Fake Vs Real Xanax Bar Pictures

mercedes Says:

How do you tell the difference between a real xanax and a fake?

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EDDY Says:

Even a picture could be fake. Chances are you might have a fake $20 bill. Just get your medicine from a licensed retaier and you shouldn't have any concerns!

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Louanne Kelley Says:

2Mg. xanax. Taste chalky, scalloped on the 2 side. Flat on other with X|ANA|X on it. On the scalloped side with 2 is also scored in center of the 2. Completely square on edges. Oblong. White.Louann

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David Says:


Counterfeits can be made to look identical to the real thing, so the idea of even mentioning the attributes of a fake pill seem like they'd only be relevant to a single incident (post #2 for example) and not necessarily encompassing every type of fake pill out there. More over, xanax is probably one of most heavily counterfeited medications of all time right next to pain killers, due to their high abuse potential, demand and reluctancy among doctors to prescribe them - So you can bet that many counterfeiters are motivated to master their recipe with this in mind. Having said that, the only honest approach to the fake vs real dilemma is to take post #1's advice and continue going through your doctor/licensed pharmacy. Even though pharmacies may dispense different brands/generics that vary in efficacy, at least you'll know that you filled a prescription for xanax and not an unknown cocktail of substances formulated in someone's garage. Better safe than sorry.

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eagleshotdownanddying Says:

To post 1 and @Mercedes: EDDY "just go "a Licensed retailer and you shouldn't have any concerns. For @Mercedes: "the only honest approach to the fake vs real dilemma is to take post #1's advice and continue going through your doctor/licensed pharmacy." I will be honest and say that is (was) honest advice. I agree 100% and have insurance to pay for my Xanax. But that advice may have worked 10-20 years ago. In 2015 finding a doctor, Physc. anyone, to write a prescription for Xanax even if you are like and are disabled from anxiety attacks and panic attacks with NO history AT ALL of drug abuse is harder then finding a 1000 dollar bill on the sidewalk in a tornado. I am choking to death with persistent debilitating attacks daily. I want to my Psychiatrist, my G.P.-MD and my Pain mgmt. specialist. I explained to all of then how horrible it is for me to make it through one day, that I can hardly put my shoes on anymore I have become so stressed out by this disorder. They all say they are concerned and "Care about me" (yea! right!) 2 of them said "sorry I don't wright prescriptions for Benzos, goodbye!?" The GP said "OK I will send a prescription for Valium to the pharmacy, pick it up tomorrow." First thing in the morning I get a message from the doctors secretary, "the doctor changed her mind and called you Psychiatrist. Good news! You Psychiatrist agreed to give you a prescription." She lied to me. My PSY. did not agree to that. She just wanted me to go away. The Phy made an excuse that made no common sense at all. He wanted me to go away. Doctors in America will not prescribe Xanax or anything close even if you are dying. That is why these desperate people posting here are stuck with the choice of suicide or Indian meds.

Can you please post something that will actually help? EDDY, how about a list of these licensed distributors dispensing Xanax? I will call now. @Mercedes: Can you give us the name of your doctor you risk getting an assault rifle shoved in his face by the DEA for writing a prescription to help the suffering of a list of doctors. I live in Minnesota. Which Doc do I go to who cares about my survival? Please list some. Or tell us what brige is the best one to jump off. Suicide help line cannot cure panic attacks. Everyone wants to "Talk nice". We need help, not words that we already know. Thanks, shotdowneagle. (gasping for breath).

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Obama Says:

I'm 23 living in the U.S. and ive found getting prescribed psych meds such as xanax, clonazapam, adderral, etc, to be way easy here. Painkillers on the other hand are a lot harder with contracts and U/A's, etc. My advice, find a few psychs and you will get what you are looking for. Some ppl/doctors don't mind others. It's a sin I was handed xanax and adderral on my first visit simply just asked for it by generic name.

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Hammer Says:

2 mg that says Xanax on the front Also has a 2 on The back with four lines so you can break into fours if needed are those Fake or real

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Cherry pop Says:

I get Xanax without eve trying to from ,your doctor if you guys are ever in Hartford try burgdorf clinic

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Missy Says:

I know someone who got some Xanax bars and they look real but no numbers or letters on either side.

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bewilly Says:

Know how I can find a doc in St louis mo?

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cappie Says:

Are u from Florida iam having panic attacks need a good doct

or are shrink

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Leannn34 Says:

I believe they are fake they are so hard too busy I got some just other day never done nothing for me man they are so very hard too

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anixty crazy Says:

R the Xanax2mg from India real.best way swallow under tongue or chew

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Ghost Says:

BINGO! You won. The originals are by far the best. All I want to say is make sure they're not expired. Of they have like no taste and chalky they're old and will take 4x's ur regular dose. If it says on the bottle the MFR/G is UPJOHN you hit the jackpot

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Nottoosmarttobefooled Says:

Try to find another Dr. I called several explaining that I needed Xanax before hiring them. There's someone out there that WILL fill for you. Go through your pcp handbook from your insurance. I wish you all the best as I have been on Xanax since 1993 and had the same problem when I moved from Minneapolis to Florida.

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Precisionbrown Says:

I've been taking Xanax for panic attacks and stress since 1993 and the only problem I had was the green colored 2 milligrams. I got an awful reaction so I never went back there.
Get a good doctor or physiatrist and a well known pharmacy. There's no reason for fake anything.

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Amanda Says:

Re: bewilly (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I need a Doctor in Oklahoma

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