False Positive For Methamphetamine On Drug Test

Tony Says:

I took a urine drug test for my job and they said it came back positive for methamphetamine, but I dont use methamphetamine. I've just been real sick the whole week before and took a lot of diff. meds to break da fevers and my bad cough. What could have caused it to come up positive?

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Verwon Says:

Well, I can't check the specific medications, since you didn't list what you took, but there are some cold remedies on the market that can give false positives for Methamphetamine.


Some examples would be: NyQuil, Tavist-D, Sudafed and Dimetapp.

Can you post back with more information on what you took?

If so, I'll gladly check them for you.

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silvia stephens Says:

I also got a false positive for methamphetamines on a drug test after taking perscription Nalex-A , a decongestant. Is there some response from the company that can clear my name and save my JOB!!!!

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mike b Says:

I took both nyquil and sudafed I also take astilin and nasonex and sometimes alegra.

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djr Says:

My niece has been in a coma for 3 days now. She is testing positive for meth. She does not use meth. She is bulemic with a host of other problems. She lost most of her upper teeth due to the acid when throwing up. She still has several roots under the gum that I am sure are in a horrible state of decay. Would this cause her tests to come back with high levels of meth in her system? She is being treated like a crack head and we are afraid she won't get the proper treatment she needs because of this.

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Michelle Says:

I was told I failed a drug screen and must take all medications in to check them. I take advair, ipratropium, and albuterol inhaler for asthma. I also take allegra D and benadryl for allergies. I sometimes take an over the counter diet pill called phentramin D. Would any of these cause false positives on a standard UA?

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Cindy Says:

What about grapefruit? I have read from several credible sources that grapefruit can interact w meds and to not ingest it for 12 hrs after taking meds.

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loreen Says:

doc did pee test said the level of oxycodone was too low. i was taken off oxy left on methadone sent to pain clinic and treated as guility. even ask if i do street meth. my name is damaged and i have never abused meds.

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Cindy Says:

Of the perscription meds and the otc meds, which ones cause the most false positives fir meth? And ither amphetamines?

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peachykeen Says:

My wife and I just got back from the Dr. My wife suffers from end stage liver failure, Arthritis and fibromyalgia. She is on one opiate, Hydromorphone. Today they asked for a urine sample, then apparently did some type of dip strip test. The Dr. came in and said she tested positive for Meth. Absolutely impossible. My wife and I are seniors and do NOT do any illegal drugs. I told the Dr. I wanted her to send that urine sample to a real lab and test it, that her test was absolute bull. My wife and I wouldn't know a thing about Meth other than what we see on tv. How could this happen. She takes no over the counter pain relievers and is allergic to anything aspirin related. Thanks for your help.

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tina Says:

I came up positive for meth and no I dont do funny thing is I get xanax tabs and thc pills but was not positive for them

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mulan Says:

my husband got positive meth but he never uses drugs. before the drug test he was taking medications for his kidney, uric acid, sore throat, allergy and uti. he is taing zyloprim (allopurinol), uro vexon(e.coli lyophilized bacterial lysate) inoflox (oflexacin), immunosin (inosiplex), augmentin (co-amoxiclav), zantac (ranitidine) and alnix (cetirizine dihydrochloride).
is there's a possibity that these medications caused to make his drug test positive on meth? pls help. thanks

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Thomas Says:

it is the ranitidine most likely,but only if he is taking large amounts,I actually tested positive for methamphetamine and the only reason I was not discharged from my doctor(pain clinic,have Ehlers-Danlos)is that the doctor did research and came up with this conclusion,I don't think many doctors know about this,the doctor,who is very smart actually drew out all of the chemical make-ups of the medications I take and figured out that the ranitidine was reacting with another medicine I was taking,although they wouldn't say which one,but I think it was acetominophen(tylenol) and causing the false positive for methamphetamine,hope this helps.

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Rick PA-C Says:

FP Meth urine tests are the most common drug screen errors. Tylenol, Alleve, Ibuprofen, Albuterol, and a host of other drugs can either FP or interact with other drugs to create an FP. It is your right to demand a Gas Chromatograph to prove your your claim of FP and it will hold up in court. If an employer refuses and terminates for an FP with no prior history then consult an attorney and plan on buying a new car and house with the settlement. Employers and doctors are ignorant saps when it comes to office urine screens. Typically these are cheap immunoassay dipstick tests that are affected by storage, oxidation and degradation as well as ignorant ill-trained office staff doing the test in a back room. Demand a GC test for confirmation. Most drug screen contractors for employers do this routinely but not always. YOU HAVE RIGHTS so don't let some incompetent, uneducated physician or some idiot employer accuse you of illegal substance use without a confirming GC (absolutely specific to each drug in the sample so no FP).

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rahrah Says:

i recently had a urine drug test that was false positive for amephetmines..i do not mess with anything like that.i have a co worker that has really been messing with my job nd they know if it comes back from the lab positive for amphetamines i will no longer be able to work for that company anywhere world wide.what can i do to prove my innocents

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Rick a retired PAC Says:

For all of you victimized by shoddy urine drug screens, demand a confirming gas chromatograph or atomic absorption at their expense. You have legal rights. Do not let sleezy labs and ignorant employers victimize you. The GC or AA tests are absolutely accurate when done by a certified lab and they are the only acceptable legal evidence if you have to sue - which I would if you show clean. We as a country must demand that forensic testing be validated to acceptable scientific standards. These immunoassay companies' testing devices are subject to serious degradation if not kept in strictly controlled environments. If you went to a professional industrial hygiene lab then they will routinely do a GC of AA confirmatory due to many known false positives. These enzyme immunoassay tests should be banned from forensic use because they are notoriously unreliable. If the kit is not extremely fresh and kept in the right temperature the enzyme reactive will deteriorate and eventually turn positive just by a wetting agent such as pouring Coke on it (done it). Be aware your prospective employer is just trying to comply with the demands of the amoral and corrupt insurance companies. That is their only motivation.
FIGHT BACK - YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A VICTIM - IF YOU DON'T THEN THERE IS NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELF. You may help some other poor person from becoming a victim of the standardless, unethical, greedy fly-by-night labs in some strip mall. BTW I have never failed a test so my criticism is not based on a personal bias except for a strong distrust of enzyme immunoassay testing for drugs (sold enzyme assay tests working my way through school so know the actual test and materials in it quite well).

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Kate Says:

About 5 years ago I took a 5 panel drug test for a job. I gave them my prescriptions, one which was Adderall XR. I tested positive for meth. It is your right that you can contact another company to do a gc/ ms test on the same sample. I think the original company has to keep the sample for maybe a year. You have to pay out of pocket, probably btw. 100 and 200 dollars. If it comes back clear, the employer will probably reimburse you. When I called the original company to have them send it out to the gcms testing company, they said, "oh, that never happens with addrall and methamphetamine. In the years I've been doing this I've never seen it come out differently using gcms. Are you sure somebody couldn't have slipped you something?" Well, I had it done, and it came back fine, no methamphetamine, and I got a refund and the job.

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will tegratol,risperidal,trazadone,zoloft,thorazine cause a false positive for meth. these are all being taken together.

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Rick retired PA-C Says:

Both Trazadone and Zoloft are know to give False Postivie for meth on urine drug screens. Demand a confirmation with Gas Chromatography or Atomic Absorption. It is routine in repuatable industrial hygiene labs. If pre-employment then you will likely have to pay for it yourself so you will have to decide since it will likely be $200-300.

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kas Says:

This just had happened to me September. I have never ever done any kind of street drugs, nor been around them since maybe trying pot in high school 20 years ago twice. I had them run a test called chromotagraph... that gives the exact source of the false/postiive meth. I had been using Vicks nasal inhaler for asthma and to help me breathe at night. That was exactly what showed up for the false positive. Therefore, I was safe!!

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kas Says:

I was so upset, because I was divorced in April 2011, and we were given joint custody. I had been fighting for full custody, even though I knew that my children did not receive the affection and love that I gave them. They only received very strict discipline for him. That is the main reason I was so upset. I asked for them to run that test after I had the false/postive Meth detection. I've been on adderall for years for adhd.... and that had absolutely nothing to do with causing a false postive. There are also many ingredients in cough and cold medicine. I read every single OTC label before I take anything. Actually, in all honestly I don't even take any OTC meds, because of that. There are so many different names for just one ingredient that I didn't want to take any chances. I hope this helps. Don't let anyone tell you that ritalin or adderall could cause the false/postiive!!!!

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