Expired Clobetasol
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Jan Says:

I want to know if I can use clobetasol cream two years past the expiration date? If so, how well will it work and is it safe?

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Hudsongrl Says:

I have used expired clobetasol cream that expired 18 months ago. As long as it was stored properly seems just fine.

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David Says:

When it comes to anything expired, I first want to state that expiration dates in general are arbitrary figures. Just because something expires on a specific day of the year doesn't mean it's instantly ineffective and unsafe the minute the clock strikes that number. However when something is in ointment form and has other excipients that make up its composition, then you also have to take into consideration the shelf life of these substances which may or may not last as long as the primary active ingredient. With that said, I think it all comes down to proper storage and whether you care if the ointment isn't necessarily as effective as it could be. Personally, I prefer to use fresh ingredients that I know are at their peak efficacy. Additionally, doctors or pharmacists would probably never give a patient the "ok" to use expired meds (despite whether it works or doesn't work)- So you would be taking a chance at your own risk & discretion with an understanding that the outcome is unknown until you try it.

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