Extended Release Morphine Tablets Deter Abuse

DrDonna PharmD retired Says:

It's my understanding that the manufacturers started making ER (extended-release) tablets that have micro encapsulated beads within the pill that prevent the over release of medication. The reason they did that was due to the trend of chopping the pills into powder and insufflating it recreationally, which can be lethal.

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David Says:

I agree with your logic, especially due to the widespread stance big pharma has taken against drug abusers. A number of other pain medications (such as Oxycodone) have also undergone their own unique preventative measures in recent years.

Although I suppose another reason provoking such change might be for cutting manufacturing costs, as they tend to do so frequently all across the board.

Do you know if these new extended release tablets are still in "tablet-form" (with embedded encapsulated beads throughout their composition) or were these pills converted to capsules as a whole with the beads inside?

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Donna Says:

They are tablets. Plus the extended release prevents people from getting that sudden "rush" which curbs the addiction process. Plus the FDA climbs all over doctors for prescribing too many narcotics leaving people with legitimate chronic pain issues between a rock and a hard place. I guess the government knows more than your doctor and dictate how much pain relief a patient is allowed and how much. I get trying to curb drug abuse in this country, but the problem is not being dealt with effectively in my view.

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Redlady Says:

My doc says morphine IM is illegal to prescribe in Florida. Does anyone have any info on this? She will only giver me extended release morphine.

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