and the only thing I can't do is Right schedule two medications. In fact most doctors have at least one pharmacist they call multiple times a day just so you know and they actually pay them in one form or another that might not be working at a hospital because there are regular pharmacist and ones that work at hospital because they can do extra stuff and they went for extra schooling. I also am on the other side of the coin I've been through the ringer and understand it all sense of my cancer and it's very rare and I have stage 4 so I've been through everything and at one point was on tons of pain medication as well as I didn't like the groggy out of it affect that the medication cause so I actually was taking those medications at the same time I was referred to a methadone clinic so I was on that as well just so you understand that I also relate to all that stuff. Now I've said it and a bunch of different topics to some people because I tried to get back with my posts to help people since I'm literally laid up on my back for almost that whole time I just mention because of my cancer. Now there are a number of things and only you know though if you actually use any type of drug that would turn up as a positive test. All methadone clinics do the same type of urinalysis so it's a full work-up that's usually done and it's done off site most of the time like 99.9% of the time it's sent to a place like a Quest Diagnostics which is something that's Countrywide but there's tons of those places. Now you are asking the same thing that most people are asking in different ways when it comes to First you mentioned you've been on methadone in the clinic for four months and I know how it all works out they give you take homes based on the number of clean tests you have and if you have too many 30 tests depending on the situation they can even discharge you from the clinic. I'm sure after 4 months you know all the rules so you understand all that. Now how you mentioned that you're not good about taking medications is no excuse and again I'm just being honest about everything because you're asking a question with your post and I'm also trying to help out other people that might have some questions you understand? Now those medications that you just mentioned would have nothing in them that could turn up as any type of benzodiazepine or opiate. Butt 2 things there are always issues everyday plenty of times that show false positives and false negatives in urinalysis test even the best ones that they send and pay for that's part of your treatment. Now if you're positive that in the four months except in the beginning obviously when you turned up positive 2 enroll into the methadone clinic that you have been clean ever since and you obviously had to have other Kleen test each month because they test at least once a month. So I heard you say that you're not going to taking medications and I have a couple pieces of advice when it comes to that especially if you take a couple medications which your clinic needs to always have a record of your medications on a monthly basis and even though there's a couple things that every Clinic has a couple different rules regarding some things there are federal laws that they have to follow and the ones that I mentioned are those. Meaning for 1 whenever you have prescriptions whether they be monthly or if you have to go to the hospital or even if you're sick you need to let them know? Whether it be a print out of your prescribed medications or just letting them know what you took over the counter ahead of time that they would want to know and need to know. Also if you have issues remembering to take your medication that's prescribed ECT what I do and you should do is buy a cheap weekly or sometimes they have them for every two weeks you can pretty much buy anything you need that is holding your medication and it's a planner that shows for you basically you put your medication let's say Monday through Sunday from a.m. to the p.m. you put your medications in those compartments so you know when and you take the right medications. So you have no problems are stuck up and don't forget those issues of taking your medication on time and all that. Now once again only you know as an addict 2 maybe as you said your drug of choice would be opiate pain medicine or whatever you took to bring you to the methadone clinic you've only been there for 4 months so not only do you feel a lot better and have a lot clearer mind but you also are still even more susceptible and you know this no matter how good you feel? You're more susceptible to at the drop of a dime whatever trigger is for you using for whatever reason and usually it's a dumb reason because you know that methadone is addictive as it is it's way better than using any opiates like you were before and I was before like I said about myself. So not just my profession as a pharmacist and D but I still have the others experience in fact exactly dealing with knowing how methadone clinics deal with everything. So I don't fully know anymore what your question really was aside from there's nothing you can do besides it's a law that states if you know and your heart obviously and in your mind if you took any medications that you're not supposed to take which is any benzodiazepine and none of those medications that you mentioned has any type of benzo in it or opiate. So what I was mentioning or about 2 is that you need to if you know that you took none of those medications to fight this situation of having a negative test? Then you're always allowed to have that same test you can't do a repeat test but they can retest the urinalysis that came up positive in which you think was a false positive test. So only you know that but what I suggest is that if you have them do that just know that they're going to make you pay for whatever it costs on top of it all if it comes up positive again and remember you know if you tooka false positive and possibly having to not only look bad or worse and paying for that retest which couldn't help you obviously if you knew you took a medication you weren't supposed to? What I would suggest if you took a medication you weren't aside from the other advice I gave you would be to always with these people since they know your attics and that's why you're there and it sounds like you in the four months you've been there which I'm not sure but it doesn't really matter unless they said and even then they change their minds if you have another dirty test then they're going to discharge you which I doubt unless they really meant it and they didn't think you were serious about anything there but getting free methadone? I would tell my counselor or whoever you have to talk to you there that it has been very difficult and they're used to dealing with these things obviously. You just tell them that you were scared or whatever you need to say continuing not getting kicked out of there which is hard to do unless you really screwed up at a methadone clinic because they want to continue getting paid just like all the Crooked doctors there are and this is for exactly what you're there for people are going to turn up dirty and that's the bottom line so please take this what I'm saying too hard if you haven't gotten help already? Have a great day and stay safe out there.

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Nene Says:

Zoloft can cause a false positive I just had same thing happen I've been on program and clean for 8 years so this is blowing my mind lol I take zolpidem serrquill and benadryl I don't get it

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Ashen Says:

Jeez, you're basically saying, in an extremely long winded and hardly makes any sense, kind of way, is that the OP is lying. If you really had all these qualifications, you'd see that sertraline/zoloft CAN cause false positives, as can benadryl, oxazepam and other 'lesser' benadryls are *metabolites* and some people create them while they are metabolising the other drugs. You sound like one of the condescending, know it all, know nothing at all, doctors who look down on people who have 'false positives', until it's *proven*.

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Courtney b Says:

Please.. I need advice! I attend a methadone clinic and have been doing great for 2 years. I switched clinics recently (2 months ago) Today they did a random quick test which apparently showed me positive for benzo which is impossible. And they also refused to dose me. The only medications I take are gabapentin and Sleep aids (dyphenhyadramine) but every one in a while I will take clonodine (yes clonodine blood pressure meds NOT kolonipin) which is what I did last night exactly 12 hours before my benzo positive quick test urine screen. I'm wanting to know can any of these meds cause a false positive for benzo? How accurate are quick tests? And will the lab my urine is sent to be able to break it down and prove I didn't range benzo? I'm so upset

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Informationmatters Says:


I'm sorry to say this just may be the most offensive disrespectful and self aggrandizing post I have ever had the displeasure of reading.Its one thing
to give bad advice it's another to
misrepresent qualifications to facilitate
such garbage. Any drug or OTC preparation poses the risk of causing a false positive.Its always best to provide a complete list of everything you take or have taken in recent memory for purposes of confirmation should a questionable result occur.
You always may request a retest but payment for that may be your responsibility.I hope this helps some.

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Stece Says:

How did I fail my UA for benzos when I haven't taking any

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